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5 Essential Diamond Jewelry Every Woman Must Have

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Women and diamonds have been a beautiful couple in every time period, and it will probably stay that way for a long time.

Do you like diamond jewelry?

If your answer is ‘Yes’, then this is an article you must read!

You may have already known that for women, diamond jewelry is a thing of beauty that will often involve a lot of emotions, it is a subject which no reason can explain.

It does not matter how long you go back in time, you will see women who love wearing diamond jewelry to enhance their beauty. It does not matter what their lifestyles or statuses were, diamond jewelry is still an important artifact that all women must possess.

There are some diamond jewelry pieces that are considered ‘Essential’ for women so that they may easily enhance their look to perfection, because sometimes, when you are in a haste, wearing an important piece of diamond jewelry will instantly make your outfit much more splendid.

In this article, I want to introduce you to 5 important diamond jewelry pieces that women should have in their collection for long-term wear.

1. Stud Diamond Earrings

halo diamond stud earrings

You may have often heard the saying ‘Diamonds are forever’.

That is absolutely true because other than giving off brilliant sparkles that enhance your beauty, it is also something which will be with you, forever. With its hardness and beauty, diamonds are a gem in which all women long for.

It does not matter what type of look you are going for, diamond earrings are an essential piece of diamond jewelry that will never disappoint you.

Even though they are only small diamond accessories on your ears, the diamond earrings can bring allure to your facial features, easily making you more charming.

Most women will have long hair that covers their ears, giving men like me only a few chances to look at their women’s diamond earrings, that might be the reason why when I see a woman wearing diamond earrings, I think that the woman is classy, alluring and extremely charming.

diamond earrings on women ear

Because diamond earrings are diamond jewelry that has a small amount of metal when compared to other diamond jewelry, that is the reason for their clear sparkle. They are suitable to be matched with almost any dress you have in your closet.

And if you can find your favorite style of earrings, you will find that another advantage they possess, is their long-term durability. When the diamond earrings are on your ears, it is quite difficult for them to be damaged on other objects.

In simpler terms, a pair of diamond earrings is the first essential diamond jewelry that the ladies should have in their collection.

2. Diamond Tennis Bracelet

diamond Tennis Bracelet

You may be wondering what a tennis bracelet is and if they are related to the sports of tennis.

They are directly related, and there is history on this subject as well.

The story goes that, in the year 1987, whilst Chris Evert, a female tennis athlete, was competing in a tennis match during the U.S. Open – a historical event which would be imprinted on every spectator’s mind. During the match, she just stopped. She stopped playing tennis to search for her diamond bracelet that fell off during the tennis match.

When the reporters inquired her on this event, they found out that the diamond bracelet is an extremely important diamond jewelry piece of hers, so important that she told the referees to pause the match so that she can search for her diamond bracelet.

Since then, people started calling this type of diamond bracelet the ‘Diamond Tennis Bracelet’.

tennis player

Nowadays, this diamond bracelet style is widely received by most women because of its simple look that has a diamond arranged in a beautiful straight line.

Within the simplicity the tennis diamond bracelet offers, there is a level of subtle luxury hidden inside. You can use it as a statement piece every day, helping you enhance your look to become more complete as well as being comfortable to wear all day.

Other than this if you want to match your diamond with gold materials other than white gold, it can be easily done. You only need to switch to yellow gold, or rose gold – just like that, you will have a different look that gives off different aesthetics.

3. Hoop Earrings

hoop earrings

Hoop earrings are often the first piece of jewelry many women may have worn when they were children because it is considered the most classic women’s earrings style.

It does not matter how much the trend of diamond jewelry has changed, you will still see world-class celebrities wear diamond earrings with this hoop style on the red carpet.

Hoop earrings will increase the allure of your facial features without making you appear to ‘try too hard’. That is why this is an important item you must have in your collection because it can always make you look classy and modern.

If you choose the materials of the earrings to fit your skin tone, it will help your diamond hoop earrings be more prominent. That is why I recommend that if you have a white skin tone, you should choose white gold and if you have a darker skin tone, you should choose to use yellow gold.

hoop earrings on ears

It does not matter what style of clothing you are wearing, putting on just one pair of diamond hoop earrings will enhance your look in an eye blink. It does not matter if you are stepping out on the red carpet for an important social party in a formal wear dress or if you are going on a trip to the provinces in casual wear with t-shirts and jeans, you will be able to wear diamond hoop earrings and look beautiful in them.

