Frequently Asked Questions

Our clients regularly approach us with key questions about their jewelry and our approach at Above Diamond. To help you out, we have compiled a short list of the ones we hear most regularly.

Diamond and gold quality

What quality diamonds do Above Diamond use? Do they come with a certificate?

Can I order the jewelry using Cubic Zirconia or lab-grown diamonds?

Can I only order diamonds alone, without jewelry?

What quality gold does Above Diamond use?

What colors of gold are there to choose from?

Which metal finish do you recommend?

Ordering a diamond ring

Where is the jewelry of Above Diamond produced and who is the manufacturer?

How long will it take to receive my jewelry?

Are there any design and order limitations?

Do I need to go to the store to order?

Are there diamond ring designs in the Above Diamond store to choose from?

Can you keep me updated with the progress of my order?

What sort of budget should I prepare for different sizes of center diamond?

Can Above Diamond help me choose my diamond?

We have inherited jewelry that needs modernizing or adapting. Can I bring it to discuss next steps?

Is there an Above Diamond Guarantee?

What should I do if I ordered a ring and doesn't fit properly?

Payments, Shipping and Returns

To order the jewelry, how much deposit is required?

Do you accept credit cards?

Can I pay in installments?

Where is the Above Diamond shop?

How is my jewelry delivered and can I pick it up at the store?

Which countries does Above Diamond ship to?

Can my jewelry be sold back?

Other questions

Can I engrave my name on the jewelry?

What does an Above Diamond ring box look like?

How should take care of the finished piece after receiving it?

I have already ordered an engagement ring from Above Diamond. Do you sell wedding rings too?

Do you offer price promotions?

Do I need to make an appointment before going to the Above Diamond store?

How can I contact public relations?

How can I apply for a job position?

Handmade in Bangkok since 1959

Every piece of our jewelry is crafted in our Bangkok studio by experienced artisans in a unique atmosphere of creativity and originality.

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