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How to Buy an Engagement Ring Online?


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“What is this engagement ring’s price?” might be one of the questions that are stuck to your mind when viewing different rings online.

Nowadays, many products have been brought to e-commerce for the comfort of their consumers. We understand that being completely transparent with your products’ prices online is required for the consumer’s trust. However, in the cases of certified diamond price – it is quite complicated and is a delicate subject.

Luxury products such as diamond engagement rings have high details such as Carat, Color, Cut, Clarity, and et cetera. These are things which you cannot examine thoroughly through the online world, if you are looking for these products, it is better to see them in person as you will be reassured and without worries.

Many have tried to compare the engagement ring prices of each store by throwing general questions through their online platforms. The answers they receive are completely different, even though some diamonds have the same specifications in their GIA diamond reports but their brilliance and the way light reflects off them are completely different in person. That plays a huge factor in pricing which is not uncommon. Comparing diamonds with just their diamond reports is similar to comparing apples to oranges.

That is why asking questions online may be a considerable waste of time if you are not buying from a brand you truly trust in their quality. Lastly, you will still have to visit a gemologist or an expert to help them verify the quality of the diamond you purchased.

That is why in this article, we will give you 2 main arguments on why asking for engagement rings prices online is not as useful in helping you select your engagement ring as you may think. The arguments are as follows:

1. From the Perspective of Diamond Stores

    diamond price

  • The Price of Engagement Rings are Constantly Changing

If we were to look at this from the perspective of the diamond stores, the reason that some of them sell sizable diamonds that come with certifications is that the price of said diamond is constantly shifting in accordance to the currencies, the price of gold, and many other factors. If the shop were to state a fixed price, they would be at a huge risk to lose a substantial amount of money.

And because the price of diamonds can shift every day, the diamond stores have looked from the viewpoint of the consumer, if the price tomorrow is higher than the price today – the customer might be disappointed that they did not get the previous price. So the customer will benefit more if they were to ask for the price privately, for your ease of mind and others as well.

  • There Are Too Many Engagement Rings to Be Updated Daily

Because the volume of engagement rings a store has, it would be difficult if they were to update the engagement ring’s prices in detail every day.

That is why many diamond stores have chosen to evaluate the price of engagement rings as individual items basing the price on today’s diamond prices and the specific style of engagement ring a customer wants.

And so, it is better if the consumers were to consult the diamond stores first. There are experts who could help you in finding the right ring and selecting the right diamond to work with your budget.


2. The Perspective of the Consumers

    the Perspective of the Consumers

  • Ring Sizes Are Different

Usually, if a customer asks for the price of an engagement ring online, the diamond store will not be able to give a clear answer. Not until they know precisely what your ring size is. That is why if the customer already knows their ring size, they could greatly help the diamond store in evaluating the engagement ring price and the diamond price easily and quickly.

From our experience, many of our customers – both online and in-person, have an engagement ring design in mind, as well as the diamond’s specifications. However, once they have tried out different types of rings and have consulted us on the budget, ultimately the ring they had in mind may fade into something else.

But most of the time, when people have been struck by the engagement ring as “love at first sight” is when they are most impressed by the ring!


3. Advantages of Asking the Price at the Shop

Asking the Price at the Shop

Many of you might have chosen to ask the price or even order engagement rings online because it is easier and quicker but actually, going to the diamond store and having a conversation with them has many advantages that may help you find the engagement ring which best suits you. They are as follows:

1. Instantly Check the Quality of the Engagement Ring
It does not matter whether you are buying a ready-made engagement ring or a custom engagement ring, you can consult an expert on the topic of your budget before buying the ring. This way, you will know which type of ring fits you best or what specifications should your diamond have. Other than that, you will also be able to inspect the diamond by yourself and see the certifications either from GIA or HRD because by doing this, you will be more confident in your choice of engagement ring in the price range that fits your budget.