Therefore, one those days where you have a limited time to prepare yourself but still need to look classy, by just putting on a pair of white-gold diamond hoop earrings before you leave the house, you will be able to see a magical difference.

Because of the versatility of diamond hoop earrings, it can easily fulfill the dreams of many women.

4. Statement Ring

Diamond Statement Ring

A statement ring is considered the most important piece of jewelry a woman must have, to keep as their secret weapon, because it will make them uniquely stand out.

Diamond rings are a form of jewelry that is used by women around the world. It has been accepted and worn for a long time. When compared to large diamond pendants or diamond earrings, diamond rings will give off a more subtle look because it does not attract unnecessary attention like the other diamond jewelry.

You only need to select the metal that matches who you are. It will easily give you a look that you desire, that is why you will not have to make a lot of effort because the diamond ring on your finger will naturally make your fingers stand out.

Diamond Statement Ring

Normally, engaged women or married women will usually wear an engagement ring or a diamond ring on their left ring finger. The ring worn is usually a solitaire ring which is already a great statement ring, especially if it is a 1-carat diamond ring or over.

If you are already wearing a diamond ring on your left hand, you can also wear another ring on your right hand, depending on the occasion. For example, many working women will search for a statement ring to wear as their partner on their index finger or their middle finger to give them a more professional look in their profession.

Other than the round brilliant diamond, there are also many other diamond shapes for you to select in a style that you desire. You can also bring many different shapes to combine into something much more special.

5. Stylish Diamond Necklace

Diamond Stylish Necklace

Diamond pendants and necklaces are diamond jewelry with many sub-categories and are quite nuanced. Single diamond necklaces, vintage necklaces, diamond chokers, lockets, and many more.

You may need to spend some time to decide on a diamond necklace that fits you best, but I can guarantee you that once you have found your sidekick diamond necklace, it will take your look up to another level.

A beautiful diamond necklace will bring out your skin tone’s aura. It will attract more attention to your facial features and emphasize your neck section to be more proportionate. With all those benefits, it also comes with a symbolic meaning.

An important factor in selecting a diamond necklace is its length. Its length should be appropriate to its design and your body structure, but for diamond necklaces with a chain link, you can select its length to be any length you desire. For diamond necklaces with a more solid style, with diamonds that go around your neck, selecting a shorter length that gently hugs your neck would be better.

diamond necklace on women neck

Other than this, you should select the characteristics of your diamond necklace to match your face shape. Women with the egg face shape will have the most advantage in this area because they can wear any style of diamond necklaces they want. For women with shorter face shapes, they can wear longer necklaces to elongate their faces whilst women with longer face shapes should wear shorter necklaces to make everything appear more proportionate.

Your height is also another factor to be considered, if you have a smaller frame, wearing longer necklaces can make you appear taller but if you already have a tall and slender frame, wearing a choker would serve you well.

Once you know all these tricks on wearing diamond necklaces to look beautiful, the last thing which you must not forget is selecting the right type of diamond necklace that will not steal the scene from the beautiful dress that you are wearing.

Conclusion: Match Your Diamond Jewelry to Who You Are

From all I have said, diamond jewelry is essential for you to keep in your jewelry box. They are your secret items in enhancing your look every day.

What is important is that you should give yourself the proper time to select your diamond jewelry so that once you have purchased them, you will be able to wear them often. Therefore you should greatly consider your lifestyle, preferences, body type, skin tone, and the colors of jewelry before you make a decision. You should consider all these things every time you make a purchase, to save your long term budget – this would be better than buying diamond jewelry often and not being able to wear it on any occasion.

Once you have the diamond jewelry that you like, matching them to your appearances will be an easy task because it will also reduce the time you spend when selecting your jewelry in front of the mirror every day.

If you have decided on the diamond jewelry that you like, you can contact us, to inquire about the process of buying diamonds or to inquire about the costs of custom ordering diamond jewelry now.

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