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Should You Wear Engagement Ring With Wedding Band?


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You may have previously understood that lovers will only wear one “wedding band”, yet, nowadays you may see many who wear 2 rings whilst some may wear only one ring. So, which way is the right way?

During these times, those who are looking for a private jeweler to order their diamond engagement ring may ask themselves if they have to make both the engagement ring and the wedding ring so that they may be able to wear both rings. Or for those whose partner already proposed to you and already has an engagement ring, you may also wonder if you will need to order another wedding ring as well. It is probably quite a headache-inducing question during busy times before the wedding date comes.

My name is Brooke, and before I answer these questions – I want to take you on a small tour to understand the origins of the different traditions on how to wear an engagement ring and wedding band from the past to the present.

The Origins of the Wedding Ring Tradition

wear wedding ring

The tradition of wearing the wedding ring has been around for thousands of years – originating from ancient Egypt. It came from the exchange of vine-knitted rings between husband and wife. It is considered a symbol of eternity and endless love.

The ring wearing tradition spread to the Western culture during the Greek and Roman period. Usually, the male will be the ones who give the ring to their bride as a bride-price, and has now been changed to a symbol of honesty and trust – which is also called “Fidelity”

And as time passed, during the Medieval period the traditions of exchanging rings became an important and strict part of the wedding ceremony. According to Christianity, they must exchange rings in the church to exchange their vows with the rings as a symbol of their love.

Who Started the 2 Wedding Rings Tradition?

2 Wedding Rings

The answer to how to wear an engagement ring and wedding band changes in many ways from time passes from ancient times. Wearing 2 wedding rings is widely popular in Northern Europe, where the exchanging of rings is a symbol of an agreement to wed during the engagement. After that, the lovers will select a wedding ring together. The wedding rings are often in the form of wedding bands, it is a symbol of eternal love without obstacles.

Once the wedding date arrives, there will be an exchange of wedding rings where the bride will be the wedding band on top of the engagement ring the groom had given her when he proposed.

This makes this way of how to wear an engagement ring and wedding band normal for Western traditions. Most of the time, the engagement ring will be a solitaire diamond ring or a ring decorated with brilliant diamonds which is often given to the bride by the groom.

As for the wedding band, it can also be changed to a diamond eternity ring to help increase the sparkles around the fingers of the bride as well.

Thai Ring Wearing Traditions

Thai Ring Wearing Traditions

If you were to ask “How to wear an engagement ring and wedding band?” in Thailand, because this is a tradition received from the West which blends harmoniously with the Thai wedding traditions, enhancing its romance – the answer is not that strict.

Usually, a Thai wedding differs from a Western wedding in that the lovers do not need to propose on an earlier date – instead, the engagement party and the wedding can be set on the same date by inviting the elders from both sides as witnesses of the marriage. In Western culture, there is no such type of engagement.

This is why in Thailand, the engagement ceremony and the wedding are set on the same date. The wedding ring is usually the mark and symbol of the event, and so there is only one. Hence, there is no need to wear another ring on top.

This is why in the past, you will often see most wedding’s answer to how to wear an engagement ring and wedding band is wearing one ring. There was no need to wear an additional engagement ring. This tradition has been popular to this day.

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Is It Wrong To Wear 2 Rings?

This is easily answered, no it is not wrong. There are no real answers or limitations to the question of how to wear an engagement ring and wedding band in Thailand. The “one-ring-rule” does not exist.

Also, nowadays the Western culture of proposing is spreading through the younger generations. You may see many friends organize a surprise proposal party as if it is the norm, and so it is not strange that those lovers may wear their 2 rings proudly.

But, you do not need to wear the 2 rings together at all times. You could wear the wedding band on a regular day, and wear both rings together when you are attending an important social event.

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How To Select an Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Which Suits the Wedding Attire

Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Which Suits the Wedding Attire

Actually, the answer depends on if the groom decides to surprise propose to you or if you and your partner mutually made the decision to marry together without anyone proposing. Most of the time, when you are the one who has been surprised, your partner will most likely already have found an engagement ring for you without you knowing (Still, you could go to a ring viewing together before the ring is bought, to ensure that the bride will like the ring. This is not wrong at all.)

If you are the groom and you want to surprise your bride with an engagement ring, you should take notice of the materials of her favorite rings – gold, white gold, or rose gold. So that you may know when the time comes, you will be able to find a wedding ring which suits your bride’s engagement ring.

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Wear Your Rings in the Style of Your Love

wedding in your style

And so you do not need to worry about the answer to how to wear an engagement ring and wedding band in Thailand. There are no rights or wrongs.

You should only focus on what makes you comfortable and what best represents you and your partner’s love for each other. That is all you need for the ring to remind you of your eternal partnership and romance.

And if you are interested in ordering a custom engagement ring or a wedding band, you can consult our diamond expert at Above Diamond at any time by contacting us here.

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