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6 Tips to Buying Your Wedding Dress


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There is a saying that the 1 day a woman is most beautiful on, is her wedding day. And an important aspect of completing your look to be outstanding and beautiful is no other than the “Wedding Dress” and the jewelry which will embellish your aura to appear more radiant than anyone else.

A “Wedding Dress” is one of the most important components of a wedding day because other than transforming you into a full-fledged princess, it will also make you the most beautiful you have ever been. And so many brides will be dedicated to finding and selecting a wedding gown that fits them best and finds the most precious of all wedding dresses.

That is why selecting a wedding dress is paramount for many brides, because of the differences in the minor details – there will be hundreds of wedding dresses to choose from, with that comes problems such as seeing that the wedding dress that they desire is out of reach, or the splendid wedding dress they purchased may end up not fitting the theme of their wedding.

My name is Brooke, and I am here to tell our brides to calm down, do not worry that you will not find the perfect wedding dress because today, I have brought to you the steps to selecting the wedding dress which will truly make you the most beautiful at your wedding.

1. Research the Types of Wedding Dress

Research wedding dress

Of course, many brides will have a wedding dress in mind, the ideal picture of the wedding dress may have always been there since they were just young girls or it could be styles of wedding dresses that they think may fit their style and have been looking at for a while. You may have flipped through wedding magazines or gone through wedding website to find ideas, these websites could be Pinterest, Google, or other websites that are related to weddings.

The wedding dresses that are used as a reference do not need to be perfect and exact to your real wedding dress. You can mix and match the components you like, the skirt, the top section, the veil, or even the sleeves – you can easily mix and match them by printing them out and cutting and pasting the parts you like. With that, you will be able to see a clearer picture of the wedding dress you want.

2. Set a Budget

Set a Budget

Setting a budget is one of the most important steps in planning a wedding in every phase, selecting a wedding dress is included. Setting a budget right from the start will help you see a picture of the quality and characteristic of the wedding gown you should receive, as well as the degree of the shop, the brand, or the tailoring. This can help you see the overall picture so that you can decide if you wish to order a wedding dress or rent a wedding dress, depending on how appropriate the options are for your budget.

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3. Keep in Mind the Location and the Formality of the Wedding


Even though you may have a wedding dress in mind, if the budget of your wedding is not tremendous and the wedding is set as a small warm family wedding, wearing a floral lace which covers all your body and more – may not be suitable for the theme of your wedding. Or if you decide to host your wedding at a church, you may need a more formal wedding dress than if you were to host a beach wedding which allows for less formal wedding dresses.
If there are esteemed guests invited to the wedding, the bride may have to pay respect to those guests by having her wedding dress not be too revealing whilst also fully keeping the essence of your style.

4. Consider Wedding Gowns Which Fits Your Body Type Best

Fits Your Body and wedding dress

Once you have found a style of wedding gown you like by considering the location and the formality of the wedding, it is time to select a wedding gown that is truly suited to you. With that being said, not every wedding dress may be suited to your body shape.

In choosing a wedding dress to fit your body shape, you should keep in mind that the right wedding dress will bring out your strengths and cover your flaws. The body shapes for prospective brides can be categorized into 4 major body shapes – the pear shape, the larger on top, the plump shape, and the slender and straight body shape. The tips on selecting the right wedding dress are as follows.

  • Pear Shape
    Or the shape with larger hips, thighs, and lower sections. You can select the A-line style wedding gown as it will help camouflage the lower section of your body whilst also bringing out the waist area to look more prominent.
  • Larger on Top
    You can select wedding dresses with support or corset inside to help hold up different sections to have a more shapely appearance, keeping the extra sections of your body hidden. Or if you put to put emphasis on your chest area, you can select a V neck wedding gown, with that you will still retain the elegance of the wedding dress as well as adding a bit of sex appeal to the overall look.
  • Plump Shape
    You can select loose and long vintage-style skirts. This type of wedding dress will not focus on the different proportions of your body that you may feel unconfident in and help you appear graceful and beautiful on your wedding day.
  • Slender and Straight
    You can select the mermaid wedding dress style to appear exceptionally beautiful. It will help bring out your height as your prominent point, giving you a more refined and alluring. Other than this, the mermaid style wedding dress can help emphasize the curves of your body, embracing your feminine side.

5. Try on Wedding Dresses

Try on Wedding Dresses

After you have decided on the different wedding dress styles that you want, it is time to try on these wedding dress styles with your brand of choice so that you may know if these wedding dresses will truly suit you or not.

Trying on wedding dresses is not just about trying out to see how they look in the dressing room or the studio. You should try moving around in different gestures – walking, sitting, and other stance and postures. This is to ensure that you will be comfortable with the wedding dress you choose straying away from wedding dresses that are too tight and suffocating because your wedding day is an important day which should not be spent on worrying about the minor details such as these.

6. Complete the Look With Diamond Jewelry

Diamond Jewelry

Selecting just a wedding dress is not enough because you will need to select diamond jewelry that fits your wedding dress best as well. You do not need to display a collection of diamond jewelry, you should keep in mind that when it comes to this – less is more. The diamond jewelry should be of high quality, radiant and beautiful so that they will harmonize with your wedding dress, completing your look.

You should select jewelry that fills in the parts of the wedding dress that is open, leaving only your bare skin – for example, if you are wearing open shoulder tops, you could wear a diamond necklace to complete the look. If you are wearing a simpler dress, you could add a diamond tiara to make your outfit more outstanding. If you are wearing a full floral lace dress, just wearing a small pair of diamond earrings could help make you look much more splendid.

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A “Wedding Dress” Tells Who You Are

Lastly, it does not matter what kind of wedding dress you choose, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable knowing that when wearing that particular dress, you will be happy on your important day. The same goes for Above Diamond, we will create high-quality diamond jewelry and rings that are filled with the essence of your personality, if you want to consult us on the topic of choosing the right diamond jewelry and diamond wedding ring, you can contact Above Diamond at anytime you wish to.

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