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4 Tips to Choosing Women’s Diamond Rings


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‘Diamonds’ are known as valuable gems that every woman deserves. Because it is a timeless and invaluable gemstone, once it is set into a women’s diamond ring – just seeing it in a jewelry box will make many women swoon.

Would you agree with me if I said that women’s diamond engagement ring is on the top of the list of jewelry women desire from men?

Today we will relieve the groom of the confusion and anxiety they may face when they are selecting diamond rings for their special someone to wear on that special day. The ring can also be used as a symbol of eternal love the man has for his woman.

Other than this, for the ladies who are slowly becoming #foreveramiss, in this day and age singing ‘I bought myself a rose’ (A popular Thai song) is not necessary because some ladies in the #singlethroughnewyears team may have to sing ‘I bought myself a diamond ring’, or the more international option, ‘Diamonds are forever’ – because a diamond ring is a valuable milestone stone and in today’s time, you do not wait for someone else to buy you a diamond ring. The trend for buying fabulous items for yourself is stronger than ever.

4 diamond ring styles

It can be said that the ladies or the gentlemen who do not get a chance at reading this article – will be missing out!

Because we will be your personal assistant in helping you find women’s diamond rings that have a wonderfully heart-swooning complete look that fits the character of you or your partner best.

Today, I have 4 super secret tips for people who are planning to buy the fantastically valuable ‘women’s diamond rings’, and have thought to themselves that you are buying a diamond ring anyways, you might as well get the best one for yourself – right?

And so I want you to bookmark this article, and share this with others!

Tip Number 1: All Finger Types Can Fit in and Look Great in a Women’s Diamond Ring

women diamond ring on finger

We will begin from the steps to choosing the ring from the characteristics of your fingers.

We will begin with the selection of symbolic hearts in the form of rings because this is what the gentlemen who want to buy a ring for their ladies should keep at the top of their minds.

For women who want a diamond ring but do not have any idea on how to choose their rings, first, you should take a look at your fingers and see what characteristics they have and what style of rings will look fabulous on them.

1. Long Fingers

For ladies with longer fingers, if you wish to adorn your fingers with diamond rings, you should select a ring that has an adequate thickness.

Or another easy solution is to select rings that have patterns and a larger ring table to instantly make your fingers appear proportionate.

2. Short or Stubby Fingers

The first styles of ring ladies with shorter fingers should avoid the boxy rings with a straight-cut table or thicker rings as they will all make the area of the finger appear lesser.

The best options for ladies with shorter fingers are rings with thin shafts and a smooth table. Another good option is the heart-shaped rings because not only are they meaningful, they also fit best with the characteristics of your finger type.

As for men who have this type of fingers, the color of the metal ring itself could help make the ring appear narrower – making more of the fingers visible.

3. Plump Fingers

Women with plumper fingers will often face the problem of having excess skin coming out of the ring, giving a tight and uneasy impression that is disproportionate to the fingers – making them appear even more chubby.

And so, thinner rings or rings that have a design that flows with the finger can help elongate your fingers.

4. Big-Jointed Fingers

Some may love cracking their fingers or some may have big-jointed genetics since birth – for those, do not worry.

If you fit into this finger type, you should look for a ring that fits your finger – not too loose, not too tight. The table of the ring should not be too prominent or raised too high as it could draw attention to the joints.

5. Slender Fingers


You are a dream woman who can wear diamond rings of all types – spiraling rings, plain rings, or even raised-diamond rings.

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Tip Number 2: Did You Know That…the Finger You Wear Your Ring on Can Give a Hint of Who You Are?

women wearing ring

The next tip is filled with beliefs and made up of partial psychology because there has been an analysis of the personality traits of diamond ring wearers.

Now, we can tell our personalities from the finger we wear our ring on…you want to find out right? Hurry up and put a pin on this article!

1. Little Finger

wearing ring in little finger

If you like wearing the symbolic heart, the diamond ring, on your little finger – you are a dreamer. You find yourself dreaming more than being in reality. It could say that you are not the talkative type but your love is pure.

You like to keep your feelings to yourself. You control your emotions well and know yourself when you act on something. Friends or lovers of this type of ring-wearer will feel comfortable being around them as if they are in their own comfort zone. Deep down, there is no need to worry that little-finger-diamond-ring-wearers will go anywhere during the holidays because their romanticism is unmatched.

2. Ring Finger

wearing ring in ring finger

Those who wear their ring on the ring finger will need extra care and attention from others because they can be a little self-centered. The suitors may have to show their sincerity or even rip out their hearts to prove their love to them because – just words…are not enough.

Because if you are not sincere, women who wear their ring on the ring fingers may hate you to the point where they do not want to see you ever again. However, her close friends will know that deep down, she is tender and has a softer side under the strong mask they wear.

Other than this, people who wear their ring on the ring finger are resilient. They may face disappointment, sadness, and heartbreak without ever showing it happened. In a short time, they will heal themselves, being as strong as ever.

3. Middle Finger

wearing ring in middle finger

If you wear your rings on your middle finger, you enjoy brightening up other people’s day. You are filled with creativity and so you like creating things.

Your roles may vary from being always bright and bubbly to timid and anxious when interacting with the opposite gender.

4. Index Finger

wearing ring in index finger

Modern women usually like wearing their rings like this because they like being themselves and going against the stream. They could also be hipsters who have their own styles and unique clothes or even stranger accessories that are rare and not commonly seen.

