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3 Expert Tricks to Choose Perfect Ring Width and Height


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If you are feeling the worry that comes with ordering a wedding band ring, it is perfectly normal. You want your wedding band ring to perfectly fit you and want to make sure that it is stunningly beautiful, and so you may have questions such as “Is this ring appropriate for my finger?” or “Is this too thick? Is it too thin?” – do not worry, we have all the answers for you right here!

Generally, if you plan to order a wedding band ring the first thing you should consider is the ring sizes of the bride and the groom. The circumference of your ring finger should be made in centimeters so you are easily able to check which ring fits and which does not.

Most people are concerned with getting the correct ring size before all else, which is great, but what they often do is neglect to do is think about if the width and the height of the wedding band ring fit your partner or not. The width and the height of a wedding band ring plays an important role in making the ring design come alive and could make or break the look for its wearer.

If you are not careful, you could go through all the troubles of ordering the “right” wedding band ring design which has the perfect ring size fits for you just to have it feel “off” on your finger. This could happen if you did not select the appropriate width and height of the ring that suits your ring finger’s shape.

And so if you are still not sure what the “Width” of a ring is and how it differs from the “Height” of a ring, we will take a look at their differences right down below.

Width and Height of a Wedding Band Ring

Width and Height of a Wedding Band Ring

Height of a Wedding Band Ring

We are using a picture of the cross-section and the height so you can easily follow along. The “Height” of a ring will be a dimension of the “Height” of a ring, if we are viewing the wedding band ring from the cross-sectional view – the units are in millimeters with the appropriate height of the ring being 1.5 millimeters and above.

Measuring the height of a wedding band ring can tell us the durability of that ring, a ring that is only 0.25 millimeters in height can also be made durable but you may have to make the ring heavier. You may have to prepare an insubstantial amount of budget for this part.

ring height width

The Height (The height is measured from the ring’s edges) of a Wedding Band Ring can be seen from the cross-sectional view of the ring.

Some “Wedding Band Rings” that you might have seen before may have a height of only 1.2 millimeters and above. It is as thin as some pizza crusts, and so your ring may be easily bent. This type of wedding band rings is easily found as ready-made products that are sold in department stores because of its lower price point and it’s easy to produce naturally.

Normally, the appropriate height of a wedding band ring is between 1.5 – 2 millimeters because it is at a point where it is the most proportional whilst not being too heavy to wear.

Width of a Wedding Band Ring

Width of a Wedding Band RingCredit: Pinterest

As for the “Width” of wedding band rings, most people may misunderstand and confuse it with the height of a wedding band ring which is usually the more visible part, especially when there are no other rings to compare sizes with. You can measure the width of a wedding band ring from the bird-eye view as seen in the picture above.

The measurement units of the width of a ring are usually in millimeters as well, generally, the width of a ring will start from 1.5 millimeters. The width is what indicates how comfortable a ring is to wear and it can also cement the look of the ring – whether it is a big great ring or if it is a slender and lean ring. These are all up to your choice in the ring’s width.

The standard width of a “Plain Wedding Band Ring” that we usually see will start from 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 up to 20 millimeters.

Most women’s wedding band rings (both Asian and Western) will be between 1.5 – 4 millimeters in width. As for men’s wedding band rings, 2.5 – 5 millimeters ring width are popular with Asian men, but Japanese men prefer to wear thinner rings between 2 -3 millimeters in width. As for Western men, they prefer their wedding band ring to be wide with the width between 5 – 8 millimeters which may look too thick and cumbersome on some Asian men.

Because the width of a ring will usually be proportional to the standard measurements of the ring itself, so we will rely on our artisans to dictate these details to perfectly fit the wedding band ring.

In the next section, we will talk about how to select the right width and height for your ring. This is so that you can easily decide whether you should go with the thicker rings or the thinner rings.

Wide Rings vs. Narrow Rings – What Is Right for Me?

There are no rights and wrongs in selecting the width of your wedding band ring. It is entirely up to you – your personal preferences, your style, and how you plan to wear that ring.

Each ring width has its pros and cons.

For clarity, I must excuse myself for defining the width of thin wedding band rings in this article as no more than 2.5 millimeters. The pros and cons are as follows.

