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9 Tricks to Buying a Custom Engagement Ring


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As you are going through the hassles of ordering a “custom engagement” ring, you naturally want to ensure that your ring will look spectacular, has great value, and is completely unique. When you search for the right shop to make your custom engagement ring, there are uncountable amounts of options. How are you supposed to know which shop is a real “Private Jeweler”?

Ordering a custom engagement ring has become a new trend for those who seek a modern option. Custom engagement rings have unique designs that suit you and only you. That is because you can consult the Private Jeweler to help design the right engagement ring for you that is also within your budget.

You might be like most, who still has worries in their heart because you are not sure which type of engagement ring to get. There is an overwhelming amount of completed engagement rings to choose from the shops and the department stores.

But do you know that a custom ordered engagement ring will give you the exact design you want without much difference in price – not to mention that you will also be in complete control of your budget.

From my experience in the diamond industry, I want to point out the advantages of ordering a “custom engagement ring” from a Private Jeweler.

Ordering a “Custom Engagement Ring” From a Private Jeweler – Advantages

1. No “Middle Man” Fees

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This is an advantage that many look over when considering a Private Jeweler. This is because people think ordering a custom engagement ring will be more expensive because of the personalization options they have.

But in reality, if you buy your engagement ring from the cabinet shops or the general department store diamond shops – these shops have a high starting and processing costs.

The costs include but are not limited to: rent for shop space, staff wages, and transportation fees. Once their engagement ring has been produced, they must add these costs to the price as well.

But if you order a custom engagement ring from a Private Jeweler, these costs are not as high as the department store diamond shops. So compared to the other shops, with the same budget, a custom engagement ring will have better quality and more delicate craftsmanship because of the meticulousness of their process.

2. Shape Your Engagement Ring to Your Heart’s Desire

design diamond ring

This advantage truly sets custom engagement rings apart from completed department store rings. You cannot change much on a ready-made engagement ring.

But if you want your engagement ring to truly tell the story of your love, or if you want your ring to be stand out in a crowd with its uniqueness, you can come in and consult and design a custom engagement ring with a Private Jeweler who will polish your designs and craft your engagement ring to your desire – whether it be refining the diamond, making it as special as it can be or even adding smaller details to fully customize the engagement ring to your liking.

3. Eye-catching Design, Within Budget

Design, Within Budget

It does not matter if you have a sky-high budget or if you are a couple who is getting married on a limited budget, you can consult the Private Jeweler on what your budget will get you. The Private Jeweler will be able to recommend you on how you could adjust your design to match your budget.

This is different from buying ready-made engagement rings from the department store shops, where they have a limited selection for you to choose from. Sometimes, the ring you desire might not match your budget or there might not even be an engagement ring which truly suits you – you end up wasting your time after searching for the right ring in all the shops.

4. Professionalism


Because crafting an engagement ring requires extensive experience, both technical craftsmanship and an eye for true beauty in design is required. This is why a Private Jeweler’s team should consist of dedicated craftsmen who have mastered the craft and provide the unique design that is exclusive to the Private Jeweler. This is to ensure that if you decide to order a custom engagement ring with a Private Jeweler, there will be no outsourcing of work to craftsmen from elsewhere.

Because the team consists of In-House Craftsmen, it enables the Private Jeweler to carefully tend to every step of the ring making process. You can be confident in the fact that your engagement ring will be one of quality and is meticulously assembled.

In addition to having professional craftsmen, becoming a Private Jeweler also requires comprehensive knowledge in selecting and designing diamonds. This is why The Private Jeweler is able to give valuable advice and consultation to all the clients who wish to order a custom engagement ring.

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Custom Engagement Ring From a Private Jeweler – Buyers Beware

GIA Diamond

Now, knowing the advantages of ordering a custom engagement ring from a Private Jeweler does not mean you can just randomly select any Private Jeweler.

If the sole reason for selecting your Private Jeweler is because of their branding or low price, you should reconsider. That is because that is no guarantee that the Private Jeweler will be able to create the engagement ring that you want with care and long-lasting quality.

Other than that, there are many factors in the process of ordering a custom engagement ring that you should know before consulting a Private Jeweler. This is so that you may adequately prepare yourself before that meeting.

