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Wedding Shoes For Bride: 4 Steps to Find Yours

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You will know that you have found the perfect “Wedding Shoes” for yourself only when you wear a pair of shoes which feel one and the same as you, elevating you to a fairy-tale-like princess on your special day.

This saying is not exaggerated at all. The brides all speak the same truth, a good pair of “Wedding Shoes” will make you feel confident, most like yourself, and undeniably elegant when walking beside the groom even though they may be hidden away from the world by your luxurious wedding dress.

But of course, finding the right wedding shoes is not easy. Not only are there tens of thousands of designs for you to choose from, but the pairs that look good on others may not be right for you.

In this article, I will share with you the method of finding the right wedding shoes so that you may find the pair of shoes that not only look great on you but also make you feel special on your wedding day. Let us start this wedding shoe-finding journey together.

What Should the Right “Wedding Shoes” Be?

First of all, I want to talk about the key principles which will help you find the right wedding shoes. There are 4 key principles in total and they are:

  • High Quality and Comfortable: This principle is the most important and is the foundation in selecting your wedding shoes.There many activities that the bride will have to partake in on the wedding day, which include standing and walking for a long time, making it extremely important for you to find high quality and comfortable pair of shoes.

    For the quality aspect of the shoes, check the pair’s sewing and durability, the heels and the straps should not come off easily. The materials used must be high quality – real leather or high-grade synthetic leather that are comfortable to wear and durable to scratches and tears.

    As for the aspect of comfort, it will depend on whether or not the bride is used to wearing high heels as well as the shape of her feet. The bride should find a heeled pair of shoes that she is comfortable walking in. The shoes should not be too heavy or too light, easy to walk in with sponges to ease the pressure on her feet.

  • Suitable for the Location and Ceremonies: The next principle on the list is the appropriateness of the shoes with the activities and location of the wedding. For example, if your wedding is outdoors or on a grass field, wearing stiletto heels may not be appropriate.

    Or if the wedding has both morning and evening ceremonies and requires the bride to stand and sit often, the bride could also plan to purchase 2 wedding shoes for each section of the ceremony while keeping in mind the activities of each section.

  • Works Well with the Wedding Dress: This principle will start to bring in the details regarding the shape and style of the wedding shoes. We must keep in mind is how well the wedding shoes fit with your wedding dress.

    It does not matter which wedding dress style you have chosen, your wedding shoes should follow a similar style. If the wedding dress is formal, your wedding shoes should be formal too. If your wedding dress is modern, so should your wedding shoes.

    This principle also means the “Balance of the Bride’s Overall Look”. The look should not be too heavy nor too light. For example, if you have selected a luxurious wedding dress that is fully decorated and laced, you may need to finish off the look with a simple but classy pair of shoes.

    On the other hand, if your wedding dress has quite a “minimalist” look to it, you may need to add a little sparkle to the look with a sparkling pair of wedding shoes.

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  • They Make You Feel Like You and That You Are Special: If you search for a pair of wedding shoes based on only the first 3 principles, you will find a “good pair of wedding shoes” but if you really want to find the “perfect pair of wedding shoes”, you will need to ask yourself if the pair of shoes really make you feel good, like yourself and special.

    It is a difficult feeling to describe, similar to how when we meet the “right one” for our love life. If you have never met that special someone, you will not truly know what it is like. You must discover this feeling by yourself but do not forget that, even if you find a pair of shoes that make you feel tingly and special, if they do not pass the first 3 key principles, you must let them go because they are definitely not the perfect wedding shoes.

  • How to Choose the Right “Wedding Shoes”

    Having read up to this point, you may begin to understand what the right wedding shoes should be like. However, many of us will still be unable to begin our search for them and so I have a way to help you find the right wedding shoes by considering different factors about the wedding itself and the bride herself.

    If possible, I want you to bring out a pen and paper to jot down the rough characteristics of the wedding shoes that may be suitable for you as you read along down below. Let us begin:

    1. Select the Height of the “Wedding Shoes”

    The height of your wedding shoes will, in a way, dictate the comfort you feel wearing them as well as add height and elegance to the bride. In order to select the height of your wedding shoes, you may write down on your paper if you want short heels (0-1.5”), medium height heels (2-4”), or really tall heels (4.5”+). You can consider these 3 factors:

  • The Comfort of Wearing: This is the first factor you should consider. Try limiting the height of your shoes by finding the height in which you are comfortable wearing whilst standing all day, then you can move on to the next factor.
  • Your Height and the Groom’s Height: Even though you may be well-acquainted with high heels, it would be wise to consider the groom’s height to see if you will look good standing next to each other when you have your heels on. If the bride is tall or if the groom is not, you can reduce the height of your heels to the point where you look your best together as a couple.

    On the other hand, if the bride is petite, wearing slightly taller heels would make her appear beautiful and elegant, even more so than before.

  • The Length of the Wedding Dress: If your wedding dress covers your feet, you will not need to spend much time worrying about the height of the wedding shoes. You will only need to pick a pair that is comfortable and make the bride and groom look magnificent when standing next to each other.

