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How to Clean Your Diamond Ring Safely at Home


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If you know the answer to “how to clean diamond rings at home”, your diamond ring will always look new and splendid!

Have you ever wondered “how to clean diamond rings from home?” and what is the correct and safe way to do it?

When we stare at the sparkling reflection from your beautiful diamond ring that has just been cleaned and polished, we are deeply mesmerized by its brilliance.
As we know, a diamond’s unique characteristics are its hardness. It is the hardest known natural material in the world, only another diamond will be able to cut it – not only that, the heat required to burn diamond is 700°C.

However, diamonds are also known for their delicacy – especially when they are set onto a wedding ring or other diamond jewelry. It requires extra attention and care, as diamonds are easily smudged and prone to dust, and it only requires a touch to stain your diamond’s beauty.

big diamond ring

It is certain that the highly valuable diamond ring you have just bought means a lot to you, and so you may wish to take great care of your diamond ring to ensure it is clean – and more importantly, to ensure that it has a chance to show a sparkle that worth its price on your finger.

And if you neglect taking care of your diamond rings, not only will there be a chance of your ring becoming infested with various bacterias, there is also a chance for your gold ring to turn pale and muddy, ultimately, this could cause you discomfort when wearing your ring. Up to the point where it could potentially injure your finger.

And so, we are sharing the many ways to clean a diamond ring or your wedding ring to make your diamond accessories always appear new whilst also keeping in mind the safety of both your finger and the diamond. These are easy methods that you can replicate from the convenience of your home instantly.

How To Clean Your Diamond Ring at Home – an Easy Method

what you need for clean fine jewelry
What You Need:

  • Warm water
  • Dishwashing detergent
  • Toothbrush with soft bristles
  • A bowl or any container for your ring

Steps To Cleaning Your Diamond Ring

  • First, prepare a bowl with warm water in it. Drop 5-10 drops of dishwashing detergent and then mix it well.
  • Next, place your ring into the bowl and wait for around 20 – 40 minutes. Let the smudges loosen up.
  • Use the soft bristles toothbrush to gently polish it, once done, wash it with warm water again. If not clean yet, you can repeat these steps until all the smudges come off.
  • You should dry your diamond with soft cotton fabrics, followed up by a hairdryer or, you could just leave it until it dries on its own.

Useful tip: You should not tissue paper to dry your diamond ring as it could potentially scratch the gold parts.

You may have heard of other ways to clean your diamond ring at home, such as using shampoo or soap instead of dishwashing detergent. Personally, we do not recommend this method as there are many kinds of shampoos and soaps. Some may have a mixture of moisturizer which is great for moisturizing your skin but coated on your diamond, it could cause the diamond to look yellow, muddy, and dim. It is similar to attaching black films to your car windows.

And so, you should take off all of your diamond jewelry before taking a shower – especially for diamond earrings. Some ladies may prefer to wear them at all times but because of the shampoo, it could accumulate stain. Worst case scenario, if the ear stud is not secure, the diamond could fall off of your ears and drop into the drain.

As for the cautions during cleaning, you should always clean your diamond ring within the area of your container. If any mistakes happen, it will help reduce the chance of your diamond ring falling into the drain, forever lost to the sewers – this is surely not the fate you want for your diamond ring.

An Easier Method: Clean Your Diamonds With Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic Cleaner

Some may be wondering if the “Ultrasonic Cleaner” that is often found in optical shops can be used in cleaning jewelry?

The answer is yes, and it works great.

An ultrasonic cleaner can provide unbelievable results in cleaning. It sends off frequency waves to the water causing it to vibrate. The stains are shaken off within a few minutes.

And so, if you want your diamond to look as it did on its first day, having an ultrasonic cleaner handy at home is not a bad idea. Other than helping you clean your diamonds to the point where they always appear pristine, it can save the valuable time of you and your family.

