Discover our exquisite collection of diamond earrings, perfect for adding a touch of luxury to any occasion. From classic studs to statement drop earrings, our selection features a variety of styles and designs crafted by our skilled artisans.

Choose from a range of diamond shapes and precious metals to find the perfect pair of earrings to complement your personal style.

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Diamond earrings design

Diamond earrings have been worn by women for thousands of years. An adornment that is by very definition timeless. Bought by men for women to show love – and by women for themselves as a luxury. And, increasingly, worn by men too.

When choosing a diamond earring, whatever the situation or wearer, certain fundamental guidelines are good to follow. Primarily it’s important that the earrings always work with your style and then, it follows, suits your personality. To achieve this, we recommend looking at two main factors:

The first factor is style and occasion. How do you dress, where would you wear the earrings? Many professional women wear their diamond studs every day to work, others consider them only for evening occasions.

Perhaps making a single choice isn’t enough! If you have more than one pair the choice allows real flexibility. For instance, a professional look and another pair for special occasions, or just going out in the evening. Above Diamond carries a range of diamond earrings that suit every personality and occasion.

The second factor that you should consider is the quality of the diamonds. Across every piece of our jewelry, we use the ‘4Cs principle’ which indicates that a diamond is genuine and cost-effective. The 4Cs consist of cut quality, carat, diamond clarity and color of diamond.

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Earring styles

Stud earrings
Diamond stud earrings are the perfect minimal style that truly shows off the gem. This shape of earring is such a classic and can be worn for every occasion.

Drop-style earrings
A gently moving drop diamond earring set is the perfect choice for a night out. They have an extraordinary quality, enhancing your personal confidence and giving you a feeling of inner beauty. The sparkle and movement are almost magical.

Hoop earrings
Diamond hoop earrings are the perfect format for confident people (or those who aspire to feeling that way!). Sleek and stylish, the hoop is a fashionable, chic choice for a girl on the go.

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