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8 Ways to Make Your Diamond Engagement Ring Look Bigger


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Do you want a large diamond engagement ring but your budget is limited? Do not worry, we have 8 tricks on how to make your diamond engagement ring look bigger!

Because the bigger the diamond, the more outstanding it will look. But the size and carat of a diamond are almost always a large factor in astronomical price gaps, making many who wish to wear an outstanding diamond engagement ring disappointed in turn.

But that is fine, there are still many other options on how to make your diamond engagement ring look bigger to the point where it can easily compete with larger carats diamonds.

First of all, I want you to familiarize yourself with “the size of diamonds” and why the carats of a diamond is an important variable of setting the huge difference in price even though it does not necessarily affect the beauty of the diamond.

The Size of Diamonds and Its Leap in Pricing

You could say that the relationship between the size of a diamond and its pricing is mostly sentimental. The bigger the diamond is, the prouder its owner because it makes them stand out and it elevates their social status.

And those who want to be proud of their diamond engagement ring will usually want to buy a diamond of 1 carat or higher. That is why the demand for 1 carat diamonds are so high, it is so high that you can clearly see the immense price difference between an 80ct-90ct and a 1 carat diamond even though the size of the diamonds are not that different and are almost indistinguishable.

And so if you slightly decrease the size of your diamond and increase its quality or adjust the setting style you can make the engagement ring look bigger. It will make your diamond look better and of higher quality whilst maintaining your budget.

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Now let us take a look at the tricks on how to make your diamond engagement ring look better whilst also decreasing the diamond size (and price).

1. Increase the Size of Diamond With Clarity

clarity of diamond and carat

This is something we have always emphasized, focusing on the clarity of the diamond is always worth it. It does not matter how big a diamond is, if its clarity is low then it will still look cloudy and unreflective to light. It cannot beat a smaller sized diamond with a higher clarity grade. The higher the clarity, the more eye-catching and reflective to light it is – not only that, but it will also make the diamond appear larger than it is.

scale clarity and carat

If you want your diamond to appear bigger, you should choose a diamond that has a clarity grade starting from VVS1, VVS2, VS1, and VS2 – with these clarity grades you could say that the flaws are almost unnoticeable, unless you use a 10x magnifier. The lower the flaws a diamond has, the more brilliance it has. It will look as eye-catching as a larger diamond.

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2. Use Solitaire & Prong Setting

Prong Setting

There are many ways to set a diamond, and the best setting to make a diamond appear larger, you should display as much of the diamond as possible. It should show the diamond from every angle whilst also having a minimum amount of metal attached to the diamond. We recommend you to use the solitaire and prong setting and a ring style that holds the diamond up. This will make the diamond appear outstanding and larger than it is.

Solitaire and prong settings are popular and are usually used for single diamond rings. These setting styles use their prongs to connect to the ring’s basket, holding the diamond by the curved edge of its bezel.

Solitaire and prong settings will commonly have 4 prongs or 6 prongs. Setting your diamond with a 4 prong style will be most effective in making your diamond look bigger because fewer prongs are blocking your beautiful diamond. 6 prong setting also has its advantages as the diamond will be more secure and less prone to falling out and disappearing.

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3. Use Halo Ring Style


If you are wondering how to make your diamond engagement ring look bigger without increasing the diamond’s carat and budget, using a halo ring style will substantially increase the size of your engagement ring without having to buy a large-sized diamond.

This setting has a “center” diamond which is surrounded by smaller diamonds.

The smaller diamonds will help trick the eye into making the center diamond appear larger than it is. Not only that, but it also helps increase the brilliance of the engagement ring as well.

Choosing a halo ring style is a great answer to how to make your diamond engagement ring look bigger. This is a valuable option for those who have a limited budget but still would like to have an engagement ring which is just as splendid as a single-diamond engagement ring.

4. Choose Colorless-Nearly Colorless Diamonds

color of diamond

The more colorless your diamond is, the more beautiful and brilliant it will appear. It will also help your diamond appear larger than it is.

D Color grade diamonds are considered the most beautiful, however, you do not need to choose only the D color grade. You could also choose a diamond that is still in the

“Colorless” grade such as E or F as well. Diamonds in the colorless grade are hard to separate from each other with just your eyes, only the experts can distinguish between them.

Or you could also buy your diamond in the “Nearly Colorless” grade, also known as the G – J color grade. These diamonds are nearly colorless, at a glance they might appear to have a pale yellowish tint but we can lessen this effect by using a white-gold ring to make the diamond appear clearer. This will also greatly help you on how to make your diamond engagement ring look better.

5. Do Not Use Bezel Setting

Do Not Use Bezel Settin

Earlier, we recommended that you use a solitaire or prong setting and a type of ring that holds up the diamond. Using a bezel setting is the opposite of what we advised, you should not do it if you want your diamond to appear larger. Using a bezel setting will result in your diamond being enveloped by metal, making it appear smaller. It could appear up to 10-30 percent, depending on the thickness of the metal.

However, a bezel setting is suitable for those who have an active lifestyle or those who want to delicately nurture their diamond engagement ring. Using this type of setting will reduce the chance of the diamond disappearing or being scratched. For this safety, you should pay the sacrifice of having your diamond look smaller.

6. Choose White – Gold or Vanilla Gold Color Ring

Vanilla Gold Color Ring

This trick is related to using the “Choose Colorless-Nearly Colorless Diamonds” as an answer to how to make your diamond engagement ring look better. The more colorless the diamond, the bigger it seems. As for the ring itself, if you use a gold ring – it might make the yellowish tint on your diamond more noticeable as the color of the ring will reflect onto the diamond. If you want to make your engagement ring look better, using a white-gold ring that does not distort the color of your diamond would be a better choice.

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7. Use a Thin Ring

Use a Thin Ring

We want you to imagine the fundamentals of composition, if you want something to stand out – give it a bigger proportion and reduce the size of the things surrounding it.

If you are using a thicker ring with similar width proportions to the diamond, it will not make your diamond look outstanding.

If you use a thinner ring, your diamond that has more width will look more impressive without even having to increase the carats and exceeding your budget.

8. Take Good Care of Your Ring

Take Good Care of Your Ring

If you do not take care of your engagement ring often, as time passes, pieces of dust and sweat will cloud the brilliance of your diamond – making it look smaller. If you clean your diamond engagement ring once every 2 weeks, it will bring back the radiant shine of your engagement ring – making it look bigger.

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“How to Make Your Diamond Engagement Ring Bigger” – The Answer is Not Always Increase the Carats

Therefore, even though the carats of a diamond might be the factor that sets the diamond’s size and its price. If you focus on other qualities of a diamond whether it be clarity, color, the type of setting, and maintenance of it – it can certainly make your diamond engagement ring look bigger from the clarity, clearness, and cleanliness of the diamond.

That is why you do not need to pay the expensive costs of increasing the carats of your ring, but instead, you could use these tricks when buying a diamond engagement ring, ordering a custom engagement ring, and taking care of a diamond engagement ring. This will make you able to own a diamond engagement ring that appears bigger and more brilliant than it actually is.

If you are interested in buying a diamond engagement ring but are still not sure how to buy in a way that will make your diamond engagement ring look bigger, making it truly worth your budget. You can always consult our experts at Above Diamond.

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