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Bridal Dresses: How to Choose Yours (Part 2)


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Your “bridal dress” will only perfectly suit you when you select the right fabric that matches your style.

The shape of your “bridal dress” is not the only factor which will dictate how your bridal dress will turn out. Before selecting the fabric to be used in your wedding gown, you should know the fabrics used in different bridal dresses, and consider their strengths and flaws as well as their beauty.

My name is Brooke, and I want to tell you that the main principle of selecting the right fabric for your bridal dress is that the fabric must be comfortable, it should not cause any irritation to your skin and it should be reasonably durable because of all the activities the bride will have to partake in during her wedding day

If the fabric is too thin, the bridal dress could easily be torn if it is hooked onto something, potentially making your wedding day less than perfect. If the bridal dress is too tight, it could potentially cause the bride to faint or to become sick on her wedding day – which is not good at all.

And therefore, selecting the right fabric that is of high quality and is suitable for your beautiful bridal dress is important. Let us take a look at the different types of fabric used in bridal dresses.

1. Satin


Satin fabric feels light and slippery to wear. With its flat colors, it is most suitable for simple and elegant bridal dresses because of its form-fitting shape, the elegant aesthetics is further enhanced by the shiny texture of the fabric.
Because of its comfort when worn, it is highly popular in making wedding dresses because it can be tailored into many shapes, styles and feelings.

Other than this, if satin is used in making bridal dresses, the dress will be durable and not easily torn. And of course, because of its durable nature, the fabric will be thicker, therefore it is not quite appropriate for weddings set in hotter weather or air condition-less weddings.

If you are someone who loves simple elegance and desires a beautiful bridal dress that is both easy to wear and durable, selecting satin is perhaps an apt choice for you.

2. Charmeuse


From the surface, charmeuse fabric has similar appearances to satin, with its fabric full and shiny while also being lighter.

With these qualities, it is appropriate if any brides were to select charmeuse as their bridal dress material because of its comfortable and unrestrictive nature, whilst also retaining the simple elegance from a satin bridal dress.

And because charmeuse has the characteristic of clinging on to the wearer’s body, it is highly suitable for it to be cut into an “Empire” style dress or a sheath style dress to enhance the elegant look. Whilst moving, the bride will move with measured pace, similar to the graceful swan.

If your wedding is set outdoors with hot weather, like in Thailand, using charmeuse as your wedding gown’s material will make your dress comfortable as well as being appropriate for your wedding.

3. Chiffon


Chiffon fabric is another popular choice for making bridal gowns because of its thin and light nature, as well as being see through – because of that, it can be beautifully layered onto the dress.

Chiffon is still highly used in making wedding dresses for our beautiful brides in Thailand because it is suitable for hot weather. Not only that, it can also be made into many styles of bridal gowns. When used in making multiple layered skirts, it will make the wedding dress appear like a princess’s dress from the fairy tales, making the movements of the bride appear flowing and smooth – giving an appearance worthy of great care.

However, because of its extremely thin characteristic, bridal dresses made from chiffon will have to be handled with extra care. When you are walking, you should not move too eagerly otherwise the dress may be torn. Bridal dresses made from chiffon are suitable for weddings where the bride will not have to partake in a lot of activities, or in weddings that have a lot of open area without any potential for objects hooking onto the gown, or missteps.

4. Organza


For those who want a beautiful dreamy bridal dress but do not want to over do it, organza fabric is the answer.

Organza is thin and see through, similar to the chiffon, but because it is made from high quality silk – even though it is see through, it is still more durable and less shiny when compared to the chiffon which will generally cling onto your body.

That is why when creating a beautiful bridal dress, the organza is appropriate for dresses with distinct shapes that do not cling on to your body. For example, the Ballgown dress or the A-Line dress – when worn, the dress will appear dreamy and delicate to the touch without being too dainty and sweet.

Because of its lightness, the organza is suitable for making bridal dresses for venues with hotter temperatures – however, on the wedding date, the bride still must be careful to not let the dress be hooked onto any objects because it may be easily torn.

5. Floral Lace

Floral Lace

The floral lace is one of the materials that when used on a bridal dress, it will make the bride appear the most graceful and elegant. Usually, when a bridal dress is made, there will be other materials that are comfortable used as the main fabric and then the floral lace will be added as a secondary fabric to decorate the details of the dress. It could also be used as the outermost layer to make the dress look even more ornate.

