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5 Romantic Marriage Proposal Ideas You Can Do

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A “surprise proposal” for women is actually an action which is more valuable than any promises, it shows that you love them, you care about them, and that you are ready to take care of them starting, counting from the moment you propose.

Because before that moment is possible, you will have to sacrifice a lot of time to plan and prepare the exact moment you kneel in front of your partner. Even though your partner has told you that she does not expect you to kneel in front of her or to plan a surprise proposal in the midst of a crowd of strangers – but trust me, all women expect sweet moments such as these from their lover.

If you are similar to most men, whose outer appearances may seem unromantic and not used to buying flowers and saying sweet heart-warming things, you may be unsure of where to start in finding your chance to see her cute reactions from the moment you give her flower and that glamorous custom engagement ring to propose her when she is surrounded by her group of friends – like a moment straight out of a movie.

“Failing to plan is planning to fail”

The only way that will happen is if you have a good plan, especially for novice “surprisers” who have never surprised their lovers in their life.

My name is Cheri and today I will take you on a journey into the depths of all 5 steps to a marriage proposal. We will take a look from the very first step to the last and I guarantee you that – you will surely spark that special moment which you and your lover will never forget.

5 Steps To Plan Your Romantic Proposal Like a Pro

1. Select a Date Which Is Important To the Both of You


The reason why I recommend you to choose an important date to carry out your romantic proposal is that you can get away with doing something special and out of the ordinary. If you were to invite your lover for a roof-top dinner on an ordinary day, it is highly likely that they will become suspicious.

The special date could be your anniversary, your birthday, or even your girlfriend’s birthday to make your plan even more foolproof – because the unusual and suspicious behaviors you may exhibit could be written off by your girlfriend as just you planning a birthday surprise and no more than that.

Other than covering for your nervous ticks, setting a definite date could also help you plan the steps of your surprise better because ordering a custom diamond ring and making the reservations could take a bit of time.

2. Find the Right Place To Propose

Find the Right Place To Propose

If you are planning for an end of the year vacation or if you have already made a new year’s eve appointment – you could use this chance to find a romantic or a special location which means something to the both of you to kneel down and propose to your lover.

But in choosing this type of location, you will have to be sure that it will be a location that your partner will dress up for. For example, a luxurious restaurant or a tourist landmark that she intends to take pictures in because no woman wants to be proposed to when they are bare-faced, with messy hair and a casual stay at home outfit.

But, which locations are the least suspicious? These are a few interesting ideas.

– Your Regular Restaurant

couple in the restaurant

This restaurant does not need to be a restaurant worthy of Michelin stars with classy menus and high price, but it could be a romantic restaurant which holds a special place in you and your partner’s heart. It could be the restaurant where you had your first date with her, it could be a restaurant you often go to celebrate your anniversaries.

What you could do, is to give the restaurant’s manager a little heads up of your plan to do a surprise proposal so that the manager may find a way to hide the engagement ring in a dessert menu or cake your partner likes to order. As simple as that, your plan could be so convincing that your partner has no idea what is about to hit her.

– A Romantic Tourist Spot

on the beach

If you both already have plans to go on a new year’s trip, this type of location will not easily raise your girlfriend’s suspicion – but it may be harder to execute everything according to plan.

An easy solution is to look for a local guide who is in on your plan, they could recommend to you a romantic proposal spot with a nice view and the right time to do it. They could also play the role of a photographer for you, this fits perfectly into your plan because someone will be able to capture the sweet moment of when your lovely partner is surprised. It is a sure deal that your partner will be overjoyed with the surprise to the point where some happy tears may be shed.

– At a Theater

At a Theater

The cinema is also a popular location for couples who love to watch movies. Inviting your partner to a movie night is not suspicious at all. Many may not know this, but closing a theater only costs around THB 10,000 – it depends on the location and the type of theater you want.

As for the preparations, you may have to ask your partner’s best friends, her parents, and her relatives to join in on the plan, pretending to be moviegoers at your theater where a movie of your love story would be shown before the lights are turned on to surprise your partner by kneeling down and proposing to her amid her friends and relatives who are crossing their fingers for you…
In a situation like this, your lover will certainly shed a tearful smile.

3. Find an Engagement Ring She Likes

Once you have found the location which fits your proposal ideas, the next step is to prepare an engagement ring. What causes a headache for most men is that they do not know which type of rings their partner likes and that they do not know the ring size of their partner. Asking them directly would not be doable in this situation, right?

engagement ring styles

Then how do we find an engagement ring your bride loves with a perfect fit? Let us take a look at these techniques.

