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24 Tips to Create Your Dream Beach Wedding


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Imagine being on the altar with the love of your life while the sun is falling down, you exchange your wedding vows in the midst of a white beach – on one side your closest friends and families sit, and on the other, a deep blue ocean is picturesquely contrasting the wide dusky sky. A new chapter in life, one that you know will be good. With just this image, you already know that you can and want to fulfill your dream wedding which will be like no one else’s, and so it is not surprising at all that many lovers dream to fulfil their beach wedding ideas at least once.

But living out all your beach wedding ideas is not easy because the venue is open, for the weather – you will have to rely on luck. The wind blows strong and the heat from the blazing Sun swelters you down. If you are not well-prepared, the many problems that may occur will ultimately shut down your dream wedding.

But if you and your partner are not willing to abandon all of your beach wedding ideas, no matter what obstacles lie between you and your dream – you will certainly be able to have a beach wedding.

My name is Brooke, and today I will be sharing 24 tips that will help you and your partner realize all of your beach wedding ideas. It will be as if a professional organized your wedding. I have broken down the tips into different sections as can be seen down below.

Selecting a Venue for Your Beach Wedding

Select a Location
Even though there are hundreds of beaches and oceans in Thailand, as we are known to have one of the most beautiful oceans in the world, in order to ensure all of your beach wedding ideas come true – it is not possible to just select any beach. There are many factors that you and your partner must consider, my tips on selecting the venue for a beach wedding are as follows.

1. Select a Location That Is Not Crowded

There are many beautiful beaches in Thailand, but not all beaches are peaceful and private enough for you to be able to carry out all of your beach wedding ideas comfortably. Most beaches in Thailand are open to the public and so anyone can stroll along the beach, set up shop, swim or even sunbathe.

If photographs taken during your dream wedding happen to have uninvited crowds in the background, it could dampen the spirit of your wedding a bit – right?

So it would be better if you search for a quiet beach or even a private beach. You will be able to host a wedding that fulfills all of your beach wedding ideas without any uninvited crowds disturbing the event.

Searching for a private beach to help accommodate your beach wedding ideas is not a difficult task at all – generally the beachside hotels and resorts will have a private area on the beach, they will also be able to help you host a full fledged beach wedding with their services as well.

2. Ask for Permission To Host a Beach Wedding, If Necessary

If you want to save your budget and want to use a public beach, you should try studying the regulations of the beach in detail to see if you are in fact able to carry out all of your beach wedding ideas on that beach. You may need to ask for a permit for using the beach or for setting up a sound system which will have to be played at a level that will not disturb other beach goers.

3. We Recommend These Venues for Your Beach Wedding Ideas

Recommend These Venues for Your Beach Wedding Ideas

Compliments to Marrakesh Hua Hin Resort & Spa for the pictures

The principle that the budget is set on is that the closer the beach wedding venue is to Bangkok and the easier it is to get there – the higher the price of the venue. And so, we want to recommend these 3 main locations that will help you make your beach wedding ideas come true. They are as follows.

  • Hua Hin: We recommend the hip Marrakesh Hua Hin Resort & Spa. This is the only resort in Hua Hin with a Morccan style. With the package, a professional team of wedding planners who will help you with every step of the way. They will also help you set up a special beach tent with a romantic view of the Hua Hin beach in the background. The package starts at around THB 194,800.
    Find out more
  • Phuket: We recommend Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa at the quiet Nai Yang Beach. The beautiful colors of the ocean of the Andaman Sea is spread out as far as the horizons. With the view comes a team of professionals who will put great care into every single detail. This package starts at only THB 70,620.
    Find out more
  • Pattaya: We recommend the Pullman Pattaya Hotel G, a five star hotel and resort that is located near to Bangkok. The wedding guests will be able to travel to the venue with convenience. The hotel is able to organize and incorporate every one of your beach wedding ideas, even a small wedding ceremony is possible; Thai wedding, Chinese wedding, Indian wedding or a wedding party of any size – all made possible by their team of professionals who will prepare everything for you on location.
    Find out more

Beach Wedding Attire

Beach Wedding Attire

Wedding attire for both the groom and the bride is one of the major factors in completing your beach wedding. Selecting a wedding dress for a beach wedding is different from choosing a wedding dress for a regular wedding.

