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What is Ideal Cut Diamond and How to Buy


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Belgian diamonds, Indian diamonds, Russian diamonds…what’s the difference? And why are there so many names?

Right now, you may be wondering what a Belgian Diamond is or what the ideal cut diamond is. (Hint: they are one and the same)

Although diamonds are just chunks of carbon that have gone through a natural compression process that takes millenniums at a heat level of several thousand celsius.

So how come there are so many diamond names? Belgian diamond (Ideal Cut Diamond), Russian cut diamond, Russian diamond, Indian diamond, Bangkok cut diamond, Zimbabwe diamond and so many more.

Which diamonds named after a country are real?

And what are Belgian diamonds or ideal cut diamonds? Are they different from Indian and Russian diamonds?

And so I have written this article with the purpose of explaining to you in detail what all those diamond names mean and what sets them apart from each other.

Let us begin…

The Origin of Diamonds

rough diamond in rock
Nowadays, over 90% of all raw diamonds on Earth are dug out from diamond mines. The most notable mines are located in Africa, Australia, and Canada.

Once a raw diamond has been dug out, an expert will categorize them in accordance with their quality and then send them to different countries with the purpose of having them cut.

Higher quality diamonds are often sent to Belgium, Russia, and Asia. Lower quality diamonds are sent to India.

The Location of Where a Diamond Is Cut, Tells Its Quality

  • Most Belgian Diamonds Have A Great Cut

Belgian diamond polisher

High-quality diamonds are worthy of an equally great cut, and so they are sent to Belgian jewelers because they are widely accepted for their world-renowned skills. They have always been at the top of this field since the beginning.

An ideal cut diamond or a Belgian Diamond is a real and high-quality diamond that we often see in Thailand. Any diamond that has a weight of over 0.30 carat and a GIA diamond report are all considered as an ideal cut diamond.

Therefore if you have a 1 carat diamond with a GIA or HRD diamond certificate, do not worry – your diamond is definitely an ideal cut diamond.

Even though ideal cut diamonds are known for their beauty, it does not mean that they are all equally stunning.

  • Russian Cut Diamonds vs Russian Diamonds

CZ vs Natural Diamond

Before all else, I must make it clear – Russian Cut Diamonds and Russian Diamonds are not the same. One refers to real diamonds of high quality, the other refers to artificial diamonds.

  • Russian Cut Diamonds Have Stunning Cuts and Are Currently Extremely Rare

Russian Cut Diamonds are real diamond gems that are sent to Russia to be cut by only the best Russian jewelers. They are considered one of the best diamond cutters in the world.

The difference between the Russian Cut and the Belgian Cut (Ideal Cut Diamond) are minor nowadays. The main difference would be the precision on the edges and angles of the diamond, it is extremely hard to tell them apart – especially with untrained eyes.

But there is a clear difference in pricing. Russian Cut Diamonds nowadays have a much higher price when compared to the quality of the diamond you are getting. In economics terms, this is a case of the “Law of Diminishing Marginal Returns” which means that you will have to pay a lot more for only a minor increase in quality. This has greatly decreased the demand for Russian Cut Diamonds. In Thailand, this diamond cut is only popular with few people.

  • Russian Diamonds Means Artificial Diamonds (Fake Diamonds)

Russian Diamonds, also known Cubic Zirconia (CZ), are artificial diamonds that have been synthesized in a lab.

Personally, I refer to Russian Diamonds as CZ because calling it a “diamond” may cause confusion for my customers. They might think Russian Diamonds mean real diamonds.

CZ has similar reflection characteristics to a diamond when viewed with the naked eye, but in the hands of an expert – once magnified, it is easily recognized.

Because of its cheap price, it is generally used as accessories to simulate real diamonds. It usually is seen accompanying a silver or stainless steel ring. They are sold at the three to four digits price point.

If you are paying over ten thousand baht for your diamond, yet you have received a CZ diamond – you should check again because you might be getting scammed.

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  • Indian Diamonds Are Second To Ideal Cut Diamonds

indian diamond polisher

Indian Cut Diamonds or Indian Diamonds are cut from low quality raw diamonds. Raw diamonds that are raw in texture or are not symmetrical will usually be sent to India to be cut because of their low wages. Their skills are considerably lower than those who make the ideal cut diamonds.

Telling if a diamond is an Indian diamond or not is easy – you just have to use a 10x magnifier. Once magnified, you will see that the edges and angles are uneven, the corners are thick and dull and the table is cramped and convexed. This is the reason for their low price.

Over 80% of all diamonds sold in Thailand are Indian diamonds because of the low costs, they are popularly used as smaller diamonds.

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  • Super Indian Diamonds are Upgraded Indian Diamonds

Lately, some Indian diamond cutting companies have greatly improved the skills of their jewelers – and so, the “Super Indian Diamonds” was born. Simply, they are upgraded Indian Diamonds.

Even though these diamonds have higher quality than the usual Indian diamonds, they are still not comparable to an ideal cut diamond or a Russian cut diamond.

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Conclusion: Ideal Cut Diamonds are Ideal in Diamond Cuts

marquise diamond ring

Belgian diamonds or ideal cut diamonds clearly have higher quality than the Indian diamonds because of their delicate edges, symmetry, and brilliance. Hence, the higher price.

This does not always mean that ideal cut diamonds have better color than Indian diamonds, that section is determined by the “Color” of the diamond. Often, we would see Indian diamonds with better color than some of the ideal cut diamonds – still, they are still less valuable.

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The reason for my emphasis on the difference between the ideal cut diamonds and the Indians diamonds is because, from my past experience, many customers may not understand why some engagement rings are sold at such a modest price point, ranging between a few grand to the lower tens of thousands. Indian diamonds may have good color grades, but their brilliance is not great.

It is not strange that people would claim that they are wearing an ideal cut diamond whilst in reality, they may actually be wearing an Indian diamond – or worse, the question is…if your diamond is an Indian diamond, would you know?

When Purchasing diamonds, trust, and confidence between the buyer and the seller are of the utmost importance.

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