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3 Tips to Buying Men’s Wedding Rings


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Many more modern men are wearing wedding rings than in the past, with this reason, many beautiful men’s wedding ring styles are born for you to select from.

If you are looking for a men’s wedding ring to surprise your boyfriend, you came to the right place. Today, I will share easy tricks that will help you select the right wedding ring that will ensure that his love for you will not wither for a long time!

In the past, engagement rings and wedding rings were usually worn by women, but in recent times – men’s diamond rings are rising in popularity, this could be because of a new trend which encourages men to take care of themselves and dress better.

simple couple wedding rings

However, diamond rings styles and wedding ring styles will always change and evolve with time, and this evolution, right now, is leading us to new men’s ring styles.

If you are looking for a men’s wedding ring for your modern man, but are unsure where to start from. I want you to know that you are very fortunate because of the upcoming “indy” trend, you will have 100% freedom in choosing a diamond ring that truly fits the style of your boyfriend.

With that being said, if you try out these tricks that are proven to be greatly effective in the past, you will be able to select his diamond ring much more easily.

And these are the things you should know before buying a men’s wedding ring.

Set a Budget for the Wedding Ring

setting budget for mens wedding ring

The first thing you should ask yourself is that, how much budget do you have to invest in a diamond ring?

If you are still unsure, you could use the standard metric from the past – set the budget from 2-3 months of your income. This is the standard most men use in buying an engagement ring for their bride.

But as for the present, I recommend you to set the budget in accordance with your resources and satisfaction. Do not fret on the standards because different lovers will have different lifestyles, right?

mens wedding ring price 2-3 months of salary

As for who spends the most and the least, many couples will have a modern mindset. What that means is that they will just divide the price, each will pay half – easy and fair. Whilst some couples may still use the traditional method where the men will volunteer to take care of his bride. It does not matter which method you choose, there are no rights or wrongs and so it is better for this decision to be made by the couple themselves.

It does not matter if you buy his diamond ring with the budget of THB 15,000 or THB 150,000 – I want you to know that all rings will be special in their own ways, with different meanings embedded within them.

Whether you and your lover prefer simplicity or luxury, that wedding ring will be a symbol that reminds you of an important day of your life which you may want to remember for the rest of your life. That is why you should select the most appropriate ring under your budget, more importantly, it must make you both happy.

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How To Measure His Ring Size Without Him Knowing

discovering mens appropriate ring size

As much as many couples love each other, I believe that most still do not know the finger size of their significant other if they do not regularly buy rings for them and so you should not worry if you do not know the ring size of your boyfriend.

The important thing is that we want to gift this men’s diamond ring that you have carefully selected and can be worn perfectly on the day it is gifted. You will not have to lose time replacing the ring or lose money resizing the ring.

Truthfully, you could ask him directly but that would spoil your surprise, right?

That is why I recommend these 3 options to measure your boyfriend ring size without him knowing, easily, too.

how to measure mens ring size

  • Borrow his favorite ring and have a diamond store measure it. The easier alternative is to just place that ring on a piece of paper and then trace it.
  • If you already know your ring size, you could compare it with him by placing your hand on to his – however, this method is not that accurate.
  • Sneakily measure his ring size when he is sleeping. Wait until he is deep into his slumber, then, measure his ring finger with a tape measure. After that, compare the measurements to the ring size chart.

If you do not have the chance to measure his ring size and you need to buy his diamond ring right now, I recommend you to select a ring size that is larger than what your estimate is. With this size, the ring will still be wearable and have a better fit than buying a smaller ring that is not wearable at all.

selecting a larger ring size

Another thing is that reducing the size of the ring will not affect the shape of the diamond ring, it is also easier and more affordable. Increasing the size of the ring does the exact opposite as the amount of gold must be added into the ring, making it a more expensive choice.

At this point, you will know all the important fundamentals – now, let us talk about something more fun.

How To Choose a Men’s Diamond Ring

There are many styles of men’s diamond wedding rings to choose from, almost as many as there are men’s fashion choices. What you should consider when buying his ring is his style of dressing, his lifestyle, and the beliefs and values your boyfriend holds as important – because taking all of these factors into consideration will mean that the ring he receives will be meaningful to him.

This process may require careful selection to ensure that your partner will receive the best thing possible, but I must say that now is the golden age of men’s wedding rings because there are so many styles to select from on the internet. The classic style, the minimal style, or the luxurious style. In simple terms, it does not matter what his style is – you still be able to find a diamond ring that suits him well.

Now, let us take a look at different men’s diamond ring styles that are highly received in today’s time.

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Keep the Design Simple

solitaire mens diamond ring

This style of men’s wedding ring will have similar aesthetics to the usual wedding bands that keep a simple design in mind, with a small diamond gem adorned into the diamond ring – to make it known that this is a wedding ring, according to international traditions.

In the past few years, many men are choosing to wear more single diamond rings – if you like this style, I support your decision as well.

Ready for Adventure

Some men that have an active lifestyle may not like to wear rings, especially, rings that have fragile shapes such as the thin gold wedding rings. Although the design is great, there is also a chance that the ring may get bent if there is an unintentional impact on his ring.

Some men whose professions require them to work with their hands such as doctors, engineers, or craftsmen may not be suited to the thin gold wedding rings.

The best way is to select a ring that is heavier in weight because it will be more durable due to the density of gold. Doing this will naturally reduce the chance that the ring may get bent from the impacts of daily use.

Engrave to Impress

engraving mens rings

Wearing a wedding ring or an engagement ring is a symbolic long-term promise, and so it is a good idea if you engrave his name onto his ring, or it could even be an important date, a favorite song, a place you met – or any other details that could be engraved onto his ring as there are no limits to this.

Some couples may like to think out of the box may engrave the logo of their wedding, a character from their favorite movie, or anything that their minds fancy. If you and your partner lean on the artistic side, you could also choose to engrave patterns that you each like – these are wonderful ideas.

A Gentleman’s Choice

princess cut solitaire mens diamond ring

Some men may choose a more boxy diamond ring shape to show the power of the wearer as it may be beneficial for them in their line of work. The boxy ring shapes will have a perfect circle shape so that they are easy to wear without worries.

Some men’s diamond rings may have a mix & match of the gold, using the two-tone style to make the look much more interesting as well as manly.

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Conclusion: Selecting a men’s wedding ring is much easier than it appears!

choosing mens diamond ring is easy

At this point, you will have almost all the information you need – now it is the time to find a diamond ring that truly suits your partner!

And these are the things you should know before buying a diamond ring:

  • Select a trustworthy diamond store because a diamond ring is an object of high value. The precision of the artisans is of the utmost importance – when you are looking to invest, you should receive the best thing possible in return.
  • Knowing how to read a diamond certification is important. If the diamond shop is transparent and reliable, they should tell you all the details of the diamond you are buying. You should keep these details well so that when the time comes, you may hand it off as an inheritance piece full of value to your offspring.

Many may think that buying a diamond ring for their boyfriend is a difficult task because most diamond stores will not have many men’s diamond ring styles to choose from. That is why we have compiled many men’s diamond ring styles for you to choose from.

More than that, we also have custom engagement rings and custom men’s wedding rings services. You can set your own budget, select the style, and even engrave what your heart desires – contact us now!

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