– Observe Your Partner’s Style

You will know a woman well when you pay great caring attention to her. Most women will reveal what their likes and dislikes are naturally, it could be when she selects her clothes, watches, and each piece of jewelry she chooses to wear on a regular day. You only need to try to notice how she dresses and you will know which ring she will like best.

If your partner likes to wear: plain-colored fabric with matching color tones, leather strap or plain metal strap watches with no patterns on the dial, small necklaces with one pendant – or any pieces which focus on function as its main purpose – women like her will often prefer a solitaire diamond ring with minimal details on the ring, focusing on the classic round brilliant diamond shape.

big diamond engagement ring

If your partner likes to wear: light bow dresses or lace dresses with colorful tones, feminine accessories such as bracelets with high details and sweet patterns, flowery earrings and long-hanging earrings – women like her will usually prefer diamond rings with more details on the ring, you could select diamond row rings or halo rings which looks sweet and similar to your partner’s style.

diamond ring rose gold

If your partner likes: wearing modern styles of clothing with base color tones, clothes with geometry in its cut, small accessories that appear modern and strange to the eye – she may like fancy diamond shapes which are set into unique ring designs. You could try looking at tension-style settings which are often designed to appear outstanding and distinctive. Women with modern styles will love these engagement ring styles.

oval diamond ring

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– How To Measure Her Ring Size Without Her Knowing

The next step of headaches come from measuring your partner’s ring size. Usually, Asian women will have their ring size between 47-50. If you try to search for different methods on the internet, there will be many recommendations that will ultimately end up with your partner finding out what you are trying to do.

Because what other reasons could there be for measuring her left ring finger, except for a proposal. If you try out the methods down below, your girlfriend will have no idea what you are planning at all.

Try Measuring Her Ring With a Ruler or a Measuring Tape
An all-time popular method is to try wearing your partner’s ring, but actually, the ring size between men and women, as well as the preferred fit will usually not be the same.

A standard ring size measurement method is to use a ruler or a tape measure to find out the diameter of the ring. Measure from the inner border of both sides, take a photo of it, and then let your ring shop take a look. You should try this method when she leaves her ring unattended, do not try measuring her ring in front of her.

“Borrow” Her Ring and Have the Shop Measure It for You
If your partner is forgetful, this is an appealing method. You could use the opportunity when she is not wearing her ring to “borrow” it and have a store you plan to order your custom diamond ring from to measure it for you. Once you are done, you can return the borrowed ring to the spot she left it in.

A little warning, this method could cause your girlfriend irritation for a few days, prepare to listen to her mumblings without letting out any suspicious hints.

Pretend To Propose To Her With a Ring-Like Object
If you yourself like to prank and tease your girlfriend, you could try finding a small keychain or a plastic ring from a vending machine to try and measure her left ring finger with, selling your performance with a “Will you marry me?”

Not only will your girlfriend not suspect anything, but it could also give you an estimate of your girlfriend’s ring size – if you are lucky, the fake ring could perfectly fit her finger. You can then order your custom engagement ring from that size without any worry.

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4. Prepare Excuses for Your Strange Behaviors

women and men in a garden

After coming up with all the ideas you need for your romantic proposal, what you should do is to covertly begin your plan. Every step must be done without raising any suspicions – searching the right place to order your engagement ring from, making dinner reservations, or even booking the plane tickets and up to informing your partner’s parents your plans as a gesture of respect to your partner.

And of course, the activities mentioned above may raise suspicions – activities such as you excusing yourself to make many phone calls outside (the private jeweler calling you to ask you about the specifications of the diamond) or you messaging someone she does not know, and when she asks you about it you often tell her it is just your friend (it is actually the appointed proposal photographer), as well as you being so busy with work you never go out with her anymore (it is actually because you are trying to find the right theater, finding the right flowers, making appointments with her friends and many more).

Everything could be going great until it escalates into a horrible fight where you reveal all your plans and your partner being skeptical of it, and then the plans fall apart. It would be a pity if this happened.

And so you should prepare convincing excuses, otherwise, your surprise could be at a high risk of falling apart.

– Be Careful When Using Your Friends as an Excuse
When they cannot think of a good excuse, most men will choose to lie and use their friends as an excuse, even though your suspicious behavior does not fit your friends’ character at all. Secretive phone calls, chat messages, and private errands that you do not let your partner tag along.

But even though you desperately do not want your girlfriend to find out, I still do not recommend lying. You may have to prepare big excuses ahead of time to be used in planning this surprise and telling your partner just half-truths.

