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5 Tips to Choosing Diamond Bracelets as a Gift


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Diamond bracelets are valuable jewelry. They come in many designs for you to choose from, and if you had to choose one to give to someone you love on a special occasion, but which one should you choose?

A diamond bracelet is a part of valuable jewelry that is filled with great meanings. If someone gives a diamond bracelet to someone special, it is like deeply granting best wishes through a gift. Not a lot of explanation is needed. If you are looking to find a gift for that special someone for your special occasion, we recommend you to choose ‘diamond bracelets’ as your spokesperson to say ‘Congratulations!’ on this occasion.

For those who have taken a stroll around the jewelry department, looking at diamond bracelets, or for those who have searched for it on the internet, they will know that a diamond bracelet is a type of jewelry that comes in many forms. It can create confusion as they ask themselves what each bracelet means and how to find one that will be to that special someone’s liking.

Today Above Diamond has brought to you good tips and tricks on choosing diamond bracelets to all our readers.

What kind of diamond bracelet should I choose?

What occasion will this diamond bracelet be good for?

How do I make sure that the receiver will like it?

We have all the answers in this article. Let us take a look at the 5 techniques for choosing ‘diamond bracelets’.

5 techniques for choosing "diamond bracelets"

1. Tennis Diamond Bracelets – A Classic Choice

Tennis Diamond Bracelets

A tennis diamond bracelet is one of the most popular diamond bracelets of all. It can also be called a ‘diamond row bracelet’ because this type of bracelet has the characteristic of diamond placements in a long row. The diamonds can be arranged similarly to a dotted line or it can have a special design with gaps between the diamonds. It is usually made to fit the wrist and will give a timeless classic look that fits all occasions, and all time periods.

The tennis diamond bracelet has a classic look in itself and can be used to match both casual and formal looks.

With its simple design, it makes the tennis diamond bracelet appear luxurious and classic, suitable as a gift for special occasions that you want to congratulate the receiver, for example, graduation, promotion, marriage. It is also a good choice of gift for your elders such as your mother, your grandmother, your older relative, your teacher or professor, your boss, and et cetera.

2. Bangle Diamond Bracelets – Sparkle with Style

accessory band blur bracelet

As for bangle diamond bracelets, it is a hard bracelet without any lock or clasp because the diamond bracelet comes with an empty space for your wrist to slide into. The bracelet is often made from silver, gold, or platinum and can come in many thicknesses.

The diamond on the bangle diamond bracelet can be designed in many ways. In some variations, the diamond is arranged in a row, spreading through the length of the bracelet. Some variations may set the diamonds in a group pattern at a spot, the pattern can be a flower, a butterfly, a heart, a circle, and many more. The design is up to the personal preferences of the buyer.

The bangle diamond bracelet is a stylish and modern piece of jewelry. It signifies confidence, intent, and strength. With this diamond bracelet style, we can clearly show who we are through the designs. It is suitable as a gift to your closest friends on a special occasion, a birthday, a promotion, a new business launch, or a victory in a competition.

3. Charm Diamond Bracelets – Sweet and Chic

infinity bracelet

The charm diamond bracelet is filled with many sweet meanings as well as good feelings that are shared between the person giving the gift and the person receiving it. In the past, the charm diamond bracelet was worn as a ‘charm’, a good fortune trinket that will protect its wearer from evil entities. Nowadays, women will choose to wear the charm diamond bracelet to reminisce on past important days.

The charm diamond bracelet is a long connecting chain that has diamond pendants added to one specific point or many points. The design of the diamond pendant will depend on the personal preferences of the buyer. The pendants can be chosen to have a direct and special meaning to that person.

Because this is quite a sweet and chic bracelet, it is extremely suitable to be given as a gift to someone younger such as your daughter, your sister, your granddaughter, or your friends. If the person giving the gift is a man, he can give it to his sister, his girlfriend, or his wife on a special occasion. It can be given on special occasions that are filled with happiness such as birthdays, wedding days, anniversaries, valentine’s, honeymoons, new years, the birth of children, leaving to study, or work in a different country and many more. This type of bracelet is a special gift to look back on the good feelings we share with each other. It is considered a sweet and romantic gift that is meaningful for both the giver and receiver.

4. Red Carpet Bracelets – Classy Beauty

illusion diamond brabelet

Red carpet bracelets are used as its name suggests, it is made for red carpet events or special parties, therefore it is not a bracelet that we will wear often or daily – it will make a lady’s red carpet look more beautiful as well as classy.

This type of bracelet will come in many lines, as opposed to other bracelets that will usually only have one line. The design of the shape and the arrangement of the diamonds are completely unique to itself. It will have a distinct extravagant and luxurious look.

If you want to give this kind of bracelet as a gift, you should keep in mind that the receiver will not be able to wear it often because of the bracelet’s extraordinary luxurious look, so it is appropriate as a gift to congratulate someone on an important occasion such as wedding days, a new business, an improved career path or a big success.

5. Your Personal Design – a Diamond Bracelet Designed Just for Your Special Occasion

puffer ring

A new diamond bracelet that is newly designed can be given under limitless occasions. It can greatly communicate care, love, and devotion to the gift’s receiver. You can select the type of bracelet, the arrangement of the diamonds to fit the receiver, and even the quality of each diamond gem. Most importantly, you will also be able to set a budget that you want as well as receiving an invaluable bracelet that is completely unique to you and your special someone.

Conclusion: Diamond Bracelets are the Perfect Gift for Someone You Love

At this point, you will know what the 5 types of bracelets mean and what occasions they would be great for. Above Diamond hopes that this article will be useful to you when selecting a diamond bracelet to give as a gift for the upcoming special occasion.

And if you are looking for diamond bracelets that are crafted from high-quality diamonds by a master artisan, whose craftsmanship have been loved by clients around the world, to be given as a gift for your upcoming special occasion – you can contact us right now and we will gladly consult you on customizing your diamond bracelet.

We will meet again, in our next article.

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