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9 Tips for Stunning Diamond Ring Photo Shoots

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You may have heard the saying “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” before, and therefore taking pictures with your bestie may not be the strangest thing you can do – especially if your best friend happens to be a diamond wedding ring. It will be a wonderful memento of this memory because we believe that

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

And so today we present to you some techniques that you can use with diamond rings, engagement rings or wedding rings photography. We guarantee that the pictures will definitely be a social media feed stopper. Next, let us discover what these techniques are together.

1. Lighting is Everything

“The best lighting condition for diamond ring photography is soft outdoor lighting on a partially cloudy day at 5 in the afternoon, just before the Sunsets.”

There is no studio lighting that can compare to natural lighting, not only will natural lighting allow your diamond to fully shine, it will also make your skin look aglow and healthy.

Morning Time - Joy Ring @Abovediamond

You can start your diamond ring photo shoot any time from dawn till dusk because from dark light to soft light, it can give a good impression of the image. But it may differ depending on the time period. For example, taking photos in the morning will give you a fresh, bright, and vivid feeling for the ring.

Golden Hours - Sky Ring @Abovediamond

This differs from the late afternoon when the sky is vanilla-colored or golden, also known as the “Golden Hour”, as they give off a more romantic vibe.

Intense light - 1 ct Kim Ring @Abovediamond
Tip: Try to avoid flash or intense sunlight in the afternoon (Especially on days when the sky is open around 3 – 4 p.m.). The light should not hit directly onto the diamond because it will make the diamond look dark, shooting under shaded conditions with sufficient lighting will give your diamond better sparkle.

2. Find the Perfect Angle of Your Ring

Even we have our own most aesthetically pleasing angles or angles where we always look good and individually these angles change depending on the person, right? The same goes for diamond rings. Each diamond shape has its own unique sparkle and each ring has its own unique beauty, which is why the charm of each ring is never the exact same.

Rings with beautiful Top-Down Angle: It is recommended that you simply take the photos from a top-down angle. Aligning the camera to be parallel with the diamond’s table will give a satisfying symmetrical feel as this is the angle that puts the most emphasis on the ring’s center diamond. For example, this angle works well for Halo Rings and Fancy Diamond Rings.

Flower Halo Ring
Rose Gold Halo Ring
Big Ring Rose Gold

Rings with Beautiful Side Details: It is recommended that you take the photos with a tilted top-down angle or a 45 degrees angle to show off the details of the ring. By doing this, you are fully displaying the uniqueness of your ring and, as an example, this style works great for Pave Rings.

Twist Pave Ring @Abovediamond

Rings with Unique Diamond Settings: It is recommended that you take a simple front profile of the ring or a slightly upward-tilted front profile of the ring. This puts most emphasis on the sharp features of the ring in order to show off the delicate details that you have chosen for this special ring.

Vintage Diamond Ring @Abovediamond

Eternity Rings: Because of the ring’s characteristic of having no outward prongs or other features, similar to a wedding ring, it is best to take photos of them from a top-down angle whether that be a straight top-down angle or a slightly tilted top-down angle as either of the angles will allow your diamonds to sparkle brilliantly, easily making your photoshoot a success.

Baguette Diamond Half Eternity Ring

3. Your “Hands and Nails” Are Important Too

Since you are making the effort to do this special photoshoot for this special ring, whether the ring is a wedding ring or an everyday wear ring, you might as well make your hands and nails special as well. Because if you do not, similar to how you have to clean your diamond ring first, the photos will not look their best.

Perfect Nails

If you are someone who regularly visits a nail salon, this should not be a problem at all, but if you are always busy – a simple piece of advice is using hand cream to moisturize your hands before taking photos.

Small diamond ring

Tip: If you must do the photoshoot when your nails are not ready, using poses where you slightly clasp your hands, poses where you are holding hands, or poses where your nails are hidden will give a more “chic” vibe without having to worry about your nails.

4. Clear Out the Background

diamond ring on dark background

Once your ring and hand (or hands) are ready, the next step is choosing the right background. Avoid backgrounds that are too cluttered, you could try to find a plain-colored background (especially darker backgrounds) to help put emphasis and balance to your diamond ring. Or, if you are adventurous and like traveling, you could use natural scenery as a backdrop as it will also make your ring stunning because of the combined elements in the background.

5. Using a Shallow Depth of Field Adds Delicacy

It does not matter if you take your pictures with a large camera lens or with a smartphone lens in portrait mode, your diamond will usually look more outstanding if you use a shallow depth of field because it moderately dissolves the background whilst keeping the details of the ring. This is what will make your photos appear especially professional.

Oval Diamond Ring
Key Takeaways:
Avoid using the “Zoom” function as it will reduce the number of pixels in your picture, making them less sharp. If you really need a close-up shot of your ring, try to position your camera as close to the ring as possible while keeping the focus range of the camera in mind, then press focus again to make sure, lastly, let the shutter go and capture the picture.

6. Try Posing in Your Style, Only More Advanced

A simple 5 fingers out pose is not out-of-style, however, would it not be better to use a more relaxed pose? You could try placing your hands on someone’s arms or you could use your old cheerleader skills to beautifully align your fingers, straightening them out slightly – this is guaranteed to look stunning for most bypassers.

