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Please read the following terms and conditions of use and service (“Terms and Conditions”) before you use this website.

By using this website, you agree to these terms and conditions. Show that you have unconditionally agreed and accepted to be legally bound by these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to any part of these terms and conditions, please do not use this website.


Above Co., Ltd. and its affiliates (collectively, the “Company”), this website, each website module and the collection of the content displayed on this website is the intellectual property rights of the Company and / or other third party service providers and distributors. Which the Company is allowed to use.

“Intellectual property rights” including copyrights. (Including copyrights in computer software), patents, trademarks or business names, design rights, database rights, procedural knowledge, trade secrets and rights.

Most of the content displayed on this website belongs to the Company. While some information may be copyrighted works of other companies and data providers such as partner logos, etc.

Scope of Use of Website

By using the Company’s website grants you a limited right to use this website in accordance with the terms and conditions, you agree to:

  1. Use this site for legal purchases and not for any other purpose, including speculation, mismanagement or fraud or doing anything with the expectation that will benefit other than a legal purchase.
  2. This website does not permit the use of “robots”, “spiders,” “crawlers” or any automated tool, algorithmic programs that have processes, to review or copy any web page, information or content to appear on this website in any case without prior written permission; except as permitted under applicable law: to not modify, alter, translate, disintegrate, modify, reverse engineer, create derivative works of any content or components from this website.
  3. Not to copy, reproduce, reprint, upload, paste, transmit, distribute or communicate to the public of any content provided on this website including text, images, icons, buttons, sound clips and images, digital downloads, collection of information or software without prior written authorization from Company and / or third party service providers or distributors. However, you may download, display and print what is shown on this website only for your personal and non-commercial use, except permitted under applicable law.
  4. Not to falsify any information in the lower section of the reply section or any portion of the communication, including any misleading e-mail addresses or sent through this website.
  5. Not to send or transfer any web page, information or content appearing on this website to a computer, server or other medium for distribution to large numbers of people or for any commercial enterprise use. Do not use such material on any other website or in any computer-connected environment.
  6. Do not use any software, equipment or tools to interfere or attempt to interfere with the operation of this website.
  7. Do not use this website and / or the materials contained on this website without permission because it is a violation of copyright laws, trademark, intellectual property or other related laws. You must maintain the copyright notice, all trademarks including notices of any other proprietary property contained in the material content and you must not modify, conceal or delete any notice.
  8. Do not do anything that burdens our infrastructure in which the Company deems that it is unreasonable or unreasonable to the benefits of the Company.
  9. Not to be threatening, defamatory, libelous, obscene, vulgar, incite, incite, arouse, sexual or insulting or any material content that could induce or promote an act that could be considered a criminal offense causing civil liability, violate any law or related regulations or ethics. Do not paste or send any illegal content onto this website.
  10. If you have viruses, bugs, worms, time bombs, trojans, horses, traps, or other dangerous items used for conspiracy against others as a commercial or competitive limitation, cause any liability to the Company or cause the Company to lose (partially or wholly) to the services of your Internet service provider or others, you will be liable for the loss.
  11. It is forbidden to transmit any information which violates the rights of other persons, or violates his or her privacy or public rights, is protected by copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights unless the owner of such rights has explicit written permission.

Customer Registration

By registering customer profiles and providing certain information to allow you to use this website, you present yourself and certify that:

  1. Information about yourself is true, current and complete as specified in various client registration forms on the website.
  2. If you provide any information which is not true, not current, not complete or the Company has reasonable grounds to suspect that such information is not true, not current or not complete, the Company has the right to suspend or terminate your account and deny access and the use of this website immediately or in the future.
  3. When the customer registration has been completed, you will receive a password and username. It is your responsibility to keep your password and username confidential and will be fully responsible for all activities that occur under your password and username. You can only have one username and password at a time and cannot use multiple usernames or passwords. You must use your password for your own use only. You may not allow anyone else to use your password by agreeing to it.
    1. Notify the Company promptly of any unauthorized use of your password or account or any other breach of security.
    2. When you leave your account at the end of each working cycle you must be sure that the action has been done completely. The Company cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage that can occur if an incident arises because you did not leave the account at the end of each cycle completely.

Personal Information

The Company’s Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service are incorporated here in which you agree that the terms of the said policy are reasonable. You agree to the use and the actions taken by the Company, or according to the agreements of various companies and for the purposes stated in the Company’s Privacy Policy, you acknowledge and agree that the operation of this website’s technical process and the sending of transaction messages relating to products or services on this website may involve:

  1. Your submission and your personal information or other information stored and maintained by the Company is in accordance with the purpose of the Privacy Policy.
  2. Updating and changing your customer registration information and other information stored and maintained by companies related to you in order to meet the technical requirements of the network or connected device. The Company will not be liable for any event arising from the unauthorized access of any third party.

Monitoring of Data Traffic

The Company may control and verify any information that is sent or received through this website and reserve the right to screen, edit, remove or prohibit transmission or reception of any information which the Company deems that it is inappropriate or a violation of the terms and conditions. During the inspection the information may be analyzed, recorded or copied during your use of this website as required by law.

Your Responsibility For the Website

You are responsible for keeping your account and password confidential. You agree to accept responsibility for all activities that occur under your account or password. You represent that you are of the legal age for use of this website and to undertake a legally binding duty of any liability that you may make as a result of your use of this website. You understand that you are financially responsible for all use of this website by yourself and others using your login information.