    But if your wedding dress is shorter than your ankles, wearing heels that are above 3 inches in height will help elongate the bride’s legs and give a more formal look. For example, these dresses include traditional Thai wedding dresses.

  • 2. Selecting the Type of the Wedding Shoes

    After you have set the specifications of your wedding shoes’ heels, you can select the type of shoes from these 3 factors:

  • Feet Shape/Shoe Types That the Bride Often Wear: Many brides-to-be will know the type of high-heeled shoes that they are comfortable wearing. Whether that is from their experiences walking around the office or from their date nights. You should set these types of shoes as the foundation of your choice.

    For example, if you are accustomed to wearing sharp-pointed shoes and other types of shoes that hurt your feet, you can stick to sharp-pointed shoes as one of your first options and avoid the ones which hurt your feet so that you may feel comfortable walking around with the type of shoes you are used to.

  • The Height and Body Shape of the Bride: This will affect the slenderness of your legs. For example, if you are tall, round-ended shoes will help elongate your legs and if you are petite in size, round-ended shoes will make your legs appear shorter. If you are above average in size or if you have large thighs, wearing wedge shoes may make you appear larger than you actually are.
  • The Type of Wedding Dress, Personal Style, and Preferences: Even though the first two factors will help you find a comfortable pair of wedding shoes that works well with your body type, you will still need to make some adjustments in order for the shoes to fit with your wedding dress and personal preferences. Each type of shoe will have its own unique characteristics and there are 5 main types of wedding shoes:

    • Round Toe Heels: This is a classic style of wedding shoes. Not only are they soft, sweet, and romantic, they also help make the bride’s kegs appear smaller. Suitable for brides with wide feet as it is easy to wear. However, if you are petite in size, round toe pumps will make your feet look even smaller.

    • Pointed Toe Heels: This gives off a dashing look, making the bride appear mature and confident. These types of shoes also help elongate the bride’s legs, with that being said, they can also be painful to wear for an extended period of time if you are not accustomed to wearing them.

    • Open Toe Heels: This is a type of wedding shoe that is extremely comfortable to wear. The front of the shoes are open, revealing the toes of the bride, which reduces friction. They can easily be worn all day long. If you do decide to go with this type of heels, do not forget to take care and maintain your toenails in both health and beauty.

    • Wedged Heels: This type of wedding shoe are gaining popularity in today’s times. Not only do they make you taller, but they are also easy to wear as the weight distribution leaves less stress on the front of the feet but they can make your legs appear thicker which is why they are most suitable for brides whose wedding dresses cover their feet.

    • Short Heeled Shoes: If you are a moderately tall bride, who plans to wear wedding dresses that cover their feet, this type of heels may be the best option in terms of comfort. They also work great for less formal weddings such as a beach wedding or a small private wedding.

      Nowadays, there are many short heeled shoes for you to choose from but they all share two characteristics: they are comfortable to wear and they make you feel special on your special day.

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    3. Selecting the Color of Your Wedding Shoes

    In selecting the color of your wedding shoes, there are more colors than “White” to choose from. You can select the color and style which fits best with your wedding dress. The all-time popular choices include beige, ivory, cream, champagne, silver, and gold.

    In the West, another popular wedding shoe color that is not white, is light blue, sea blue, and mint green because Western traditions state that the bride should decorate herself with one blue item to bring luck to her marriage.

    Or if you are a modern and chic woman who wants her wedding look to be completely unique, you can choose other wedding shoe colors to look outstanding – light pink, dark pink, and blue are all great choices.

    4. Try as Many Shoes That Fits Your Specifications as Possible

    After this point, we will begin the search for the perfect wedding shoes from the specifications that you have written down from the section above – the height of the shoes, type of the shoes, and color of the shoes. These specifications will help you find your wedding shoes both online and offline.

    I recommend that you try out as many pairs of shoes that fit your specifications as possible because other than the 3 factors mentioned above, there are many other characteristics that you may find when trying them out. These characteristics include bows, decorative gems, or even different floral patterns.

    These minor details are exactly what will spark that special feeling with your wedding shoes. The more shoes you try, the higher your chance of finding your perfect pair of shoes.

    Other than this, when you have found a beautiful pair of shoes, if possible do not forget to ask the shop if they have a return policy once you try them out at home. Because when you have purchased the shoes, you should try walking around with them on to see if you can wear them all day as you have hoped.

    Comfortable, Special, Appropriate, and Completely Yours

    And therefore, the search for finding the perfect pair of wedding shoes is like balancing utility, style, and the feelings you have for that pair of shoes.

    You only need to consider the different factors of your wedding and your bridal look, plan the rough specifications of your wedding shoes, and then try as many shoes as you can. I believe that you will be able to find the pair of shoes that is most suitable for you and give you that certain special feeling on your wedding day.

    Other than finding the right wedding shoes, finding the perfect diamond wedding ring is also an important part of making your marriage special and truly unique to you. Our team of experts is always glad to give advice and help you design your diamond ring. You can contact us right here.

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