Our Metals

Exclusively custom-blended to Above Diamond’s specifications. Guaranteed nickel-free and hypoallergenic for your safety.

platinum plain band ring


Many people consider platinum as the ultimate luxury. The deep white of the metal has a distinctive, alluring luster that has appealed to connoisseurs of fine jewelry down the ages. And time is on its side. The tone of the platinum will never change, its strength, elegance and natural durability is at the heart of its appeal.

white gold plain band ring

White Gold

White gold is a great, modern choice for those who love to wear diamond jewelry but prefer a new take on the classic designs. The combination of white gold and a sparkling, radiant stones has the appearance of making the diamonds stand out, reflecting their sparkle.

yellow gold plain band ring

Yellow Gold

When you’re out having a good time and the sun suddenly catches the gold of your Above diamond ring, it’s a genuinely magical moment. An experience people have had down the ages. There’s a good reason: the timeless combination of yellow gold and a diamond is hard to improve upon. Our most sought-after jewelry, this classic range is imbued with value and dignity.

rose gold plain band ring

Rose Gold

Our soft, romantic rose gold is carefully blended to be a subtler tone than others you might have seen. The reason for this is years of trials and our artisan manufacturing process, rather than a coating. As a result we guarantee our rose gold will never peel, retaining its warm color for the long term.

vanilla gold plain band ring

Above’s Signature Vanilla Gold™

At Above Diamond we’re particularly proud of our Vanilla Gold™. We’ve carefully blended this beautiful finish to ensure the gemstone set on it stands out. With the gentle tone of honey and vanilla, this is a unique, signature color that can only be found at Above Diamond.

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