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Rose Cut Diamonds the New Trendy Option

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Return to the true vintage era by getting your hands on a rare diamond type called the “Rose Cut Diamond”

Most round shaped diamonds you see are cut with a square pattern which is called the “Brilliant Cut Diamond” or the “Round Brilliant Cut”.

You do not always have to order a brilliant cut diamond engagement ring, if you want your diamond to stand out in its uniqueness – you should consider trying the “Rose Cut Diamond” instead, as it is not a bad idea at all.

Where do Rose Cut Diamonds Come From?

Rose cut diamonds are considered to be one of the older diamond cuts, it has existed since the year 1520. At that time, diamond trade was not popular in Europe, its center of trading was in India. This cut was made to replicate the blooming petals of a rose, that is the reason for its curved dome on the tom and its flat base.

However, in that century, European lapidarist started to cut their diamonds with different tools – filling their diamonds more brilliantly and with more edges. Rose cut diamonds are one of the first diamond styles to be designed at such a delicacy. Back then it was probably extremely rare and not so popular.

Rose cut diamonds started gaining popularity in the 19th century in Europe when they started finding diamond mines in Africa. This made the transporting and trading of diamonds much easier in Europe, this is what made Europe the center of diamond trading today.

Unique Characteristics of Rose Cut Diamonds

Unique Characteristics of Rose Cut Diamond

One of the most important characteristics of a rose cut diamond is its flat base and dome-shaped top. It is cut into a triangular shape with anywhere from 3 facets to 24 facets.

Rose cut diamonds has its uniqueness from:

  • Flat base, dome-shaped top: The characteristics of a rose cut diamond is different from the typical diamond cuts where the shape tapers downwards and has a flat facet on top. On the other hand, a rose cut diamond has no “bottom” because its base is flat without any facet, meanwhile – its top is dome-shaped.
  • Maximum of 24 facets: Because of the specific numbers of facets a rose cut diamond has, it shines differently from the other diamond cuts. The shine will have a softer touch to it, it is shiny but not brilliant like brilliant cut diamonds. This perfectly conveys its vintage romance – soft and sweet in its simplicity.
  • Handcrafted: Rose cut diamonds in today’s market, is generally a vintage diamond. Even the newer diamonds are still made and cut using the original method. This is why rose cut diamonds are usually made at the level of expert craftsmanship by highly experienced craftsmen, making every rose cut diamond have its own unique characteristics – unlike the brilliant cut which is commonly cut by a machine in today’s time.
  • Cost-effective: Because of the flat-base characteristic of a rose cut diamond, it is larger when compared to its carat weight. What that means is if you compare a rose cut diamond with a brilliant cut diamond of the same carat, the rose cut diamond will have a larger size because the calculation of the bottom part is neglected due to its flat base, unlike a brilliant cut diamond. For example, a typical round-shaped diamond with 6mm facets will have a weight of 0.9 carat whilst a rose cut diamond of the same size will weigh only 0.42 carat. If you were to compare both types of diamond at the same weight, rose cut diamonds will have a larger size.

More than this, you can also buy a rose cut diamond with lower clarity and color grade because this type of diamond does not have a clear shine – making it unnecessary to choose a diamond based on clarity and color. With these characteristics, you can buy rose cut diamonds at a more cost-effective price.

Rose Cut Benefits

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Different Types of Rose Cut Diamonds

Shape rose cut diamond

Because there are many ways to make a rose cut diamond, you can choose your favorite look from this list:

  • Classic Rose Cut Diamond:

    a classic type with 24 facets and a flat base ( no.1 and no.2)

  • Double Rose Cut Diamond: This rose cut diamond will have a similar appearance to attaching two classic rose cut diamonds (no.6), making the dome symmetrical with its top and increasing its shine.
  • Pendeloque Rose Diamond: This rose cut diamond is an adjustment to the classic one, making it appear similar to a water droplet. The top of it is sharp and its base is shaped in an obtuse angle (no.9), sometimes this can also be cut as a double rose cut to increase its shine. This type of rose cut diamond is typically used to make a pendant or a necklace.
  • Barbant Rose Cut Diamond: This type of rose cut diamond will have no more than 12 facets and because its base is raised higher, the top of the diamond will be more shallow – making the top seem wider (no.3). However, this type of rose cut diamond will not have as much shine as the other types.