For example, “Around this time up to that time (the proposal date), I am handling a big project (the surprise proposal project) which needs full attention from me, so I might be a bit busy until then, honey” – just like that you have a believable excuse which you can continuously rely on without raising any suspicions from your girlfriend during the first phrase.

But after that, the important thing is to not forget to add in small details into your excuse when your partner starts asking deeper questions, do not willingly use the same excuses because that may raise suspicion.

For example, “I really can’t make it to dinner today, I have to check an order I made for the project (an appointment to check out the diamonds with your private jeweler) or “I am sorry I didn’t pick up your call, I spent all night preparing for my presentation (a proposal presentation) and I just got to sleep. What’s going on, honey?” just to get you started.
Because not only will you not be lying so much that you will have to remember all the confusing details, instead of your partner being suspicious – your partner may feel sympathetic to you because you are so busy with your project and eventually stop asking questions.

– Find a Nearby Spy

hold hand

An important helper for when your plans are almost unraveled is the friends of your partner. The closer they are to your partner, the better – they could be your partner’s roommate, co-worker, or even family. Your secret proposal plans will be sealed shut with their help.
Because this spy will turn the attention of your partner, preventing them from thinking about marriage. They could even cover your strange behaviors as well.

But do not forget! Once you have found a spy, make sure your stories match – otherwise, when asked questions, you will tell different stories; bringing out great fury onto both you and your covert agent.

– Use the Selected Date as an Excuse
If you are pushed up against the wall and your girlfriend has uncovered some clues, you could use the date you plan to propose to her as an excuse. Like I have mentioned earlier in the article, selecting an important for you and her is a great backup plan for when something like this happens. You may have to let her in on a small part of your plan but do not give away all the details.

For example, tell her about the surprise cake you ordered for her but do not tell her about the ring hidden inside the cake. Tell her about the appointment with her friends to join her surprise birthday party but do not tell her that they will be at the theater. Just like that, her suspicions will be resolved and your secret plan to propose will still be safe, turning the situation into a “surprise within a surprise”.

5. Practice, Practice and Practice

Once everything is ready, the only thing that is left is practicing the things you plan to tell her. If you have enough time, I want to recommend you to draft out a script of what you want to say because once the time comes, you will feel nervous and excited to the point where you forget what you wanted to say.

– Remember Your Script Well
Most men who have had experience in proposing to their partner will almost always say that at that moment they really did not know what to say – and so, if you remember your script well, even if your voice is shaking with your ears are ringing and your head is dizzy when the moment comes – you will still be able to say what you wanted to say.

– Group Rehearsal

will you marry me

In a surprise, the event queue is most important. Other than drafting out a script and then remembering it, you should also practice the order of events with yourself often. Try to think of all the details – what things may happen which will ruin the plan?

If her friends are in on your plan as a surprise crowd, you will have to make an appointment with everyone to practice the surprise once or twice before the date arrives. This is to make sure that nothing is left out and to prevent any surprises which will cause you to be even more surprised than your partner.

– Make a Checklist
Make it similar to a travel luggage checklist, write down what you and your team need to prepare on that date so that you will not forget any important items such as the ring or the flowers. Once you have realized enough to be disappointed, it will be too late.

– Execute the Plan

เจ้าบ่า เจ้าสาวสวมแหวน

When the day arrives, the one thing you should keep in mind is that regardless of what happens – just let it happen, because women tend to sense these kinds of things. If you mess up because of your excitement, or if one of the friends pops out-of-queue – these are small mistakes that will be forgotten once you kneel down to propose to your partner.

It does not matter how tired you feel when planning for this surprise proposal, I want you to know that the results will be unfathomably overwhelming, making every second you spent on this project completely worth it.

Your partner will be able to remember every single small detail that you intended and unintended to happen – from your strange behaviors on that date (and for the several past months), the food she shared with you, the shirt you chose to wear, the nervous gaze you shoot at her, the sweet words uttered anxiously, the shaky hand that is holding out a beautiful engagement ring – would you believe me if I told you that us women remember everything as if we had recorded the moment in our minds.

That is not all, because you will see the fullness of her smile, the light in her eyes, and the feelings of a woman who had just realized that a man is willing to sacrifice so much of his time and energy to give her this important moment. It is a powerful and incomparable moment that nothing else in this world can compare to.

Would I be correct in saying that finding the love of your life is not an easy task at all? And that being able to do something special for that special someone is not a difficult task at all if you truly want to do it for her with your love and care.

If you have read up to this point, you will probably have an idea of what a surprise proposal in your style will look like. For those who wish to order a special engagement ring, you can contact our jewelry experts at Above Diamond right now.

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