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8 Tips to Match Bridal Hairstyles with Wedding Dress

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Finding the right ‘bridal hairstyle’ is considered a challenge for many brides, who need to find their bridal hairstyle before the wedding bells ring. In some cases, this process could be even more difficult than choosing the wedding gown itself.

If your wedding date is creeping in, I believe that many of us women dream to be our own version of a princess bride. After you have found the right wedding gown, the next step is to find the overall look to complete your best look. Other than searching for shoes and accessories, ‘bridal hairstyles’ are also considered an equally important aspect that will fulfill your bridal look, ensuring that you mesmerize all eyes on you.

But choosing a bridal hairstyle could be a difficult task. Not only will you have to choose one that will please both you and the guests of your wedding, but you will also have to choose from hundreds of styles on the internet. This could make you unsure which style would fit you best.

In this article, I want to give tips on choosing a bridal hairstyle that is truly right for you. We will consider your hairstyle based on your face shape, hair length, and dress style. Adding on to that, I will also add extra insights on choosing a bridal hairstyle, as well as finding a professional hairdresser. If you are ready, let us begin our search for a bridal hairstyle that is right for you!

Things To Consider Before Choosing a ‘Bridal Hairstyle’

Before all else, I want you to familiarize yourself with a few things we should contemplate before choosing a bridal hairstyle.

Selecting a bridal hairstyle from the wedding gown.

Before you select the right bridal hairstyle, you will have to find ‘the right wedding gown’ first because a wedding is considered the most important aspect of being a bride.

As for the hairstyle, it will fulfill your bridal look. It should compliment the wedding gown. My secret tip is for you to try and keep the balance of your neck area, make sure that it is not too ‘full’ or too ’empty’.

An example of a bridal hairstyle that fits the wedding gown:

– Strapless Wedding Dress: This dress works very well with an updo hairstyle or a half-updo hairstyle. Tie your hair up and leave some part of the front hair down, the loose strands will give you a more natural look. You could also let the bangs cover a part of your forehead. If you tie your hair too tightly, your face and front body parts will appear too plain.

– Yoke Waist Wedding Dress: This is a wedding dress appropriate for a night party. It is considerably thick and fluffy, and perfectly suitable for a princess. The bridal hairstyle to go with this dress should be an updo hairstyle to capture that formal and luxurious look.

– Spaghetti Strap Wedding Dress: You will look even more beautiful with your hair worn up loosely, showing your curled hair and its natural-looking waves. Or, if you want to have a modern romantic look, you can also let your curled hair free, releasing its wavy fantastic-ness do its job of charming all guests.

– Detailed Chest Area Wedding Dress: If your wedding dress has a considerable amount of details in the chest section, for example, a diamond necklace, or if your wedding dress is a halter neck dress, putting your hair up will appear more balanced. This neck section will appeal to a secret tip, not too empty nor too full.

– Wedding Dress for a Small Wedding or a Beach Wedding: Because the format of the wedding is not too formal, you can curl your hair, creating small waves, and have them side-swept. Wear a floral crown or a flower hairpin to complete a look fitting for an easy-going atmosphere.

– Sequin or Beaded Wedding Dress: If you let your hair loose, there is a chance that your hair will tangle with your dress, causing damage to either your hair or your dress. If you decide to wear this style of the wedding gown, putting your hair up would be a better idea.

– Modern and Minimal Wedding Dress: Will work well with hairstyles that: tie your hair tightly, have a middle part, and flat combed to give off a modern look. If you want to have a sweeter look, you can let out curled strands of your hair on the sides.

A ‘Bridal Hairstyle’ Should Retain a Sense of Formality

Because a wedding is considered an important date for both you and your partner, as well as many guests and important people in your life, giving respect to yourself, your partner, and your guests is considered important.

You may not have to wear your hair so tightly it tingles your scalp but you could wear them up to make them appropriate for your important date. Make sure that the front part of your hair is slick and formal, and sweep your hair behind your ears. If you want to let your hair loose, you could also dress them so that it does not appear too wild.

You could straighten your hair for a smooth look or curl your hair into waves that appear formal. Just like that, your bridal hairstyle will have a sense of formality to them.

Do Not Change Your Hairstyle or Hair Color When the Wedding Date Nears

Even though you may feel excited to change up your look with whatever bridal package but you should not change your hairstyle or your hair color on a date that is too close to the wedding because if any mistakes are made, such as a haircut that is too short to be tied up. or just a bad haircut, or a new hair color that does not suit your color tone, these mistakes may not be solved before your wedding date.