We recommend you to consider these factors carefully before deciding on which Private Jeweler you will order your custom engagement ring with.

1. Selecting a Private Jeweler

Like I have mentioned earlier, Private Jewelers are not all trustworthy. It is better if you do your own research on the reputations of each store before deciding to order your custom engagement ring from them. You should consider these following factors:

Diamond Certifications (Diamond Reports)

Diamond Certifications

In the case that you are buying a sizable diamond, if the Private Jeweler does not have any certification to guarantee your purchase – you should seriously contemplate their trustworthiness. Some shops will provide certifications, only that it will be issued by the shop themselves, not by world-renowned institutions such as GIA or HRD.

The certification that the shop issues themselves will require a fair amount of trust, because often, you may find the quality of the actual diamond may considerably shift from the details stated on the certification.

And so, if you are planning to buy a diamond over 18 pointers (0.18ct), you should select the diamonds which come with certifications – as evidence to be referenced in the future.

Once you have the certifications, you should also study the basics of reading them. Starting from the 4Cs to ensure that your diamond is one of quality and is truly up to the standards.


customer review Above Diamond

Adding on to the certifications which will guarantee that your diamond is one of exquisite quality, everything from the craftsmanship and other services should be impressive as well – this will ensure you that the process of crafting your custom engagement ring goes smoothly and you will be over the moon with the engagement ring you receive.

These things cannot only be believed by only the marketing of the shop but also the mouth to mouth of the previous customers themselves. This is an important key that will unlock the reputation and history of the shop.

Before deciding to order a custom engagement ring, you should do your own research on the reviews about the Private Jeweler that you are interested in. Your research could come from different social media or even some web boards.

We recommend that if you have found a Private Jeweler which sparks your interest but they have no reviews – you should take a pass on them as it could possibly mean that they are inexperienced or that they have covered up their reviews.

  • Focus on Experience, Not The Discount Tags

composition diamond ring

You will often see many diamond stores doing discount promotions which reduce their prices significantly. So significant that it is almost unbelievable.

Nothing indeed comes for free, this goes for getting a quality engagement ring as well.

When you find strangely low-priced diamonds, you might wonder if there is anything hidden within the deals – for example, CVD, HPHT, or TTLC diamonds. If you are a bargain hunter, you should prepare for and accept the fact that the product you receive might be lower than standards.

It is better to find a well-known Private Jeweler who has real experience. You should look for characteristics of professionalism from those shops.

That is why you should prepare basic knowledge on distinguishing real diamonds and ordering custom engagement rings. Once you have consulted the owner of the Private jeweler and asked them questions on the process, you will have an idea of how professional and experienced they are.

  • Check The Market Price

diamond 1 carat

Usually, the materials of a custom engagement ring will have a market price dictating both the cost of the diamond and the materials used for the ring. The price of the diamonds sold in shops are usually slightly higher than the market price, and if it is a hi-end store, the price of their engagement rings may be considerably higher than the other shops.

This is why you check the market price of the materials used in your custom engagement ring. It can be a standard that you used to compare if the prices in each store are reasonable or not.

If the diamond store, which is a typical store, has a drastic difference from the market price whether it be higher or lower – you may receive a ring that does not suit your budget or that there are some hidden flaws within their products.

But if that store accepts a lower than market price custom engagement ring rate, you should be suspicious of the quality of the product you will receive. The store might be using gold or white gold coated metal instead of using pure gold or white gold. It is also common for them to use CZ diamonds instead of real diamonds.

clean ypur ring

Engagement ring cleaning services for customers who ordered custom engagement rings

Because ordering a custom engagement ring is no different from ordering a precious treasure that will be with you or the one you love for the rest of your life. This is why

Private Jewelers that have complete after-sales service will be able to help you take care of your engagement ring, ensuring that it will be long-lasting without having to pay an unreasonable amount of cash.

We recommend you to ask about their after-sales services and what it includes before you decide on a Private Jeweler. The services may include, cleaning, resizing, coating and polishing, and even fixing different parts of the ring.

You should select a Private Jeweler who will gratefully give you those services because you will have to repeatedly use their services for a long time.

