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Celebrate your beautiful feelings with our diamond engagement rings. Save your special memories forever with the ultimate symbol of love and commitment. Delicately handmade with heart by Above Diamond’s artisans.

Handmade in Bangkok since 1959

Every piece of our jewelry is crafted in our Bangkok studio by experienced artisans in a unique atmosphere of creativity and originality.

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Choosing an engagement ring & wedding ring design

Your choice of ring should have meaning for the two of you, such that the rings act as a symbol of the promise of happy life together.

We understand that for couples who are getting married, choosing an engagement ring could be a potentially daunting experience, not least if you have to consider not only the type of ring that’s right for you, but one which aligns with your budget.

However, at Above Diamond, we’re here to make things easy for you. We suggest starting to look at rings at least a few months before the proposal, or if you’re choosing the ring together, before the wedding. This will give everyone plenty of time to prepare and most importantly to ensure your ring fits perfectly.

Styles of engagement ring

Solitaire Ring
Considered as a timeless classic, the solitaire is the most common diamond engagement ring design. Suitable for couples also looking for matching wedding bands. It gives a minimal feel and a distinctive diamond, meaning you can see the sparkle clearly.

Halo Ring
The Halo has a large diamond in the centre, surrounded by a series of smaller diamonds, with the formation determined by the shape of the center diamond. This style has a tendency to make the central diamond appear larger and somehow sparkle all the more. It’s a great choice if you love diamonds.

Pavé Ring
A Pavé ring is a design with a central diamond and a set of smaller diamonds placed next to each other along the band. The aligned diamonds add sparkle and ensure the centre diamond stands out.

Natural Ring
The Natural ring is inspired from our love towards flowers and nature which is showcased on this ring’s design – representing love, beauty and gentleness.


White gold
Our white gold is blended to evoke the radiance of the wearer. Hugely popular today, white gold is a modern elegant choice. In particular the choice of white gold will ensure your diamonds really stand out.

Rose gold
Our rose gold has an inviting softness and innate, deep romantic warmth. It’s worth knowing that our rose gold has a gentler tone than is commonly seen as we don’t use any coatings, ensuring a life-long color.

Gold / Yellow gold
Our beautiful yellow gold is a classic, lustrous choice that glimmers in the sunshine. It’s a great choice for girls looking for a metal that will be the best compliment to a honey-colored skin tone.

Vanilla gold
Above invites you to feel the sweetness of our unique, honey-toned vanilla gold. With a silk luster and soft warmth, this exclusive, beautiful finish is our most popular choice.

As the world’s most expensive metal, platinum undoubtedly gives a feeling of strength and durability. The finish has an outstanding pale luster and is a great choice for any piece of jewelry.


Diamond shape
We advise choosing a shape of diamond that will best suit your wedding ring. Our most popular cut is a ‘Round Brilliant’ diamond, but we also offer many other options such as Princess Cut, Emerald Cut, Heart Shaped, and Pear Shaped diamonds. For those with a singular style, we also offer Oval Cut, Cushion Cut and Marquise Cut.

4Cs principles in diamond selection
When it comes to choosing diamonds, we always use the 4C’s principle to describe the diamond quality. These are: Carat, Cut Quality, Color and Clarity. This guide provides invaluable help and support in your diamond purchase meaning you can choose the perfect diamond for your budget.

Above Diamond’s guide to the 4Cs

Measuring your ring size

If you want to buy a wedding ring to surprise your partner, but aren’t sure what size their fingers are, don’t worry! We have a simple, recommended method for measuring, ensuring the engagement ring you’ve chosen fits perfectly.

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