Lifetime Warranty

solitaire diamond ring close up lay flat on wood

Above Diamond insists on the quality of our work as our primary obligation. To achieve this, our quality control processes involve a thorough inspection of the work before delivery. We strive to ensure that our production processes do not cause defects in your jewelry.

If you find that your work has defects we kindly ask you to return it to our production team for review. If we then discover that your piece has been damaged due to errors in our manufacturing process we will be happy to fix or exchange it. In the event of an exchange, if the same piece is no longer produced, we will substitute it for the closest design to the original piece.

As our works are all handcrafted by skilled craftsmen, there may be a slight variance in detail from piece to piece. Including the gemstone, there may be signs of natural defects that differ according to local conditions causing different minerals. As each stone is unique, such a variance is not considered a defect arising from the production process.

We recommend that you bring your diamond ring or piece of jewelry for cleaning and inspection at least once a year to reduce the chance of the gemstone falling out of its setting. This will also help to prolong the lifespan of the jewelry. We are happy to conduct this cleaning and inspection service for free. This service is only available for Above Diamond clients who live in Thailand. You can bring the work to us yourself or send a delivery.

These warranty terms are only granted to those who order directly with us and are not transferable. This warranty only covers manufacturing errors and does not include damage caused by the general wear and tear of daily life. However, we will gladly repair or replace parts for you as appropriate at our discretion. This warranty does not include damage caused by neglect, misuse, loss or theft.

We do not encourage our clients to use other craftsmen elsewhere to customize or change the work of Above Diamond. In this case, our warranty will be invalid. You also run the risk of the piece being permanently damaged.

If you have any questions regarding our Lifetime Warranty, please contact us.

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