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A treasure trove of bridal dresses – choose your style (Part 1)


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You are getting married! I must congratulate you in advance – it must be exciting because you will get to wear the wedding gown of your dreams on a date which you will be more beautiful than ever before. With these expectations, selecting a wedding gown can be quite a difficult process, filled with headaches.

A “Wedding Gown” is what many women desire to wear, some may have even dreamt up a gown since they were just a girl, but when the time comes and you must select your wedding gown – many will ask themselves “Is this truly the wedding gown of my dreams?”.

Because with selecting a wedding gown, there are minor details filled all over your dress that may make you think it does not fit your appearance or body shape, or it may not fit your style and personality. It would be better if you went into it with an idea of what wedding gown styles you like.

My name is Brooke, and in this article, I want to bring to you “Wedding Gown” ideas in the classical style. There will be 2 chapters relating to this topic, in the first chapter we will talk about the style of the wedding gown, and in the next chapter we will talk about the fabric of the wedding gown – so that we may know on an elementary level, which wedding gown will suit our lovely brides best.

1. Wedding Gown Style – Ball Gown

Wedding Gown Style Ballgown

This type of wedding gown is considered the most classic. You will often see this style of wedding gown in Disney tales where the princess will often be seen wearing long bouffant skirts which is a part of the ball gown style. It is a gown that many women have dreamt of wearing since they were children – to be a princess on their wedding day.

The Ball Gown will help make the top section of the wearer achieve an appealing and shapely look, whilst also covering up the bottom section with a large bouffant skirt which is suitable for any body type.

For women with the pear-shaped body type, this type of wedding gown is suitable for you because, with its large skirt, it will help you cover up the parts which you may deem as not perfect.

But if you are a woman of a smaller size or height, it may not be quite as suitable because the skirt may appear disproportionate to the bride, making the overall look seem overflowing.

2. Wedding Gown Style – A-Line Gown

Wedding Gown Style A-Line

This type of wedding gown will have similar strengths and weaknesses to the ball gown which is that from the top section which ends at the hips, the gown will bring out a shapely physique – the only difference between the A-line gown and the ball gown is that the skirt of the A-line will pan out into an “A” shape which gives a more easy-going look.

The A-line style is a wedding gown which is suitable for all body types, especially if you are someone who has larger busts, it will help bring out that part of you into a shapely and appealing silhouette. Other than this, the skirt will help camouflage the lower section for brides who are worried about the leg section or their behinds. Another advantage is that the skirt will not appear too puffy or too formal.

If you have a more slender body shape with lesser curves, this wedding gown type will also help emphasize your curves, making them stand out – it can be said that this wedding gown style is truly suitable for all body types.

The A-line wedding gown is also suitable for weddings of all formalities, it can be worn on many occasions and wedding styles. In a private wedding, it will help you stand out, making you appear more radiant than any other guest. In a church wedding, the gown will still have an adequate amount of formality. This is why this type of wedding gown is considered as timelessly beautiful.

3. Wedding Gown Style – Modified A-Line Gown

Modified A-Line

The modified A-line wedding gown is what its name suggests. The modification is the change to the tailoring of the top section, making it more form-fitting whilst keeping its original skirt.

This type of wedding gown can come in many forms, this includes the use of different fabric of the top and the bottom section, making the seam between both sections appear more distinct.

Another type of the modified A-line wedding gown is the mix between the A-line skirt and the trumpet style wedding gown with the top section having a snuggle fit which tapers down until the hips of the wearer, expanding into an A-line skirt.

This type of wedding gown will stand out more with its designs than an ordinary A-line, making your wedding gown appear both graceful and radiant at the same time. You can also modify the skirt of the gown to fit better to your body type as well.

4. Wedding Gown Style – Trumpet Gown


This style of wedding gown will bring out the curves of your body shape and make them more prominent. The top section will have a different form-fitting shape from the previous wedding gown styles, which will loosen up after the mid-hip areas. With the trumpet style wedding gown, the form-fitting shape will end after the hips, expanding out into a skirt similar to the A-line style – making the overall appearance of the gown appear similar to a trumpet with its narrow beginnings which expand near the end.

This wedding gown is appropriate for brides with small waists, with the hour-glass figure, straight-figure or mini-sized brides because the dress will make the middle section more prominent, giving the bride a more feminine and sexy appearance. As for brides with larger thighs, they may have to reconsider if this gown is fit for them because there is a chance that the wedding gown will make your thigh appear too large.

5. Wedding Gown Style – Mermaid Gown


This type of wedding gown is appropriate for brides with fitter body shapes and wants to show it off the most on their wedding day because this wedding gown will hug on to your body until the knee section before it expands out into a skirt. It will help bring out all the curves of your body and show off your waists and hips.

