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6 Diamond Pendant Styles: Special Gift for Your Lover


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Selecting a great gift is selecting a gift that is meaningful, it will remind the receiver of the things you have always tried to tell them. That is why a diamond pendant is a great gift, regardless of who the receiver is, they will fall in love with it.

A diamond pendant is one of the often forgotten gift ideas, yet it is filled with meaning. A small pendant does not appear interesting, however, if you imagine receiving one – you would be overjoyed because in each pendant, there will be different messages. It depends on what you want to tell your beloved one or what meaning you want them to keep right above the heart.

You can select a beautiful diamond pendant as a gift for many occasions for almost everyone – family, lover or even close friend. It is a humble gift that is deep in meaning. The receiver will also wear it to enhance their everyday look to be complete without overdoing it.

Different types of diamond pendants will have different meanings, and so in this article we want to bring to you popular diamond pendant styles with great messages.

circle diamond pendant

1. Diamond Pendant – The Heart

heart diamond pendant necklace

This is considered a classic style of diamond pendants. If you receive this pendant, its meaning is the love you share with the gifter. A heart shape represents deep love. Physically, a heart is the most important organ of your body, it keeps our blood flowing and it keeps us alive. Giving someone a heart is like giving someone your whole life for your lover. Of course, those who choose to buy the heart shaped diamond pendant are romantic and want their love to be remembered by their partner without fear of forgetting.

2. Diamond Pendant – The Infinity Symbol

infinity diamond pendant

The ‘Infinity’ symbol or a loop symbol, is considered a representation of eternity and everlasting. This pendant style is suitable as a gift when you are ready to make the commitment to someone whether they are a lover you want to be with forever or a friend you want to keep close by your side until the end.

The infinity symbol is an ancient Greek symbol of a lack of ending point, a never ending loop. It is appropriate for those who have a special bond with someone and desire to keep that relationship forever. Other than this, in other cultures, such as ancient Indian culture and ancient Tibetian culture, the infinity symbol is also a symbol of a relationship – it stands for completeness, connection and an absolute unity of a man and a woman.

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3. Diamond Pendant – The Locket

locket diamond pendant

If you give a locket diamond pendant to your lover, it is guaranteed to be a unique gift because inside the locket, you can insert a message of your own which is completely unique to you. This type of diamond pendant’s meaning can change according to the message you put into the locket. It enables you to design the message that you want to give to your lover most, a message to be kept.

As for the locket pendant, you can design the outer appearances of the pendant to be anything you like – a heart, a square or a patterned diamond locket.

4. Diamond Pendant – The Love Knot

love knot diamond pendant

The ‘Love Knot’ style of diamond pendants will come in many forms with the most important characteristic being its ‘knotted’ look which stands for a love that is stable, unfading and unending.

This type of pendant is suitable for your lover, your mother or your friends so that you may show a love and relationship that will never fade away, like a love knot that is unyieldingly tightened and difficult to undo.

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5. Diamond Pendant – The Tree of Life

tree of life diamond pendant

Even though you will seldom see the ‘Tree of Life’ diamond pendant in Thailand, it is considered a diamond pendant with an extremely good meaning. It is not a symbol of love but the tree of life is a representation of nature. It tells us how our lives are intertwined with everything, how strong its roots are and our never ending growth.

This type of pendant is suitable for special occasions such as university graduation ceremonies or send-off parties for your beloved kinds who are starting a new chapter of their life elsewhere because this tree of life pendant, when growth and stability are mentioned, is a reminder to the receiver, that they shall not fear what the future brings and that they should keep on moving forward, constantly learning the truths of life.

6. Diamond Pendant – The Jigsaw

diamond jigsaw puzzle necklace

This is considered a romantic diamond pendant with a great meaning. If you choose to select jigsaw pendants that perfectly fit each other, one for you and one for your partner, it means that you both will always have each other and will always be a part of each other – easily reminding your life partner of the love you both share.

The jigsaw pendant is suitable for those who are looking for a gift that represents true love because only one jigsaw will perfectly fit the you or your partner keeps, like our search for a soulmate, there is only one piece which can fit the puzzle.

Other than this, the jigsaw pendant is also appropriate for those who are in a long distance relationship. It is a pendant you and your partner can always look when to reminisce on the good times you have had together, whilst waiting for the day that the 2 jigsaw pieces will meet again.

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Because selecting a gift for our loved ones is a process which requires thought and effort to find something which is truly meaningful for them. That is why we want to give you the ‘diamond pendant’ gift as one of your ideas to create a memorable moment with a gift that will not be forgotten for a long time. If you are interested in ordering a diamond pendant or a diamond necklace, please contact us to receive a free design consultation session.

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