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How to Accurately Measure Ring Size at Home

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Wearing an ill-fitting ring is perhaps a major source of annoyance for many of us – I understand how annoying it feels when I have to wear a ring that is either too tight or too loose.

You probably do not want to bring that beautiful diamond engagement ring which you just bought to resize just because it is not a good fit, right? From what I have seen from online web boards, such as Pantip, I have found that many are facing this problem. Today I have brought an easy and accurate method to how to find your ring size to share with you.

From now on you will not need to go through the hassle of resizing a ring again!

How to Find Your Ring Size from Home

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You can contact us to order a “European Standard” ring sizer, and we will offer you a special price – this is so that you can find your ring size at home accurately with the same measuring standards that we use so that you may order rings that perfectly fit your finger.

Measure Your Current Ring

  • Measure the ring you wear most regularly, this ring should be worn on the same finger as the one you plan to order.
  • By international standards, engagement rings and wedding rings are usually worn on the left ringer.
  • Place a tape measure or a ruler on to the ring. Measure from the inner edge of the left side to the inner edge of the right side to find the diameter of the ring.
  • If you are using a tape measure, you should make sure that the tape is tight and stretched out whilst measuring.
  • If the ring size is in between two sizes, choose the bigger one because if you need to resize the ring – it will be easier and the ring will maintain its original shape.

ring size circles
ring size table

Measuring a Ring Size That Fits Your Finger

  • The ring size you wear should have a good fit in that it should be comfortable to wear and it needs to be tight enough so that it does not fall off your finger but it must also not be so tight that you feel discomfort.
  • Your ring size may change according to weather, it depends on the time of day and the temperature around you. You should measure your finger during these times:
  • You should measure your ring size in the afternoon and not in the morning because our fingers will usually shrink in the morning due to the lowered body temperature.
  • You should measure your ring size 3 to 4 times for accuracy, especially before you decide on ordering a ring because our weight may fluctuate during that time.
  • You should avoid measuring your finger with a string or a piece of paper, like some may have recommended. It may sound like an easy method but because of the high elasticity nature of these materials, the measurement may be inaccurate.

Ring Sizer Set: The Most Precise Method of Measuring Your Ring Size

ring sizer guage

All of the methods of measuring your ring size from above are simple solutions for those who do not own a ring size measurer. If you want to know your accurate ring size that matches the standards so that you may wear perfectly-fitted rings, measuring your ring size with a ring sizer is recommended.

Additionally, if you want to accurately measure your ring size safely – we recommend you to use this ring size measurer which is made from Anodized Zinc Silver Alloy as it is more accurate the plastic version and will not cause irritation on your fingers like the other common alloys. The rings are perfectly round and will not hurt or cut your fingers.

Measuring the Ring Size of That Special Someone

You could try asking your special someone’s friends or parents, to see if they know the ring size of your significant other or not.
You could also borrow their ring (Must be of the finger you intend to buy the new ring for) and then measure it using the steps mentioned above.

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Standard Asian Ring Sizes
solitaire ring

  • Most women will have a ring sizes between US: 3 – 9 (EU: 44 – 59.5), the most popular ring sizes in Asia are US: 3 – 6 (EU: 44 – 52)
  • The most popular ring size for Thai women is – US: 5 (EU 49)
  • Most men will have ring sizes between US: 7 – 13 (EU: 54 – 70), the most popular ring sizes in Asia are US: 7 – 10 (EU: 54 – 62)
  • The most popular ring size for Thai men is – US: 8 (EU: 57)

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Conclusion: Select a Ring Size That You Feel Good Wearing

At our store, we have a free resizing service so that you may always wear a ring that fits you best, we only offer this privilege to our customers for their first year with us. You can contact us to make a ring resizing appointment.

Some ring designs will not allow an increase in size, especially ring designs that have decorative diamonds on the ring itself. Increasing its size would make it lose its shape, however, reducing its size may be possible. This is why you should accurately measure your ring size before ordering a ring.

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