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How to Wear Diamonds to a Party and Look Fabulous

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A set of diamond jewelry is most suitable for important parties because it will make a lady appear more ‘graceful’ and ‘prestigious’ but they have to be mixed and matched well – most importantly, you must not look old in them!

Night-time parties, social events, different celebrations are all great opportunities for ladies to dress up and shine as much as they want to. Us women will have to prepare our face, our hair, our dress – all must be perfect. Another essential that will enhance the beauty for us classy ladies, is a set of diamond jewelry.

But for many women, they worry and wonder if wearing a set of ‘diamond jewelry’ will make them appear too old or not!?

Today, Above Diamond, wants to bring to you many small tips and tricks in choosing diamond jewelry to help alleviate all of the worries of a lady who is afraid of looking too old. Our techniques will also make selecting diamond jewelry much easier, with our 5 techniques in wearing diamonds for parties whilst looking young and radiant!

attractive beautiful girl

1. Large Set of Diamond Jewelry Not Suitable for ‘Big Elaborate Hairstyles’

woman in pink dress

Many women may misunderstand that choosing a large set of diamond jewelry will make them appear older, but actually, a large set of diamond jewelry will easily make you appear radiant and elegant because a large set of diamond jewelry is beautiful, extravagant, and luxurious in itself. You only need to mix and match them in a way that will make you shine.

But for those who think that when they wear diamond jewelry, they appear old and out of place, or for those who think that wearing diamond jewelry is difficult – they can try this easy trick in choosing a ‘hairstyle’. Some may think that with such an extravagant set of diamond jewelry, they cannot wear their normal hairstyle, in truth, the more casual the hairstyle is, the better, the younger and the more stylish we will look.

Like in the picture, both actresses chose to wear extraordinary sets of jewelry but because of their modern and easy on the eyes hairstyle, their appearances are magical instead of mature. Therefore you should not ‘overdo’ your hair, if a hairstyle is too perfect or elaborate, it will draw attention from your diamond jewelry, and even worse, it can make you appear older than you are.

2. Avoid ‘Darker Tone Makeups’ if You Are Wearing Long Earrings

woman in makeup

Wearing a long pair of earrings will not only make your face appear slender and long, but the sparkes of the diamond will also make your face appear outstanding, elegant, dignified, and classy but if they are mixed and matched incorrectly, the face that should have been beautiful and stylish can appear old. That is why darker tones makeup should be avoided because they will cover the radiance of the diamonds that are brilliant in itself. When they are matched with each other, the ‘heavy’ makeup can make you appear older.

But if you tried wearing lighter tone makeups or nude tone makeups, it will make your overall look much smoother. You will look priceless, soft, and even younger.

3. Wear Necklaces and Earrings That Make Your Neck Appear Longer

woman in black v neck shirt wearing silver framed eyeglasses

An example of wearing jewelry to elongate the neck area for women with shorter necks.

Women who have ‘shorter necks’ should be careful of this point because if you wear diamond jewelry such as ‘necklaces’ or ‘earrings’ that make your neck appear even shorter, not only will it make your proportions appear wrong, it can make you look more mature.

The selection method is not difficult at all, if you are a woman with a shorter neck section, you can try to wear ‘diamond necklaces’ that are not too form-fitting and choose ‘diamond earrings’ that are short, and match them to a dress that clings on the shoulders, leaving the neck and chest area bare, to make it appear more elongated.

Smaller diamond necklaces or necklaces that do not cover your neck can elongate the neck section to appear more slender and youthful.

4. Wear Your ‘Outfit’ To Match Your Jewelry

closeup portrait of a bride

Another thing that you should not look over if you do not want to appear old in your party outfit is selecting the outfit to match your jewelry because if these two do not mix well, your overall look will not appear smooth and can even drop. If you already have the jewelry, you must select the right outfit to match it.

Or on the other hand, if you already have the outfit but you do not have the jewelry, you will have to find jewelry that will match the outfit. The method for doing this is easy, take a look at what the top part of that outfit looks like.

If your outfit leaves the shoulders, neck, and chest bare – you should select ‘diamond necklaces’ to help elongate your neck and to make your face appear more outstanding. For a dress that covers your shoulders, neck, and chest – you should select ‘diamond earrings’ to help balance your look, making the dress appear lighter and help bring attention to your facial features.

5. Avoid Long Diamond Necklaces With a ‘Big Diamond’ as a Prominent Piece on Your Chest

woman wearing black sleeveless top

Truthfully, long diamond necklaces with a large centerpiece diamond in the middle are more beautiful and eye-catching than other necklaces. Because of the diamond necklace’s characteristics, once they are worn, it will enhance the aura and prestige of the wearer, making them appear more elegant, dignified, and classy so it is not strange that they would also look more mature.

If you want a mature look, you can choose to wear this type of diamond necklaces by using the 1st and 2nd trick to make the overall look more harmonious. You will look beautiful and stylish as well as elegant and graceful in an adult way.

But if you still want to look youthful and not matured, it would be better if you ‘avoid’ this type of diamond necklace.

Conclusion: If These Techniques Are Followed, You Will Look Beautiful in Any Type of ‘Diamond Jewelry’

From all the 5 tricks that we have mentioned above, they are actually just smaller and finer details that many women look over. If you can ‘avoid’ wearing the different types of ‘diamond jewelry’ that has been mentioned above and follow 2 – 3 of these tricks, it will also help your party look perfect, not outdated and stylish – most importantly, it will not make you look like a ‘matured woman’ like you have worried.

And if you are looking for a beautiful ‘diamond jewelry set’ that will suit you and can be worn on many occasions, you can contact us for a free consultation on choosing your perfect piece of diamond jewelry.

And we will see you again, in our next article.

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