Because the floral lace comes in many forms which will usually dictate the costs of the fabric. You can also use the floral lace fabric to create a bridal gown of many different styles and mood tones – sweet, sexy and vintage. The better the brand of the floral lace, the better the details and the delicacy of the seems, and so the more appropriate for your important day.

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Other than this, the floral lace material itself comes in many forms and is usually named after the city it comes from, for example, Chantilly, Venice, Alencon, and more. All will vary in the details.

The same goes for floral lace as it goes for other thin fabrics – it requires special care. Because of the high amount of details sewn into the bridal dress, the bride should be a bit more careful when moving around.

6. Georgian Fabric

Georgian Fabric

If anyone wants a simple bridal dress that does not have excessive amounts of pattern, but does not want shiny fabric materials – we recommend you to use Georgian fabric because when made into a wedding gown, the dress will provide agility to the bride. The fabric is matte and thin, similar to the satin, but is not see through.

Designers will often use Georgian fabric as a decorative outer layer of the dress if the wearer desires a more simplistic gown because it will make the shape of the dress form-fitting and soft.

Therefore, Georgian fabric is suitable for brides who prefer simplicity but still want to look good and be themselves. It is also suitable for making beautiful bridal dresses for the hot Thai weather.

7. Tulle


Tulle fabric will have similar texture to the chiffon fabric, but will have the net-like characteristic similar to the gauze fabric. With that, it still retains the feeling of thin, comfortable luxury – similar to the chiffon, with the tulle being slightly heavier.

As for increasing the mellowness of the bridal dress to appear as if the bride was a ballet dancer, tulle could be used in making the skirt because it will create a similar appearance to a ballet dancer’s skirt with its many soft and light layers.

Conclusion: Steps To Selecting a Beautiful Bridal Dress

Now that we know about both the skirt types and the fabric types for bridal dresses, I will give a conclusion to the complete steps to selecting a beautiful bridal dress.

1. Select the Right Skirt Shape

wedding dress

Consider this step from your personal preferences, the nature of the event and the factors concerning your body shape – then, select the skirt shape which fits all of these criterias.

2. Consider the Factors of the Location and the Weather

wedding dress pearl

If you plan to have an outdoor summer wedding, you may need to use a thinner fabric to be used in making your bridal dress, such as the charmeuse, the chiffon, the organza, the Georgian fabric and the tulle.

And if the venue is small in size and is quite cramped, or if you have to walk past many tables – I recommend you to choose the more durable objects such as the satin or the charmeuse.

3. Select Fabrics That Are Easily Shaped for Bridal Dresses With Many Details

wedding dress

If your beautiful bridal dress has many details and layers, or if you want the dress to perfectly fit your form – you should use fabrics that are easily shaped such as the satin, but because it may not be suitable for summer, you could also use organza fabric to replace the chiffon fabric to create a softer look whilst keeping a distinct skirt shape.

4. Selecting Soft Fabric for Simple Bridal Dress

Simple Bridal Dress

If you do not like excessive extravagance or form fitting dresses, you could use softer fabrics that are not restrictive and agile, such as the chiffon that is shiny and perfect for a bridal dress that appears elegant and light – fitting for summer.

The charmeuse fabric can also be used instead of satin for a wedding set in hotter weather, with its similar shine and the ability to create a beautiful pleated skirt.

As for the tulle which is thin and light, it is suitable for making the skirt of the bridal veil – other than this, if you want add on to your simple wedding to appear more delicate, you could also use floral lace to bring up the appearance in different section of the dress which is a good option for both the summer and the winter.

ring on hand

Do Not Forget That You Will Only Your Beautiful Bridal Dress Once in Your Life

And so, you should be careful when making the decision. Always keep in mind that you should select the option which is most like you – do not let others decide or speak for you. Select a bridal gown that fits your style best, even if there are other beautiful bridal dresses in the current fashion trend, you do not need to always follow it.

Because the bridal dress is an extremely important aspect of a wedding, it would be better if you went to the dress room and ordered a bridal dress that is truly worthy of you.

As well as selecting the right diamond wedding ring, you will have to find a ring that is most suitable for you and your partner as it is a symbol of love that will be with you for the rest of your life – because of that, ordering a custom diamond ring is what we recommend. You can contact us at Above Diamond to receive consultation in ordering a high quality diamond ring.

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