With the hotter weather, the stronger Sun, the uneven sands and the sea breeze which will blow your wedding gown, swaying it from side to side. Not to mention the beachside atmosphere that does not appear as formal as a hotel ballroom wedding or other wedding venues – because of this I have prepared recommendations on the beach wedding dresses for you to try out.

1. Choosing a Lively and Light Weighted Gown That Is Good for Air Flow

With your beach wedding ideas comes a hot Sun and grounds full of sand filled with small pebble stones. Wearing a magnificent long-hemmed wedding dress would greatly restrict movements because the seabreeze may blow the skirt onto wedding objects and then damage it.

If you or your intended had plans on wearing a lace fabric or sequin dress, although beautiful and graceful, once you have stepped onto the sands for just a few minutes, the dress will be sweeping bits of sand and pieces of pebblestone with you. These sands could also damage the dress as well.

And with the hot weather and Sun, if you were to go through your wedding ceremony and stay for a reception which lasts hours with your thick fabric and form fitting attire, it could cause the bride great discomfort, not only that, fainting is also possible.

So it is better for both the bride and the groom to choose a light-weighted and comfortable attire. Make sure to use thinner fabrics and limit the length of the bride’s wedding dress as well. Fabrics such as chiffon or chamois will help your outfit to appear lively when facing the winds of the sea. It will harmoniously set you into the beach wedding atmosphere.

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2. Forget High Heels

shoes wedding

If you wish to have all your beach wedding ideas come true, you should avoid the complications of wearing high heels in the sand. You may feel uncomfortable walking around, or even worse, you could even fall. If your wedding gown is already long enough to cover your feet, you could even wear flip flops. If you are worried about height, you could also wear a comfortable pair of wedges as well.

And no matter what your choice of shoes is, the trick is to lay a pathway to the altar with a heat resistant material such as thick cloths. It will help absorb the heat and you will be able to stand and walk on that sand without worry.

3. There Is No Need for the Bridal Veil

Wearing a bridal veil may be a dream of many omen, however, if you want to have a beach wedding – you are probably better off without it. Because the beach winds are strong, if you are wearing a veil as a breeze hits you, it could mess up your makeup. If you decide to wear one that drapes off your back and does not cover your face – it could still be blown off onto the guests behind you.

You could try to find a floral crown or other accessories to wear instead of the bridal veil. Not only will they reduce this problem, they will actually look right at home at a beach wedding.

4. The Groom’s Attire Does Not Need To Be Formal

The Groom’s Attire beach wedding

Fulfilling your beach wedding ideas is a good opportunity for the groom. If he feels shy or hesitant about wearing a formal suit, he could wear a comfortable outfit of his style. Because of the easy-going seaside atmosphere, formality is not of importance. What is important is that the groom feels comfortable in his outfit, make sure that his outfit is not too tight or not too thick.

For beach weddings, you could select a wedding suit that is more casual than formal – for example, a cotton suit jacket or trousers. If you want an option which is more hip and cool, you could try shorts with a neat cut.

5. Recommended Bride’s Gown Ideas

Bride’s Gown Beach wedding

Empire Wedding Dresses: The skirt is connected under the chest area, it drapes appear natural when facing the beachside wind. It will make the dress appear flowing, making the bride appear to be no less than a Greek goddess. It is a romantic option which is highly suitable for the beachside backdrop.

Sheath Wedding Dresses: Has a minimal design, the skirt is simply let down in a form fitting shape. This design will not appear too striking and will blend in with the waves.

Mermaid Wedding Dresses: Is a graceful and sexy style of wedding dresses, it mimics the beauty of a mermaid’s tail from the fairy tales. It perfectly fits the seaside atmosphere and will bring out the feminine side of you the most.