If you really want to change your hairstyle, you can, but I recommend you to do so at least 1 month before the wedding date so that there is time for your hair to grow into its new style or if any mistakes are made during the haircut, they can be fixed.

Make Your Hair Beautiful and Smooth, Not Messy and Unruly

On your wedding day, it does not matter how beautiful your bridal hairstyle is, it may not stay in shape for long if you do not take care of it the right way. Taking care of your hairstyle is considered important because of this and also because it ensures that you will appear radiant until the end of the ceremony.

You can use hairspray to keep your hairstyle, in each season there are different ways to take care of your hairstyle according to the weather and they are:

– Summer: The hot weather can make your hair appear thinner and greasy, you can use hair spray to add volume to your hairstyle or create voluminous curls.

– Rainy Season: During this season, if your wedding is outdoors, the humid weather may interfere with your hairstyle and loosen its shape, using hairspray to keep your hair up or using an updo hairstyle will help you batter the weather.

– Winter: The dry air can diminish your hair’s smoothness and make it appear fizzy. A good solution is to use a ‘Leave-On Conditioner’ before your hairdo to add more moisture to your hair.

Bridal Hairstyles for Different Face Shapes

Because the face shapes of each person are not the same, the bridal hairstyle that you like may not be the one that fits you best. A better way would be to examine your face shape, then select a bridal hairstyle that brings out all your strengths, making you appear even more beautiful.

The face shapes and bridal hairstyles that go along with them well are as follow:

Bridal Hairstyle – Oval Face Shape

Actually, if you have an oval face shape are considered very lucky because you can choose to do any bridal hairstyles. Especially if you wish to wear a prominent, modern, and slick hairstyle, you can try to wear all your hair up to show off the beautiful ratios of your face.

Or if you do not want an updo hairstyle, you can let your hair down with a middle part that tapers with your cheekbones and then curl loose waves into your hair. This is a wonderful option for your face shape as well.

Bridal Hairstyle – Square Face Shape

If you have a square face shape, your jaws are quite wide and strong. A suiting bridal hairstyle would be one where it drives your face shape to appear more slender and smooth. You can wear a loose hair updo and let strands of hair run loose on your sides to bring attention away from your jaws, this can make your face appear slimmer.

If you want to let your hair down, a straight middle part hairstyle will make your look appear softer.

Bridal Hairstyle – Heart Face Shape

Brides with the heart face shape will have a face that is balanced. With a forehead that is wider than the chin, if you want to have a romantic look, a fitting hairstyle would be an updo hairstyle with your desire looseness. Then, you can add a middle part that tapers down to your sides just a tiny bit.

You could also wear a small braid on your sides to add a sweetness to your look which compliments your impressive smile.

If you want to let your hair down, you can sweep your hair to one side and let them level down to your chin, then you can add more volume or curls to your hair. This will make your appearances fabulous, even more so than before.

Bridal Hairstyle – Long Face Shape

If you are a bride with a long face shape, wearing your hair up will appear like a good option for you but you should keep in mind that you should not wear your hair too high up, otherwise it can make your face appear too long.

You can also sweep your hair to one side or wear a bang as it will make your face appear more proportionate.

If you want to let your hair down, weeping your hair to the sides will make your face more proportionate as well. You can wear one side of your hair behind your hearts to show off more of your face, revealing a stunning jawline.

Bridal Hairstyle – Round Face Shape

If you have a short and round face, a bridal hairstyle that will fit you best is the side-swept ponytail updo hairstyle as it will give you a luxurious look as well as make your jawline appear higher.

And if you want to let your hair down, you can do a deep side part to add more angles to your forehead and add balance to your face shape. Then, you can add large curls to your hairstyle, for a final and alluring look.

Bridal Hairstyles – Short Hair

If you are a short-haired bride, do not be discouraged, because it does not mean you cannot have a hairstyle that is as stunning as a bride with longer hair.

It does not matter how short your hair is, bob hair, pixie cut hair, or shoulder-length hair – you can still find a hairdo that will look as romantic or elegant as you wish. I have a few bridal hairstyles for short hair that I believe you would like to explore:

Wear Hair Accessories or a Floral Crown

If you have short hair you will not be able to wear an updo hairstyle with as much detail as someone with longer hair. Do not worry because you can still wear a floral crown or other hair accessories that are outstanding on your bridal hairstyle without making the overall look too heavy.

You can choose a floral crown with the color of flowers you like, wear diamond accessories that are absolutely drawing or you can even just wear a single large flower on your ears. All these options will make your bridal hairstyle effortlessly stunning.

Pixie Cut

If you are a confident and modern woman with a pixie cut, you will not have to do much with your hair. A pixie cut is already uniquely unique in itself.

