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6 Ideas to Make Your Wedding Backdrop Unique


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Who says the wedding backdrop decorations are not important! If you were to look at it on a surface level, the wedding backdrop decorations may appear to be just another component of a wedding, and yet, without it – the wedding will appear incomplete.

Because your wedding only lasts one day, making every component of a wedding complete and perfect is necessary, and must all follow the same directions. Many lovers may think that if the ceremonies are ready, the wedding attires are ready, the food and drinks are ready – there is nothing else to worry about. But if a mistake were to be made on the “wedding backdrop decorations”, the wedding you had in mind could be reduced to become just a memorable dinner party.

The thing you should keep in mind is no other than the thought of how to make your wedding backdrop stand out whilst also keeping the same theme as your wedding.

And so we have compiled different wedding backdrop decorations ideas in different styles to share with you, so that you may adapt these ideas to make your backdrop fun and unique.

1. Nature Style Backdrop

Nature Style Backdrop

Wedding backdrops in this style are suitable for brides and grooms who wish to organize a simple wedding with minimalist aesthetics as it gives a look that is easy on the eyes of the guests as well. It is also suitable for those who do not want an overly extravagant wedding but instead want a warm and friendly wedding.

Nature-styled backdrops refer to the use of trees or shrubs to decorate as a backdrop, it is suitable as decorations in a plain-white ballroom. It helps ease the eyes and gives a refreshing feeling to the guests – other than this, the green of the natural backdrop will stand out without drawing too much attention from the event.

You can use the nature style of wedding backdrop decorations without making it appear too empty by adding a few refreshing flower samplings, you could also add hanging ivy and vines or even by just adding the name of the bride and groom in a hip font – and just like that, you have an impressive and memorable wedding backdrop.

2. Twinkling Lights Backdrop

Twinkling Lights Backdrop

If you want to instantly increase the romanticness of your wedding, you can make your wedding backdrop full of twinkling lights that hang down moderately – giving the appearance of you and your lover being under a starry night sky. It is considered a backdrop style that is suitable for those who want to decorate their wedding backdrops with things other than flowers.

Not only will you enhance the beauty of your backdrop, but the soft yellow light that glows from the backdrop will also create an atmosphere of warmth and gentleness. It is suitable for wedding venues that are not too well-lit, or outdoor evening weddings. This is why this style of wedding backdrop decorations is most suitable for taking photographs.

You can also decorate your wedding backdrop with many types of chandeliers. You can also use thin white cloths to cover the backdrop, or to place behind the backdrop, furthering the warm and gentle atmosphere. Or if you were to dim your venue or ballroom, it would give a feeling of being surrounded by warm-lit stars as if you were dining under candlelight.

3. Colorful Backdrop

Colorful Backdrop

If you want to organize a different and memorable wedding, you could try making a fun and colorful wedding backdrop, because as you may have noticed, most wedding backdrops are decorated with generic flowers or flat-tone decorations. If you were to completely subvert the trope by using colorful wedding backdrop decorations, it could make your guests feel more fun; ensuring that they will definitely remember your wedding.

Another idea you could use is using differently colored papers and cutting them into different shapes and patterns as decorations. You could also make hanging curtains that are differently colored. Both of these will make great backdrops for taking photographs with the bride and the groom as well.

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4. Modern/Geometry Style Backdrop

<img src="/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1.-ซุ้มในงานแต่ง-สไตล์-Nature-15.png" alt="Modern/Geometry Style Backdrop

This wedding backdrop will instantly make your wedding appear more classy and elegant. If the backdrop is well designed, it can be said that the costs of making it will be very small.

The backdrop will usually be made up of different geometric combinations of iron bars or wood. You can reduce the stiffness of these shapes by adding a few flowers or shrubs onto the backdrop, it is suitable for modern couples who do not want their wedding to appear dull.

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5. Floral Style Backdrop

ซุ้มงานแต่ง สไตล์ Floral

Even though floral style wedding backdrop decorations are commonly seen by some, if you were to select the placements of the flowers, mixing and matching them to compliment each other – your wedding backdrop will appear unique like no other.

You could make the backdrop by starting from any backdrop frames you like – square-shaped, circle-shaped, or even heart-shaped. After the frame has been chosen, you can fill it up with flowers and shrubs. Before you know it, your wedding backdrop will already look more fabulous.

6. Text Style Backdrop

Text Style Backdrop

You also add a more chic and romantic appearance into your wedding backdrop decorations by adding short quotes about the story of you and your partner’s love.

You can also combine these quotes with the other components to make it look good, whether it be printing a hand-written vinyl of your love story. Another cool option is to order a light sign with your quote on it.

Or you could also have the guests take part in making the backdrop, opening the opportunity for the guests to write down messages onto the wall or a black-board backdrop – making the backdrop fun and memorable for the guests.

Wedding backdrop decorations are one of the major components of the event, if we are not counting the bride and groom who will dress splendidly to look their best for their important day, the wedding backdrop decorations are perhaps one of the most noticeable ornamentations of your event.

Therefore, being methodical in selecting the right wedding backdrop style that suits your important day will easily help the event look more complete.

Now that the topic of wedding backdrop decoration is done, another equally important aspect of planning a wedding is leaving ample time to select the right diamond wedding ring – so that you may order a brilliant diamond ring which is special in every way for you and your partner. You can contact us to consult our experts on selecting the right diamond wedding ring right now.

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