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Ceremony Plan

Ceremony Plan

Every part of the ceremony; from the engagement, to the blessed water to the exchanging of wedding vows – are all important moments of a beach wedding. They should be planned out. When will the ceremony start? How should the guests be seated? What is the best way to photograph the moment?

1. Select a Time for the Ceremony – Morning or Early Evening?

Selecting a time for the ceremony is important. The time selected should be when the weather is not too hot. It should also be when the Sunlight will have the softest and most romantic as well.

We recommend you to carry out all of your beach wedding ideas in the morning between 08:00 – 10:30 or in the early evening, as the Sunning is falling down from 15:30 – 17:30. These periods of time will give the most romantic atmosphere. With warm Sunlight and a calm wavering sea. When the ceremony is finished, the Sun will have just fallen – signalling to everyone that the long awaited party has started.

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2. Check Audio Equipment To Ensure That the Sounds of the Sea Does Drown Out the Ceremony

This is another recommended tip from us, as pleasing as the sounds of the waves crashing sound – if you want the wedding to go according to your beach wedding ideas, you may not want these sounds to drown out the sounds of your ceremony, especially when you and your partner are exchanging your wedding vows.

Even though the hotel staff are professionals, there should still be an audio check to ensure that when it is time for the real ceremony everyone will be able to hear it clearly. If possible, you could also buy a windproof microphone to help reduce the sound of the wind getting into the microphone.

3. Stable Seating

Seating beach wedding

Even though the tents and seating for a beach wedding are set up to be used temporarily, you should ensure that these objects are stable, even those on the sand. You could also choose to use heavier chairs such as ones made from aluminium or wood – avoid light weighted plastic chairs that are easily blown away by the wind.

4. Hire a Photographer That Specialises in Beach Weddings

If you wish to hire a photographer to photograph your beach wedding, you should choose one that specialises in beach weddings. If you choose a photographer who does not have experience in this field, they might not be familiar with setting up the lighting especially when the sun light is hitting the backdrop of the ceremony. The pictures could come out dim or even silhouetted, and lack the true beach wedding ceremony.

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Designing the Themes and Decorations of Your Beach Wedding

Designing the Themes and Decorations of Your Beach Wedding
1. Decorations Must Be Windproof and Must Not Be Blown Away

Same as the stable seatings during the ceremony, the decorations within your beach wedding should be designed to not easily be blown away by the winds of the sea. The wedding backdrop should be securely planted into the sand, as well as the canvas roof or the tent’s flysheet. Everything should be tightly tied and strongly secured.

And if you want to select decorative flowers to grace your beach wedding, we recommend flowers with strong petals that are not easily blown away by the wind such as orchids, anthuriums, or chrysanthemums.

2. Select Decorations Which Enhances the Sea View

Select Decorations Which Enhances the Sea View

Your beach wedding ideas will actually give you an advantage to your regular weddings because you will not need to find many decorations. The view of the sea that both the bride, the groom, and the guests will see as far as their eyes can reach is already the most romantic decoration of the wedding.

This makes choosing decorations that emphasize the sea atmosphere an important principle. The decorations should draw out as much of the ceremony’s beauty as possible without completing obscuring the already beautiful sea.

You could use decorations that are related to the sea such as seashells, candles, lanterns, glass bottles or different shapes of lamps. This will greatly enhance the romanticness of your beach wedding.

3. Rain and Sun Protection

In order to carry out your beach wedding ideas, you may have to think about placing tents to protect the guest from the sun and the rain in some areas. Even if you choose to do your ceremony during the period where the sunlight is not that strong such as the morning or the early evening – no one will be able to accurately predict the weather.

You could prepare a shaded area to accommodate for the guests by using tents. If you are planning to use the services of a hotel, you could survey the area to see if there is enough space for shaded areas as a backup plan for your wedding.