2. Instantly Check the Trustworthiness and Expertise of The Store
Generally, when you buy an engagement ring online – many questions can go through your mind, questions such as: What do they look like? Do they have any expertise in diamonds? Do they even have a shop? There are many scammers out there who will claim anything to get.
The advantage of visiting the store to consult the expert is that you will have a chance to ask in-depth questions about diamonds. This is a test of their professionalism and honesty, after this, you can be feel safe that the diamond you are receiving will be one of quality.
More than that, you will also have a chance to talk to the salesperson of the store. You will experience the service which is superior to online messaging. The knowledge that you will receive great long-term care as they have guaranteed will also strengthen your confidence in your choice.

Instantly Change the Order to Fit the Budget

3. Instantly Change the Order to Fit the Budget
If you have asked the engagement ring price through the online store, and the store has given you a rough estimate which does not match the budget you had in mind – you might have missed a great opportunity to order a custom engagement ring with the store. Talking about the adjustments to be made on the engagement ring to fit the budget is not convenient online, for both the consumer and the store.
Receiving on-site services is the best opportunity for you to ask and adjust the engagement ring’s design or to increase/decrease the specifications of the diamond you are looking for. This could save a great amount of time for you as this is much better than sitting and waiting for a chat message reply.

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How to Ask the Price of Diamonds Online and Get a Clear Answer?

Ask the Price of Diamonds

Even though we see asking the price of engagement rings and deciding on a ring in person is the better option for both sides, we understand that some of you do not have that option and are still in the process of selecting the best store to order the ring.

So we will recommend 4 tricks in asking online diamond stores and receiving the most accurate and useful information. The tricks are as follows:

1. Set a Budget
This is an important step, if you have found a ring or a diamond that you love but their prices are a little too high because you have not prepared the budget for them. You might have to adjust the specifications of the main diamond so that you will have the engagement ring in the style you desire that is within the budget you set.

If you’re still not sure how much to budget for your wedding diamond ring. Don’t worry. We have answers for you in the article Wedding rings: the only guide you and your partner should read.

สไตล์แหวนต่างๆPhoto by: Above Diamond

2. Select the Engagement Ring Style and the Diamond You Like
Once you have a budget, you can now scope down onto the specifications of the diamond you want – How big do you want it to be? What style of engagement ring are you going for?
We recommend you to choose the style of engagement ring that you like most since the beginning because we will have a chance to wear it more often than the other types.
If you are still not sure which style of engagement ring you prefer or if the engagement ring price is within your budget, you can read this article on roughly evaluating engagement rings right here.

3. State the Budget and Engagement Ring Style Online

Once you have set a budget and a style of engagement ring you want, you can contact diamond stores through their online channel and tell them your budget and engagement ring style. Ask them if they are able to make the engagement ring or if there are any adjustments to be made.
And if you are still searching for the right diamond store, do not forget to ask them what their services are. You could also check their reviews from their previous customers to reassure your decision.

set a Meeting, Consult with Them and Order an Engagement Ring

4. Set a Meeting, Consult with Them and Order an Engagement Ring
Once you are confident with the diamond store, find a date that suits you best and then visit the store and order your engagement ring.
For this last step, it is quite important because you will be able to select additional options from their physical store. You could also directly consult their expert on the subject of caring and cleaning your engagement ring – you could also inspect their certifications for your diamond as well.
Lastly, you could also check if the store is professional and if they provide great service or not as this may affect the after-sales services once you have ordered the ring.


A Beautiful Engagement Ring is an Art Piece that Needs Time to Create

Engagement Ring is an Art Piece

Even though in today’s time, there is a large number of products being sold online at such a speed that you could buy almost everything in under 5 minutes. But because an engagement ring is a high involvement project that requires delicate attention as it is a delicate art piece that requires extra care from both the customer and the diamond stores.

Visiting the physical store might not suit your schedule and you might expect the online service to be clear and direct so that you will be able to order a precious piece in accordance to your specifications and styles. That is why you can make use of the online channels in selecting the right diamond store which best suits your budget. You can do that using the methods we have mentioned above.

Lastly, no matter what – we will still stand by your side. We will bring you useful knowledge and facts about buying diamonds to you. You may consult us on ordering a custom engagement ring and how you can buy real diamonds from us. You can contact us now.

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