But if you have a plumper body shape, like the apple or pear body shape, the mermaid wedding gown style may not be suitable for you because it will greatly exaggerate your body shapes, making you lose confidence on your important day.

If you are a bride who is considering this type of wedding gown, you should keep comfort in mind as your number one priority because this type of wedding gown will be form-fitting in every definition of the word as well as its draping skirt which may restrict your movements on the wedding day. It may also cause discomfort if you were to wear this dress all day long.

6. Wedding Gown Style – Sheath Gown

Sheath Gown

This type of wedding gown will have a form-fitting top section and a looser bottom section which involves a skirt that clings on to the body without being too tight. It is most suitable for brides with a smaller frame or a straight body shape. This wedding gown style is appropriate for brides of all heights – when worn, the wearer will appear elegant and beautiful whilst still being modest.

Other than this, hour-glass figure brides will also look beautiful in this wedding gown style, because even though the bottom section of the gown will appear straight, it will still bring out the curves on the hips and the waists to appear alluring.

However, if you have a pear-shaped body with larger bottom sections, wearing this style of wedding gown may end up being too revealing as it will not help cover up your body shape to appear slimmer, and so I do not recommend this wedding gown style for brides with the pear shape body type.

7. Wedding Gown Style – Empire Gown


This type of wedding gown is different from other wedding gowns because its waist section is raised to under the chest, letting the skirt taper down flowingly.
This makes this type of wedding gown suitable for all body shapes because it does not put much emphasis on the waist section, making it an appealing choice for brides who want to cover up their body shape to appear straight and flowing, for example, it can be appropriate for brides whose waist is not prominent or for brides with the straight body shape with smaller chest size.

And for brides with the pear body shape, the empire gown can help camouflage the lower section with its let-loose skirt which covers up the hips area that you may not want to expose.

Other than this, the empire wedding gown is also appropriate for brides who desire a vintage wedding that is like no other, because this wedding gown can be fit into a top section that appears vintage and sleek.

8. Wedding Gown Style – Tea-Length Gown


It is considered a cute and sweet wedding gown style, appropriate for weddings that do not put much emphasis on formality. The wedding gown will taper down through the waist section, letting out a flowing skirt similar to the A-line wedding gown style but the skirt will bloom out more, covering the knee down to the half-calf point. This gives the bride an easy-going and lively look on her wedding day.

The same goes for this wedding gown style as it goes for the A-line wedding gown style, it is appropriate for brides of all shapes and sizes because its blooming skirt can help cover up the plumper shape of some brides. Its size will also not appear overflowing for brizes of smaller sizes, instead, it can make the bride appear cute and adorable.

The tea-length wedding gown is rising in popularity because of the playful, not-too-formal looks it gives. It is appropriate for couples who want to host a family wedding where the ceremonies are not given much spotlight. You can still level up the look to make it more outstanding and chic by wearing fabulous or elegant wedding shoes, and just like that – your look will be complete, making you, our beautiful bride, the spotlight of the wedding.

9. Wedding Gown Style – Mini Skirt Gown

Mini Skirt Gown

The mini skirt style wedding gown is appropriate for brides who do not want much formality and want to be themselves. Generally, the mini skirt of this wedding gown style will end just above the knees, appropriate for confident brides who want to have as much fun as they can on their wedding day. With the shorter skirt, the bride will be able to dance in her own wedding comfortably, moving where she desires with nimble ease.

The mini-skirt wedding gown is appropriate for brides who have smaller frames with straight body shape or brides with slender long legs because the short skirt will bring out the length of your legs, making them even more elongated and elegant.

But if the bride is plumper or has a pear shape body type, this wedding gown style may not be suited for you because it may reveal too much of the bottom section. The bride could remedy this by wearing high-heels to make their legs appear more slender.

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And therefore, before you decide on a wedding gown, do not forget to consider your body type, personal preferences, and the format of the wedding. Once all these are brought into consideration, you will find yourself a beautiful wedding gown that is most suited for you so that you may truly be the highlight of your wedding.

In our next article, we will talk about the different types of fabric that affect the look of the wedding gown so that you may be able to select a wedding gown that is truly suited to your desire. Whilst you are busy with the tasks of finding the right wedding gown and planning for the wedding itself, do not forget that a wedding ring is also an important aspect of a wedding ceremony as well as your marriage. In the future, if you want to make this task simple and of great value, you can consult us at Above Diamond so that you may select a high-quality diamond wedding ring that is truly worthy of the love you and your partner share.

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