4. Recommend wedding theme

Santorini Theme

wedding theme Santorini
wedding theme Santorini

Underwater Theme

Underwater wedding theme 1
Underwater wedding theme 2

Tropical Theme

Tropical wedding theme 1
Tropical wedding theme 2

Wedding Menu

Wedding Menu
1. Focus on Food That Suits the Themes of the Sea

As for the sea-themed menu, many options are possible for your beach wedding ideas. It could depend on the location as well – for example, if your beach wedding is set in the Southern parts of Thailand, you could use Southern food which is known for its spicy deliciousness as your main star.

And of course, serving seafood will be a part of your beach wedding ideas. Missing out on serving seafood that everyone likes should not happen.

You could have fresh oysters or shrimp cakes as appetizers, but do not forget to prepare special menus for your vegan and Islamist guests.

2. Make It Fresh To Prevent Spoiling

beach wedding food

Because the imagery of your beach wedding ideas are often set on outdoor areas because of its romantic atmosphere, when the food is served outdoors in the hot seaside weather – if the food is not fresh, especially for seafood, it could easily go bad. You may have to check carefully if the service provider will be able to make ready-to-serve fresh food without leaving it outdoors for too long.

3. Cake and Desserts Should Not Melt Easily

The same goes for the cakes and desserts in your beach wedding, if served under the hot weather – they should not melt easily (Exception to if you plan to serve ice cream and there are refrigerators available, because that is completely fine).

Other than this, cake and dessert ideas that fit the beachside theme would be refreshing menus related to the sea. You could have desserts made from coconuts, pineapples or lemons as they are very refreshing. For example, coconut cakes, lemon tarts and pineapple cheesecakes. For Thai or Asian style desserts, you could serve bingsu or shaved ice with coconut milk as well.

4. Beverages

If you want your beach wedding to have alcoholic beverages that fits the theme, you could serve seaside style cocktails such as Margaritas, Pina Coladas or beverages mixed with refreshing lemon drops.

Welcoming Your Guests

beach wedding Guests
1. Beach Wedding Outfits

If you and your partner want the wedding to go according to your beach wedding ideas, you should inform your guests in advance that they should not wear thick or uncomfortable clothing that fits with the beach. As for the formality of the outfits, it entirely depends on what the bride and the groom want the wedding to look like. Personally, I recommend that the less formal the outfits are, the more fitting it is to the seaside theme.

As for the men, they could wear cotton shirts as their top with cotton trousers or shorts. As for the women, they could wear thin lined-patterns outfits which are highly appropriate for a beach wedding.

2. Prepare Flip Flops and Beach Necessities

beach wedding Flip Flop

This part will give the impression of how much thought and care went into the wedding for your guests. You could set up a table for the guests to receive their flip flops for walking on the sand during the ceremony, you could also include a brush for the guests to borrow in case they want to brush off any sand.

If your beach wedding is set during the evening, you could also prepare mosquito repellants for the guests to apply before entering the party. You could also prepare refreshing welcome drinks for them as well.

3. Souvenirs From Your Beach Wedding

Souvenirs From Your Beach Wedding

If you plan to carry out your beach wedding ideas, the souvenirs you give out should be sea-themed as well. This will act as memorabilias of your wedding so that your guests may remember your wedding long after it has passed. These gifts could be shawls or scarves, towels, sunglasses or even sunscreens.

4. Book Your Guests’ Rooms

In finalizing your beach wedding ideas, do not forget that your guests may have travelled great distances to be at your wedding. For them to attend your wedding, they will have to book to spend the night in.

So it is better if the bride and the groom were to accommodate these guests by specially booking their rooms for them. Most of the time, if your beach wedding ideas happen to be carried out at a hotel – it is likely that you will be able to ask for discounts on the rooms for your guests as well.

With all these useful tips, you and your partner could be able to fully realize all of their beach wedding ideas perfectly – there is no doubt that your dream wedding will come true.

And another important aspect of organizing a wedding is “Selecting your dream wedding ring” which will remind you of this seaside wedding everytime you look at it. It is a symbol of you and your partner’s promises to be together as long as time can pass. If you are interested in ordering a unique wedding ring in your own style, you can always contact us.

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