Our Story

On the cusp of a lifetime together, the traditional gift of a diamond ring has never gone out of style. A symbol of commitment over the ages, the right ring for the right person is a symbol of love without question.

Just as a master tailor creates a perfectly cut evening dress or an elegant suit, a trustworthy diamond jeweler is needed to handcraft an exquisite custom diamond ring.

The interesting thing about our wedding rings is how they gradually evolve from the magical moment of the gift and exchange to being something that’s innately part of us, that we take everywhere. Every holiday, experiences from the glamorous to the everyday, that symbol of love is always by your side. We think of it as a personal treasure chest, tiny but full of memories. A piece of jewelry that will become an heirloom.

man opening ring box with engagement ring to woman

Choices and decisions

For consumers today, there are so many choices – and contrasts. From classic brands to sole traders, established to startup, bricks and mortar stores to online. Every one has their own approach, and marketing techniques focussed on their bottom line.

This fierce competition leads to cutting corners and shoddy goods. It means customers have to settle for second-best. For the craftsman jeweler, this results in beautiful objects being diluted to just another item on a shelf. Plentiful, replaceable and ordinary.

That was how we concluded that what is missing from the diamond business now is its soul. The depth and story behind the jewel. It led us to ask, ‘what is the true value, beyond money, of a diamond ring’.

And that’s where our journey started, the journey of Above Diamond.

old bangkok in ban mo and pahurat area

Generations of history

Chances are, if you live in Thailand you’ve heard someone tell you, ‘If you want to buy a beautiful diamond, you have to go to Ban Mo’.

This legendary sentence has been told time and again down the decades from the great grandfather of Above Diamond’s managing director, Wit Sudjaiampun.

Wit is the fourth generation to embrace a long family association with the diamond trade that stretches back to the early days of Thailand.

air lily solitaire diamond ring with pave diamonds

Our ethos

At Above Diamond, we don’t refer to our jewelry as ‘products’ because we are not an ordinary jewelry brand that simply produces and sells. We are more than a consultant, we are your partner in this choice, offering careful advice at a momentous stage in your life.

Following our meticulous procedure for selecting each and every diamond, our expert craftsmen work to deliver on your vision jewelry. The end result is a handmade piece with a distinctive, unique style.

If you are somebody who appreciates the spirit of individuality above all else, who cares about the finer details – we sincerely welcome you to our family, the Above Diamond family.

Learn about our diamonds

At Above Diamond we not only sell you a diamond, we sell you the right diamond. We listen to your requirements, taste and budget then help you select the diamond of a lifetime.

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