If you are interested in cleaning your diamond at home with an Ultrasonic Cleaner, we recommend one that has high-frequency options, a timer, and a large enough container. Such as this one – Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaning KM-880

How Often Should I Clean My Diamond Rings?

cleaning jewelry by dish soap

This question is perhaps similar to “How often should we shower?”.

If you live in a hot and humid climate such as Thailand, you should shower at least once a day – but if you live in a colder climate, showering thrice a week may not be that unusual.

Same as cleaning your diamond rings, you can determine how often you should clean it by your use of it. How often do you wear it? And what activities do you partake in whilst wearing it?

If you are wearing your favorite diamond ring only for special occasions, perhaps once or twice a month, there is not much need to clean it often. As for your wedding ring that you wear 24 hours a day, you should clean it by yourself at least once a week and have a jewelry store perform a deep cleaning on it once or twice a year.

As for vintage jewelry or designs with delicate settings, you should not clean them by scrubbing them or by using other liquids as it could cause unwanted damage. It is recommended that you use a damp cloth to clean them.

Useful Tip: In the case of ladies’ diamond rings, most of the stains are from cosmetic products such as hairsprays, lotions, powders, and perfumes.

Do Not Use These Chemicals To Clean Your Diamond Rings

There is probably nothing worse than bearing the pain of seeing an important diamond ring damaged from lack of care.


And so you should avoid these chemicals when cleaning your ring. Professionals recommend that you should avoid powdered detergent, chlorine, and acetone (nail polish remover)

This is because these chemicals are potent enough to convert and damage the metals on your ring. It could also cause the gold color to appear pale and bland.

Other than these chemicals, you should also avoid chemicals with corrosive properties such as toothpaste, baking soda, or other washing powders because these could potentially scratch your gold ring.

Read more: White gold, platinum, 90% Gold, 18k Gold… what’s the difference?

3 Secret Tricks To Keep Your Ring Looking Spotless

  1. Wear Your Diamond Rings With Care
    emerald cut diamond ring

    Because of the humid climate in our country, many of us are experiencing the same problems. When sweat and oil accumulate on our diamond rings, our once brilliant diamond will rapidly appear more and more muddled.
    An easy solution is to clean your ring more often. For example, instead of cleaning your diamond ring once a week – change it to twice or thrice a week. This is all you need to do to always keep the appearance of your diamond ring to look fresh.

  2. Be Careful When Using Lotion or Hand Cream
    lotion on handsSome may often use lotions to keep their skins from drying up, this is great for your skin during the winter but it is definitely not great for your diamond ring.
    This is because these various creams will accumulate as stains around the diamond, making your diamond appear muddy and without fire.
    And so, we recommend you finish applying your hand lotion before wearing the diamond ring. You should also try to avoid touching the diamond with the finger you used to apply the hand lotion
  3. Take off Your Diamond Ring When Cooking or When Doing Laborious Tasks
    emerald cut diamond ring

    For ladies, if you love cooking – you should be extra careful when wearing your diamond ring whilst inside the kitchen, especially when cooking fried food.
    The oil and smoke could potentially stain your diamond ring. These stains are also quite a bit harder to wash off than the other type of stains.
    For gentlemen, we recommend you to be careful with your diamond ring as well. When doing hands-on work that may cause a mess to your hands such as house maintenance, changing light bulbs, car maintenance. Even gardening could potentially stain your diamond ring.This is why we recommend you to take off your ring before partaking in those activities, to keep the beautiful diamond that you love the way it is.

Conclusion: Take Care of Your Diamond Jewelry

Your diamond jewelry, especially your engagement ring and wedding ring, is a symbol of a love like no other – it has sentimental value over any other object.

Similar to love, a diamond ring requires no less tending and attention. This is why you should wear them with care. You should also regularly clean them correctly, to ensure that the spectacular sight of your sparkling brilliant diamond that you are so proud of never goes away, it is also to ensure that this ring-bound orb of brilliance can be passed on as a heritage – from you to those most important to you, in the future.

If you have any doubts or questions on diamond jewelry, as well as the methods of taking care of your diamond rings – contact us to receive consultation now.

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