Pros of Narrow Wedding Band Rings

  • Light Weight: When you wear the ring, it will feel comfortable and agile in everyday use, and because there are fewer gold materials used – the diamond will be proportionately smaller as well. And so, the price of thinner wedding band rings will not hit your wallet as hard as the thicker ones.
  • It Makes the Diamond Appear Larger: Small rings will not steal the attention away from the radius and size of the diamond, making the diamond on your ring stand out much more even if the diamond is not that large in size.
  • The Ring Looks Delicate: Some wedding band rings may help the workmanship appear more delicate which is suitable for women – for thicker rings, it will appear more enduring.

Cons of Narrow Wedding Band Rings

  • It Is Fragile: If you are not careful, the ring may easily get bent or scratched.
  • Longevity: Even if you buy a wedding band ring that guarantees you life-time use, you still may have to bring a ring that is thinner than 1.5 millimeters to clean or shine. This process can make the ring even thinner and more prone to wear and tear.
  • May Not Appear Proportional To Your Finger: Those who look good in a thinner wedding band ring will usually have long and slender fingers, if your fingers are slightly more plum – thinner rings may not suit you as much as thicker rings.

thick wedding band ring

Wide wedding band rings are defined at a width of 3 millimeters and up in this context. The pros and cons are as follows:

Pros of Wide Wedding Band Rings

  • Feels Firmer: Wedding band rings that are over 3 millimeters in width will give you a firmer feeling than the thinner rings when worn.
  • You Can Set Larger Diamonds: Thicker wedding band rings are more durable and can accommodate the weight of larger diamonds. The bigger your diamond is, the more brilliant your diamond ring will be.
  • Durability: This width is suitable for those who use their hands to work a lot and do not intend to take their wedding band ring off.

Cons of Wide Wedding Band Rings

  • It Takes the Attention off the Diamond: The thicker the wedding band ring is, the less the diamond on the ring will stand out – this forces you to search for a diamond that is appropriate in size and width of the ring.
  • Not Suitable for Those Who Have Thin Fingers: Because thick wedding band rings will appear too large on a long and slender finger, we recommend you to measure your ring size in combination with selecting the right ring width before ordering a ring – to ensure you will receive the “right” wedding ring.

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Selecting the Right Ring Width for You

แหวนแต่งงานคู่ เกลี้ยง

In selecting the ring, the “right” ring for you depends on your personal preference, your style, and the use of the ring.

If you are in the process of selecting a men’s wedding band ring, you will notice that most rings will have a width of over 3.5 millimeters. If your fingers are quite long and slender, you may have to choose the Japanese style ring that is 2.5 millimeters in width.

Again, it depends on what you like. Once you have measured your ring size in centimeters, and have tried wearing rings with different widths – the trick here is to select the width of the ring that looks most proportional to your ring finger.

If you are looking at women’s wedding rings, you may have to consider more factors. Generally, women’s wedding rings are around 3 millimeters in width, for wedding rings or engagement rings, many women will want to wear both rings together on some occasions without having them look too thick.

And so if you want a ring design that is strong and durable enough to hold up your diamond, or if you want a more diverse choice of styles – such as the twisting rings, you may have to choose women’s rings that are over 4 millimeters in width which is still considered very attractive.

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Other than that, if you have quite a large finger joint, you should select a wedding band ring width that is lower than 3 millimeters because it will allow you to take off and put on your ring easily without having it stuck on your joint because the wider the ring, the harder it is for you to take off.

Diamond Setting and the Width of the Ring

Diamond Setting and the Width of the Ring

If you want to set your diamond onto your wedding band ring as well, you should select the size of the diamond and the width of the ring that goes well with one another. This is to make sure your ring looks stunningly whilst also being durable and proportional to the overall composition of the diamond ring.

If you prefer narrower rings that make the diamond appear more full and eye-catching, or if you want to increase the ring width for durability – both are good options as well.

And so the primary factor in selecting the width of the ring will be the design of the ring and how proportional it looks on your finger. You can choose this in accordance with your preferences and whatever works best for you as well.

Or if you want to test out how the rings look on your fingers virtually, you visit this page.

3 Tricks To Select the Right Width-Height of a Ring

Other than personal style and preferences that plays a major role in selecting the width and height of a wedding band ring, if you have read the methods of selecting the rize ring size from above but still feel unsure on how you should select a ring which will suits you – we have 3 easy questions for you to ask yourself before making up your mind on ordering the width and height of your ring.

1. Comfortable or Firm?

This means when you are wearing a ring – do you want to feel your ring at all times? Or do you prefer to barely feel your ring?