Or if you cannot visualize what the photo will look like, you could try posing in these classic poses:

  • Simple Back Hand with Ring (High Five)
  • Relaxed and Slightly Bent Fingers
  • Picking Something Up
  • Putting the Ring On
  • Candid Action Shot (Picking Up Something/ Doing Something)

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7. Don’t Be Shy to Include Your Significant Other

Diamond ring on a couple
For those who do not get many chances to post pictures of their significant other or for those who are simply shy and looking for an idea for their couple pictures, I must say that there are multiple ways of posting the pictures. You could tag them onto your picture or you could write a description about them, these small details inexplicitly show that you care and that you would like to thank them for being in your life.

Taking photo with dog and diamond ring

The word “Significant Other” does not have to mean your girlfriend/boyfriend or husband/wife to be, it could just mean someone you truly care about. Someone who is a major part of your life at that time. That someone could also be your pet who has always been supportive and caring towards you. Having a dedicated photoshoot for your diamond ring, who is on the way to becoming a member of your family, is a sentimental process that can be compared to little else.
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8. Light Editing Will Not Hurt

adjustment picture

We believe that there is nothing better than posting a natural #nofilter photo, but, if the circumstances or other factors do not allow it, there are various photo editing applications that will work well as your assistant in that moment and time. For example, there may be insufficient light on your photoshoot day or if you want to maintain the same tone as your previous social media posts.

  • Increase the Brightness and Contrast to make your diamond and ring more sparkly.
  • Decrease the Brightness if the picture is overwhelmingly bright.
  • Absorb other color shades that may steal the light away from your diamond ring.
  • Blur out the background for emphasis on the ring.

Examples of Different Mood & Tone

Warm Tones:
beach side

This tone is suitable for pictures with someone in the shot because the sunlight will make the model’s skin bright and healthy. This tone is also suitable for events that radiate joyfulness such as an outdoor party or a romantic beachside wedding.

Cool Tones:
Vintage Halo Ring

This tone is suitable for pictures without a person in it or pictures that are filled with the natural colors of nature because this tone is most suitable for diamonds. Toning down the colors slightly, even though it may give off an icy feeling, creates a stable feeling. Secured and without decay.

Vivid Colorful Pictures:

This is suitable for pictures of a field of blooming flowers or a party filled with sparkling glitters that signify liveliness and fun. This color tone will give your diamond rings natural stunning brightness without any editing.

Black and White:
B&W couple

This is most suitable for a memento. Regardless of the atmosphere of the picture, if you keep it in black and white, it does not matter how many years have passed as the memory at that exact moment will always come back to you because it takes more effort than looking at a colored picture. And if you stare at the picture long enough, the colors may come back to you by themselves.

9. Even if There Are Many Great Photos, Picking the Singular Best One Would Be Best

selecting the best one

After you have captured your diamond ring in your favorite lighting conditions, you will probably have many shots of the ring from different angles. Some photos will appear extremely similar and so we want to recommend that you pick the “photo that you think looks the best” because it will make your social media post interesting, intriguing, and much more powerful than a collage of multiple photos.

Additional Recommendation: Photo Captions

“Write to that special someone who shares the same memory”

Whether this person is your groom-to-be/bride-to-be, describing that special feeling towards this person will store the feelings you have today for you to reminisce and look back upon.

“Thank those involved with the pictures”

We believe that if you post your picture without forgetting those involved such as your photographer, location caterer, or jewelry store which gave you individualized advice such as Above Diamond, it will make them happy to have been a part of your success and happiness.

“#ImportantKeywords in place of descriptions”

Because if you are not into writing long descriptive paragraphs, you can just # important names and words that tell the story. Other than being concise and easy to understand, it will make your post much more interesting.

“If the picture is of an engagement ring or a diamond ring, you should not post it before announcing it to your family and close friends”

It can be potentially hurtful to learn that your best friend is getting married from the same channel as everyone else, and so those who you hold dear in your life should be one of the first people to know this wonderful news from you privately before you announce it on your social media.

“If possible, avoid writing down the specifications of your diamond ring”

(Talking about it in person may look better, if not more fun)
I understand that when we have a beautiful diamond ring, it is hard to contain and keep our excitement to ourselves. Instead of telling the world the diamond’s size and grade, letting our diamond speak for itself would be best.

Conclusion: Bring the best out from your diamond

Because other than lighting, angle, tone, and the techniques mentioned above, the most important factor is of course the true beauty of each diamond. If one of the essentials of the 4Cs of Diamonds is missing, the diamond may not shine as radiantly as other diamonds that are beautiful and sparkling at every turn of the facet with its excellent cut, carat size, pure color, and flawless clarity. With all the 4Cs, you will be able to easily bring out the beauty of the diamond for the world to see with the aforementioned techniques. Just like that, your diamond ring will be no less stunning than others’.

If you have any questions about diamonds in general, taking photos of diamonds, or about ordering a custom diamond ring, Above Diamond will gladfully give you a consultation with our best efforts.

Let us share photos of our beautiful diamonds by tagging Above Diamond’s page or by using #abovediamond on all social media channels whether that is our Instagram or our Offiacial Page. As always, we hope to see you again next time :))

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