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How to Stand Out With Your Rose Cut Diamond

Jennifer Aniston and rose cut ring

Did you know that even though rose cut diamonds are rare and are considered as “vintage” nowadays, in the past few years this diamond cut has begun to gain popularity and is a source of inspiration in designing contemporary jewelry. You will often see many celebrities including Jennifer Aniston, Alison Brie and Camila Alves wearing their rose cut diamond engagement rings.

Another romantic characteristic of the rose cut diamond is its flat base because while wearing this diamond engagement ring, your finger will always be in contact with the diamond – unlike the other types of diamonds which have sharp bottoms and are raised upon the ring. Making the wearers of rose cut diamond rings form a special bond with their diamond engagement ring.

Even though rose cut diamonds do not shine as bright as the others, its softer and sweeter shine is appropriate for everyday wear and any social event. If you choose to use a rose cut diamond as your wedding, it will look appropriate – not too outstanding or eye-blinding, yet it has a unique shape like no other. This type of diamond will look most charming under the romantic night sky with soft candle lights reflecting upon it.

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Usually, rose cut diamonds will be set with a “bezel setting” that will protect the diamond from scratches, making its dome-like characteristic stand out from the ring.

And if you want your rose cut diamond engagement ring to reflect light better, you can also line the base of the diamond with gold or white gold that has shine. This will make this type of diamond more brilliant and outstanding.

Rose cut diamonds can be used in both the solitaire andhalo ring styles. With the halo ring style, it is usually set in a special way. The rose cut diamond will be placed at the center with a bezel setting, then the halo base will separate from the center diamond – giving this ring a vintage feeling.

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How to Select a Rose Cut Diamond

วิธีเลือกซื้อเพชร Rose CutCredit: coreyegan

Similar to buying any other types of diamonds, when you buy a rose cut diamond you should base your purchase on the principles of 4Cs. There are a few details which differ from buying a round shaped diamond.

However, to truly receive a rose cut diamond that is beautiful and cost-effective – do not forget to buy only the diamonds that come with a certification from world-leading institutions such as GIA or HRD.

Now let us take a look at how to select a rose cut diamond by following the principle of 4Cs.

  1. Carat
    Even though the carat weight is still an important factor in determining a rose cut diamond’s price, because of its flat base there is no weight at the bottom of the diamond and so all the weight directly contributes to the size of the rose cut diamond. This is why when comparing diamonds of the same weight, rose cut diamonds will appear larger, and so it is more cost-effective.
  2. Clarity
    The clarity of a diamond rose cut is as important as the clarity of any other diamond cuts. The flaws on a rose cut diamond are more easily noticeable because of its clear facets, dome-shaped top and flat base – these characteristics all contribute to the ability to see through the diamond with ease.
    As we have said because this type of diamond cut does not have a clear shine and most vintage rose cut diamonds will usually have some flaws, and so you will be able to choose a rose cut diamond at a lower clarity and color grade. However, you should not select a clarity grade so low that you will be able to see the flaws with your bare eyes, and so you should select rose cut diamonds with a clarity grade of SI1 (Slightly Included) or higher.
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  4. Color
    Because of the unique characteristics of the rose cut diamond, it will usually look more spectacular when using warmer tone gems. For example: tourmaline, moonstone, aquamarine, emerald, ruby and sapphire. However, as diamonds are colorless – this is a good thing. You can select lower color grades (D, E, and F) because even though your rose cut diamond might have some amount of mixed colors – it will still be eye-catching. Or you could also use diamonds with colors such as pink diamonds, blue diamonds or yellow diamonds instead.
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  6. Cut
    If you want your rose cut diamond to have a vintage look, in the past this diamond cut does not have much symmetry and so you can also choose this diamond without looking at its symmetry. But if you want your diamond to look perfect, you can also choose a rose cut diamond that has a high cut grade – this is very hard to find in today’s diamond market.

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Rose Cut Diamond: Uniquely Sweet

Because of its round shape and unique method of cutting, the rose cut diamond looks sweet and has a unique shine, unlike other typical round shaped diamonds. Nowadays, you will not commonly see this cut of diamond and so the rose cut diamond is appropriate for someone to own a diamond engagement ring that is completely unique and can convey the sweetness of your personality.

Other than this, you have the advantage of buying this cut of diamond at a lower grade and still have all the attention from its eye-catching unique characteristics.
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