You will only need to use a hair-styling cream for your bridal hairstyle to have more textures, or if you want to add more flair, you can also wear a hair accessory to make you appear more elegant and formal.

Short Soft Curls

If you want a romantic look for your short bridal hairstyles, you can do so by just adding soft curls to your hair or wear accessories on the side of your hair. With that, you will be just as outstanding as your heart desires.

Straight Bob Hair

If you want a bridal hairstyle that is short, slick, and modern – other than the pixie cut, you could also try to straighten your hair to get a bob hair look that is timelessly modern.

Half-Braided Hairstyle

You can add more dimensions to your short bridal hairstyle by braiding. Adding a head-band-like braid or a fish-tail braid on different sections of your hair and letting your hair down with soft curls will make your bridal hairstyle appropriate for your special day.

Hair Extensions

Or if you feel worried that you will not be able to find a short bridal hairstyle that is right for you, adding hair extensions is also another idea that will add more options for a short-haired girl. For example, you will be able to do any bridal hairstyle you want – updo hairstyles or ponytail hairstyles as well as letting your hair down loose.

Tips on Finding Hairstylists

Finding a hairstylist that can turn your bridal hairstyle idea into reality will relieve a lot of stress on your important day.

But a hairstylist that is experienced and are skilled enough to realize your bridal hairstyle can be hard to find and will often have a long queue. This is why I have a few tips on finding them for you right below:

Plan Well

Even though a hairstylist will only come into play on the wedding date, making a reservation with one is important and you will have to do so early on.

I recommend that book your hairstylist at least 3 months prior to your wedding date so that you will be able to find a hairstylist that is professional and available on your date. The more experienced and skilled a hairstylist is, the longer the waiting time.

Other than those, on your wedding date, you may have to consider how long you will require your hairstylist. If it is only a morning event, you can book the whole morning just in case something unfortunate happens to your hairstyle, having them there would be a lifesaver.

Or if your wedding has both a morning and evening section which requires a hair-redo, booking the hairstylist for the whole day would be more appropriate.

Select a hairstylist From Their Past Works

Before you book a hairstylist, approximately 1 month prior, you should find a bridal hairstyle you like and find the right hairstylist. You will have to consider each hairstylist from their past works to see how professional they are and how close their works are to your dream hairstyle.

You can choose 2-3 hairstylists to talk to and decide if you like their styles or not.

Booking a Hair Trial

Once you have a hairstylist that you like, you could book an appointment for them to do a hair trial for you, to see if you like the hairstyle or not, and to see if anything should be changed.

Having a hair trial is an important tip that will relieve you of the stress on your wedding date. After the hair trial, you will know that you have a perfect bridal hairstyle and a professional hairstylist that will help you accomplish it. Most hair stylists will charge for a hair trial but the costs may not be as much as the costs on the actual wedding day.

On the date of the hair trial, it is a good opportunity for you to bring different pictures of bridal hairstyles that you like for the hairstylist to take a look. Tell them what the theme of your wedding is, how formal it is, is it indoors or outdoors and the type of wedding dress you will be wearing, and what the neck and shoulders section is like. Then, the hairstylist will be able to consult you on which hairstyle is appropriate and the closest to what you are looking for.

Other than this, after the hair trial, you can try to observe how long the hairdo stays – does it last all day? And for your hair trial appointment, you can book it at a date several months or weeks ahead of the wedding.

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Can I Do My Own Bridal Hair?

My answer is yes, definitely – this is an important date for you. You can choose whatever you want. If you think that a hairstylist is too costly, learning to do your own bridal hairstyle is definitely not too difficult for your efforts.

For example, if you want to host a small wedding with a handful of guests, doing your own hair will save you a considerable amount of wedding costs.

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If you wish to do your own bridal hair, an important tip is that during the process of doing your hair, you should have a friend or a close one help you because you will not be able to see the hairstyle from the back.

Other than this, you and your friend should also have a hair trial of your own to see if the style works or not, just like a hair trial with a hairstylist.

Therefore, even though there are hundreds of bridal hairstyles to choose from, you can choose one style by taking the wedding dress and the theme of the wedding as the main base for your consideration as well as seeing if the hairstyle suits your face or not.

And it does not matter how long your hair is, there will always be a hairstyle that was made for you to wear on a special day, designed just for you.

I hope these tips will help you, miss bride to be, now you can rest assured that you have a bridal hairstyle that will fulfill your look to be spectacular – saving your spot as the most beautiful woman at the wedding. And if you want to custom order your beautiful wedding ring for your most important day, you can talk to our design consultants at Above Diamond to receive free consultation today.

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