Online Purchase

Trading of goods or services may be done online at this website by your acceptance of the products or services offered on this website, hereinafter referred to as “Contract” by Service Provider and / or External Distributors and / or the Company, if otherwise stated and you hereby agree to waive any rights or to object to the validity or enforceability of a contract entered into on this website on the basis that the contract was made electronically instead of paper and / or signed or stamped.

By stating that you agree to purchase any product or service offered on the website, you must complete the transaction. You may not state that you agree to purchase any product or service if you do not wish to complete the transaction.

You may not purchase goods or services for which you are prohibited or prohibited by any applicable local law. It is your sole responsibility to comply with the law. By submitting orders for products or services You represent and warrant that you have the legal right to purchase, use and / or possess such goods or services.

The Company is not responsible for any claims regarding non-compliance or incomplete performance of the contract or goods or services purchased on your behalf in all cases.

The Company reserves the right to refuse any purchases for any reason, and will not be liable for any claims that happen in all cases.

Purchase Cancellation

Please note that the terms and conditions for cancellation of purchases differ for each product and service, so please refer to the terms and conditions for that particular product or service.

Cancellation at your request may not be permitted or may require a minimum processing time, varying from terms and conditions specific to the type of product or service purchased.

Cancellation may be subject to cancellation fees, which you agree to pay in full.

Purchase Changes

The terms and conditions for purchase changes vary for each type of product and service, so please refer to the terms and conditions for that particular product or service.

If there are no terms and conditions for a particular product or service, you cannot change your online purchase at the website.

You may change purchases, there may be an administrative fee which you agree to pay in full.


Hereby declare expressly disclaimer of all warranties Terms and Conditions including all implicit warranties that the Terms and Conditions of the offering are available. The quality is satisfactory. Suitability for general or specific purposes, non-infringement of ownership rights and rights arising out of law or otherwise in law, or through commercial contact or use as far as the laws of Thailand can permit.

Warranty as required by law or as permitted by law and under the law.

The Company makes no warranties about this website, products or services on this website and / or any material content provided on this website.

The Company does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, currency or reliability of any content or information which appears on this website and the liability under warranty as stipulated by law.

The Company does not warrant that this website, servers or any email sent by us will be free from viruses or other harmful components.

Limitation of Liability

The Company does not accept any responsibility and will not be liable for any damages or viruses which may infect your computer equipment or other property regarding your access to, use or visit to this website or your downloading of any material, material, information, text, images, video or audio from the Website;

In all cases, the Company is not liable for any injuries, losses, claims, damages or special damages as for example, it is an indirect punishment which happens by chance or which is a consequence of any or whether on the basis of contract breach (including negligence), even if the Company is notified of the possibility of damage to such parties or any other person.

If it is found that the Company should be liable for any loss or damage arising out of or related in any way In connection with the pages described above or your use of this website or the content of this website to the extent permitted by law, in all cases, the combined liability of the Company will not exceed the value of the goods and services you purchase in the disputed subject area or 2,000 baht (two thousand baht only), whichever is less.

Liability of the Company to you for contract, tort, negligence, strict liability under the law or otherwise will be reduced to the extent that you have contributed to such loss or damage, if any, in addition to any other rights or remedies the Company has, without any liability the Company may cancel or restrict your access to this website and / or any part of this website at the sole discretion of the Company at any time and without notice. Some countries do not allow limits on liability, therefore for that reason, the above may not apply to you.


You will indemnify the Company and its employees, directors, employees and representatives from and against any claim, event, litigation or complaint including and not limited to reasonable legal and accounting fees incurred by or on your behalf in addition to the liability stated herein or by third parties as a result of your use of this website.


  1. This website may contain links to other websites which are not operated by the Company. These links are for the convenience of your use.
  2. The Company does not have a duty to review all linked websites and is not responsible for the content of any other websites and does not present himself and does not endorse any other website or content on such other websites. If you choose to link to another website you do so at your own risk and subject to the terms and conditions (if any) of the linked website and in particular the privacy policy of that website. It is recommended that you check the privacy policy of those third party websites.
  3. In some cases, other websites may contain links to the Company’s website; consent to link to this website is required, in which those websites must receive written agreement from the Company prior to doing so. And the Company reserves the right to refuse any link to this website, especially third parties cannot link to any other internal pages other than the home page of this website without the prior written permission of the Company.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

All terms and conditions, conduct and disputes arising out of or in connection with these terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of Thailand.


The Company may terminate the terms and conditions and / or the offering of any product or service at any time for any reason, including your failure to comply with the terms and conditions improper use of this website.

All rights which you have shall be terminated upon such termination without affecting any remedial rights which the Company may have the right to receive under the law upon termination of the specified terms and conditions.


You may not transfer, assign, subcontract or divide your rights, duties or debts under this contract.


The Company may edit any part of this website, including its products and services and terms and conditions without prior notice, and your continued use of this website is governed by the terms and conditions in force at the time of your use. The Company reserves the right to refuse any person to access and use the Website at any time.

Additional Agreement

Additional terms and conditions may apply from the purchase of goods and services and other uses of this Website, and you agree to be bound by such other terms and conditions, as well as any additional terms and conditions applicable specifically to products and services.


These terms and conditions of use and service are divided in the event that any provisions were found to be in unforced, prohibited by law, or not according to law. However, please apply to the extent permitted by law and such a judgment will not affect the applicability or effect of any other provisions.

All Rights Reserved

The Company reserves the right to communicate to you about this Website, and your use of this Website, products or services that you purchase on this Website only.

Last updated on October 5th, 2020.

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