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Yellow Gold vs. White Gold Rings Comparison

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Nowadays, there are rings options to choose from – because of this vast range of choices in both engagement rings and wedding rings, it can make you feel indecisive when you are trying to choose between a “Yellow Gold” ring vs a “White Gold” ring.

The options that are often stuck on our minds are the choice between “Yellow Gold” vs “White Gold”. In principle, the differences are in their color, durability, and price. So how are we supposed to know which type of ring is better? And what are the specific differences? More importantly, which one should you choose for yourself? We have answers to all these questions in this post.

Yellow Gold vs White Gold – What’s the Difference?

If you are still new to choosing different types of rings, you may wonder if white gold is as valuable as yellow gold – the answer is yes. It is just as valuable.

That is because the production of white gold involves a combination process of gold and other metals, which results in a color that is soft to the eyes. After that process, it is plated with “Rhodium” to create its shine and silver color.

Yellow gold rings are not 100% gold either, they also have other metal mixed into them to create durability.

If you were to compare “Yellow Gold Rings” vs “White Gold Rings” in terms of gold karats, even though they have different metal combinations but at the same karat weight – both types of rings will have the same percentage of gold inside them. This is why they are just as valuable as each other.

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Different Components

For white gold, Zinc is a primary ingredient that is responsible for its look which has softer silvery colors than the general yellow gold rings. Even though a mixture of Zinc is added, the ring still has a faint yellow tint to it which is why they are then plated with Rhodium to create a more permanent silver shine.

And because this type of ring is plated with Rhodium, they are more durable and are able to keep their soft gold insides safe.

Rhodium is actually the reason why white gold rings are more expensive than yellow gold rings, this is because “Rhodium” is a rare and high-priced element.

Buyers Beware – White Gold Rings

Emarald cut diamond on white gold ring

The main concern you should beware of when buying white gold rings is that the rhodium may fall off as time passes, this can open up the inner faint yellow gold parts to be visible.

“And how do I know how long it takes for the rhodium to wear off?”, the answer depends on how often you wear your ring.

But you should not fret too much on this, because even though the color may fade and fall off your white gold ring, you can always take care of your white gold ring by plating it with more rhodium – for this, there are extra costs for each time of rhodium plating.

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Buyers Beware – Yellow Gold Rings

yellow gold eternity ring

Even though white gold rings are not without flaws, it does not necessarily mean that yellow gold rings are perfect either. An interesting fact about metal materials you should know is that a ring with gold components, the higher percentage of the gold material – the higher chance there is for your ring to be scratched.

Once scratched, you can have your gold ring polished to remove the scratched but by doing so the metal texture of the ring will be scrubbed off as well.

For this part, white gold rings can also be scratched as well but the process for removing said scratches will actually heal the ring because it is plated in more rhodium.

Other than this, selecting a gold ring with lesser karats means that it will simultaneously be more durable and less valuable. If you are allergic to nickel, lower karat gold rings are not suitable for you because of its high quantity of nickel. And by the way, all of our gold rings at Above Diamond are nickel free – rest assured that you won’t be scratching an itch after wearing our jewelry.

And so you can see from the characteristics and the features of each ring that they have different flaws; white gold rings are prone to rhodium peeling off and yellow gold rings are prone to scratches, when making a decision, you should primarily select a ring based on its color, the diamond’s color and style instead.

You Should Buy a Yellow Gold Ring When…

If you are buying a diamond with lower grade colors, such as diamonds with color grades lower than N, you should select a yellow gold ring as its ring because the diamond’s color will be more harmonious with a yellow gold ring rather than a white gold ring.

Other than this, wearing a yellow gold ring might make your skin color more outstanding, so it is also suitable for those who have a darker or olive skin tone.

You Should Buy a White Gold Ring When…

On the other hand, if your diamond is of a higher color grade such as the D – I color grade diamonds, its color will be more suitable with white gold rings because the ring’s silver will go perfectly with the clear colors of the diamond.

If you have a paler skin tone, you could wear both yellow gold and white gold rings as they both fit with the color tone of your skin.

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Conclusion: Color and Style are Primary Components

Both yellow gold and white gold rings have their unique pros and cons, but because both have the same percentage of gold mixed into the – two rings of the same karats will be as valuable as each other.

You could select your ring from the usage habits, to see which type of ring care is more convenient for you or you could also see how the colors of your diamond, your ring, and your skin harmonize with each other.

If you are still not sure which type of ring really suits you, you can always visit us at Above Diamond physical shop to try out ring samples and get a free consultation session with our designers.

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