That is not all, they are also smart and elegant whilst having a certain charm that draws anyone close to falling in love with them.

5. Thumb

wearing ring on thumb finger

They are women who love freedom and do not care much about society. Their love of freedom is the cause of their confidence in their beliefs and the nonchalant approach to societal rules.

It could be said that, if they are interested in or deeply in love with something – they will give that thing their best and will not let go easily.

Tip Number 3: Know Yourself…from the Shape of Diamond You Like!

This tip is good for those who are looking for a diamond ring to use in their engagement or wedding ceremony or for people who want to complete their everyday look with a diamond ring by selecting a ring that fits their character.

Or men who have given an engagement ring or a diamond ring that their lady has requested, you can read this as well because we have prepared an interesting tip on how you should treat your lady according to the shape of diamond she likes. Let’s take a look!

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1. Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

Round diamond

This shape of diamond rings – is good looking, classic, timeless and the most popular. Especially with 1 carat diamonds.

For the gentlemen…you are lucky to have her as your partner because people who like this shape of diamonds are romantic, sweet, thoughtful, warm, positive, dependable, and very very caring towards their lover.

As for the men who want to give this diamond ring shape to you, it is great at showing that you are a sweet, innocent, and warm person who she wants to be around.

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2. Pear Shaped Diamond

Pear shaped diamond

Is a great representative of women who love freedom. For pear shape lovers, they are gentle, romantic, yet, strong, and independent. They love being free and do not like being under anyone’s power.

And women who like this type of diamond ring shape are great housewives because they know how to save money, take care of the house and they love their family more than anything else. A little hint: ladies with chubby fingers who want their fingers to look more slender…the pear shape diamond rings is the final answer!

3. Princess Cut Diamond

princess cut diamond

The age of men being the breadwinner has ended. She is filled with leadership qualities, she believes in her values and righteousness comes before anything else. She is under a strict discipline, is orderly and smart. She is a representation of the confident modern woman who faces her problem without fear.

Men who want to buy this type of diamond ring for you think that you are admirable, strong, and respectable.

4. Heart Shaped Diamond

heart shaped diamond

Charming individuals, gather here! Girls who like the heart shaped diamonds are gentle, romantic and a dreamer but they are second to none when it comes to taking care of their lover. If they are under the spell of love, they will go all out but when that fire fades – it cannot be reignited.

Men who want to give you this type of diamond ring think that you are charming, alluring, smart, and romantic.

5. Marquise Cut Diamond

marquise cut diamond

The hashtag #strongwomen must be given to marquise diamond lovers. They are strong, determined, confident, and as ready to launch themselves at their target as men. They are confident in themselves, strong, and careful. They are competitive, not afraid to make their voices heard and they love their freedom.

6. Oval Cut Diamond

oval cut diamond

People who like this classic diamond shape are highly independent, stylish, and do not want to be under the spotlight. Sometimes they like being alone, just taking it easy.

Men who want to give this diamond to you think that you are extremely charming, modern, yet, classic.

More hint: ladies with chubby fingers who want to make their fingers appear slimmer, this is also a good choice.

7. Emerald Cut Diamond

emerald cut diamond

You are an orderly woman, filled with confidence, decisive, smart, filled with logic and reasoning, and highly just. But they are not divas, they do not like unnecessary fights. Women who like this shape of diamonds are also highly talented in peacemaking.

Men who want to give you this shape of diamond think that you are admirable, trustworthy, reasonable, and always sensible.

Tip Number 4: Good Fortunes Easily Brought To You by Wearing the Ring on the Right Finger

4 diamond ring styes

For women and men who want to bring in good fortune in any aspect of their daily life – work, finance, or love, they can easily do that from these tips we have brought to you by wearing your ring on the right finger.

1. Good Fortune in Securing Your Love

Wear the diamond ring on your right ring finger.

2. Good Fortune in Finding Luck in Love

Wear the diamond ring on your left little finger.

3. Good Fortune in Charming Your Crush

Wear the diamond ring on your right index finger.

4. Good Fortune in Things Going Well

Wear the diamond ring on your right ring finger.

5. Good Fortune in Repelling Evil

Wear the diamond ring on your right middle finger.

6. Good Fortune in Finances

Wear the diamond ring on your right middle finger.

7. Good Fortune in Being Charming Like No Other

Wear the diamond ring on your right little finger.

8. Good Fortune in Finding Someone Who Deeply Likes You

Wear the diamond ring on your on either thumbs.

Conclusion: Select the Diamond Ring You Like Best

Now that we have past tip number 4, it should be easy to say that diamond rings are valuable gems that have many dimensions and perspectives for you to look at. You could wear your diamond rings based on your finger types, your character, your personality, and the shape of the diamond or even for good fortune in your daily life.

Lastly, you should be the one to decide the diamond ring you like best because no one knows you better than you.

As for Above Diamond, we ask to stand by your side in every important moment of life because we are the first private jeweler in Thailand that has custom diamond rings and other diamond jewelry services – all crafted at high quality by our experienced artisans.

You can set your own diamond ring style, set a budget to plan to craft your special gifts – for you or for that special someone.

We will see you again…I promise that I will bring more valuable diamond jewelry tips to you in a sweet and easy to understand way especially for our Above Diamond clients 🙂

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