2. Design & Budget

ring style

Design by Above Diamond

When ordering a custom engagement ring, you should keep in mind that the design of the ring and the budget should go along with each other.

For example, if you want to order a custom engagement ring that has a substantial amount of detail or if the ring requires a sizable diamond, it would be difficult to set a low budget for it. You will be disappointed that the design of the ring that you want has to have a higher budget than expected.

Before you consult a Private Jeweler, you should look for a design that you want. Find the designs that include the carat of the diamond and also the materials used on the ring, then search for the market price of that specific ring. Then, you will have a rough estimate of what the budget as a custom engagement ring will more or less be above the market price.

If you are still not certain, you may still bring the design that you desire to your Private Jeweler with your budget. The Private Jeweler will then help you decide which part of the designs can be left out or resized, to keep the ring that you want within your budget.

3. Time Period

Ordering a custom engagement ring is different than buying a ready-made ring in that you will not immediately receive the ring you desire. You might have to wait for 1 to 3 months, depending on the skills of the jeweler’s craftsmen which varies from shop to shop. The waiting queue for each shop also has to be considered.

If you have fallen in love with a design of a ring and want to instantly order it, you may have to be patient as the craftsmanship is delicate and requires time to meticulously assemble your engagement ring – that is why when your engagement ring is finished, it will be spectacularly beautiful.

That is why you should consider the “time period” it takes to make a custom engagement ring, in the case that you need your for finding your perfect ring or to wear it along with a diamond jewelry set for a social event that is coming up in a few weeks – I want you to plan ahead and then consult a Private Jeweler so that you may receive your diamond ring in time.

4. Using Loose Diamonds

diamond 3 carat

If you want to bring in your loose diamond and have the Private Jeweler help design and craft the ring or you, you should check the history of that shop. Some shops are not trustworthy and have had a bad history, check if they have deceived their customers or if they have swapped their client’s diamonds because this could happen to buyers who will then find out later.

This might happen when you leave your loose diamond with a staff or a sales worker without being careful. They can easily swap out your diamond especially if you have to leave your diamond at the shop as ordering a custom engagement ring could take months.

Once you have realized that the diamond has been swapped, it could be months or years afterward – by that time, it is already too late.

However, most diamond stores or Private Jewelers are reasonably trustworthy. The diamond industry is quite small and so reputation in trustworthiness is important. Most stores do not want to risk their reputation, sometimes, honest mistakes are made. Swapping the diamonds may be an unintentional technical mistake which happened in the crafting room.

5. Crafting a Custom Engagement Ring From an Old Ring

Crafting a Custom Engagement Ring From an Old Ring

By Above Diamond

Generally, Private Jewelers can take out the diamond from your old ring and craft a new ring from it or they can adjust the ring’s design.

In the case that you have a ring passed on from your grandparents but you want to adjust the design of the ring to look more modern. You can bring in the old ring and have the shop take out the diamond and set it into a new ring.

And if your diamond ring is an antique or is older than 50 years, you might think that the ring or the diamond might be damaged from the removal process as it is an old ring.

However, you should not worry about this as it does not matter how old the ring is, both older and newer diamonds will still have the same robustness and are not as easily damaged as one might think.

  • Slow and Steady Wins The Ravishing Ring

Similar to the adjusted proverb above, if you want to have an engagement ring which is truly unique and can easily stand on its own as a masterpiece, you should not be hasty in accepting a ready-made ring or ordering a custom engagement ring whilst looking over these factors. The factors that we have mentioned might cost you more time in finding a skilled Private Jeweler, but finding the right Private Jeweler will make your dream engagement ring a reality.

Additionally, if you want to accurately measure your ring size safely – we recommend you to use this ring size measurer which is made from Anodized Zinc Silver Alloy as it is more accurate the plastic version and will not cause irritation on your fingers like the other common alloys. The rings are perfectly round and will not hurt or cut your fingers.

Above Diamond. Your #1 Private Jeweler.

If you are still not sure where you should start from for your custom engagement ring, you can consult our experts at Above Diamond. We are one of the most experienced Private Jeweler in Thailand and we would gratefully welcome you to let us help you choose quality oriented designs for your engagement ring and select only the finest diamonds for you.

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