If you prefer a firmer fit, you should select a ring that has a height of at least 2.3 millimeters because the thicker the ring is, the more firm it feels on the finger. If you feel discomfort from wearing a firm ring and prefer to wear a looser one that feels light on the finger, selecting a thinner ring would suit you best.

2. Do You Plan To Wear This Ring With Other Rings?

Wear This Ring With Other Rings

If the answer is yes, then it means that in the case that you want to wear your engagement ring with your wedding ring, you should select a similar thickness for those 2 rings.

When worn together, they will compliment each other – making them look spectacular.

As for the thickness of the ring, you can set one wedding band ring to be wider and the other to be narrower to increase ring elements, making them look more stylish. For example, a single diamond ring with a width of 2.5 millimeters when worn together with a wedding band ring with a width of 2.0 millimeters also looks tasteful and classy.

3. What Does Your Lifestyle Look Like?

couple yellow gold ring

If you prefer to wear your ring at all times and often use your hands to work, we recommend you to order a wedding band ring that is slightly thicker than usual – to make the ring more durable.

But if you plan to keep that ring to wear only on special occasions or if you do not have a lifestyle that consists of many hands-on work projects, such as office work, paperwork, sales, and et cetera – you can also safely select a normal-sized ring.

Other Things To Consider

Other than this, there are a few other questions some may have regarding the width and thickness of a ring and so we have brought the answers to you right below.

Are Engravings Possible on a Narrow Wedding Band Ring?


Generally, the artisans can engrave names onto rings that are over 1.5 millimeters in width. Our personal recommendation is that the best minimum width is 2 millimeters for name engravings because it allows enough space for name engravings, and it also reduces the chance that the letters will be blurry. This is so that you can clearly see your name along with your loved one.

Wedding Rings Must Be Thicker Than Engagement Rings, Right?

band ring size

This is quite an interesting question because this question is suitable for the case where you plan to order both the wedding ring and the engagement ring together. Usually, when we talk about width, engagement rings will have a setting that holds up the diamond, so most will have a width of 1.5 millimeters and above.

As for wedding rings, if you are buying a Western wedding band ring – the width will be 2.5 millimeters and above as well. For those who plan to buy an “Eternity Ring”, you will have to make space for the diamonds that will be set around the ring.

Usually, a ring should have a width of 1.2 millimeters and above and will get increasingly wider depending on the diamond. Selecting the width of a wedding ring is primarily up to the design of the ring you choose.

In the case that you plan to wear your engagement ring and your wedding ring together, their width should be similar or the same to each other. This will help them compliment each other’s look, it is not always necessary to have the wedding ring bigger than the engagement ring.

Does My Partner Prefer Thicker or Thinner Rings – How Do I Find Out?


This is perhaps as hard as finding the right ring size, especially because the ring width you choose cannot be directly derived from your partner as a precise millimeters measurement. You may have to estimate based on their taste in jewelry and their lifestyle.

You could take notice when she wears other rings, does she like to wear thin rings or thick rings? If you are not sure, take notice of how she wears her watch or bracelets – does she wear them tight or loose? Most of the time, their preferences in this will carry over to other accessories.

If she prefers to wear them “fit”, not too loose – not too tight, you should select a ring that is adequate in thickness so it fits her ring perfectly. If she prefers to wear her jewelry loose, you should select a wedding band ring that is a bit thinner.

Or if your observations from her lifestyle have shown you that she often uses her hands in her daily activities – you should select a wedding band ring that is 3 – 4 millimeters thick. It will be more durable. If she loves delicate things and is not often involved in hands-on activities, then you should select thinner rings between 1.5 – 2.5 millimeters as it may suit her better.

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Conclusion: The Width-Height of a “Wedding Band Ring” – a Small Element That Should Not Be Looked Over

In designing an engagement ring or a wedding ring for your special occasion, every little detail matters. Our duties as artisans are not limited to just selecting a beautiful diamond, the gold materials, or a stunning ring design.

But there is also making sure that the measurements of the ring size are truly perfect for you before ordering the said rings. It is as important as finding the right glass slippers for Cinderella or finding a 100% tailor-made suit that will fit you flawlessly whilst being comfortable and has a design that matches you and your partner the most.

And so, selecting the right width-height of a ring is a small element that you should not look over – it will lead to you finding a ring worthy of your love.

If you are interested in ordering a wedding band ring or a wedding ring in a style that fits you best, contact us now to receive consultation from the Above Team that will always gladly service you. I will see you in the next article.

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