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7 Ways to Choose the Best Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations


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Once you and your lover have agreed to marry each other, a challenge emerges in the form of planning a wedding so that it may come out the way you desire it to. In that challenge, selecting a “Pre-Wedding Shoot Location” to fit with the image you had in mind is also included.

In selecting a pre-wedding shoot location, many couples may feel pressured as it is a component that completes the wedding, making the event beautiful and perfect – adding on to that, a pre-wedding shoot only happens once in your life.

That is why selecting a pre-wedding shoot location is difficult, with topics such as budget, most-fitting location, and even the theme of the photoshoot to keep in mind.

Other than this, a pre-wedding shoot is also a good way to break the ice with the photographers so that you get used to wedding photographs. Usually, a pre-wedding shoot can take anywhere from 2-3 hours to half a day, you may need to consult your photographer to decide on a location for the shoot which fits you best.

And so today we have brought to you 7 questions that you should ask yourself before selecting a pre-wedding shoot location, to help you make the decision easily.

1. What Do You Want From the Pre-Wedding Shoot?

pre-wedding location

The first thing you must keep in mind is the purpose of your photoshoot. You should feel comfortable following the theme of the pre-wedding shoot that you have decided on, if you feel uncomfortable and unlike yourself – the photos may not turn out to be as appealing as you had hoped. For example, if you are camera shy and do not like to be in crowded areas, you and your partner can choose to have your pre-wedding shoot at a quieter or smaller area.

You could try asking yourself if the photos fit the theme of your wedding or not. If your wedding size is small and less focused on the formalities, selecting a sweet and modest location instead of a luxurious one would be appropriate for your wedding.

Or you could think about using these photographs on other components of the wedding, such as the wedding cards, the slideshows, or the posters – these options could potentially affect your decision in choosing a pre-wedding shoot location.

2. What Elements of the Pre-Wedding Shoot Location Do You Want To Emphasize?

eiffel tower for pre-wedding shooting

For example, some couples may choose their pre-wedding location to have a backdrop of the Eiffel tower which is symbolic in its romance, or some couples may want to emphasize the location that they may have shared many valuable memories together such as a public park or a small cafe they met each other at.

pre-wedding shooting in golden hour

Or if you just want the photos to focus on you and your partner as the main point, the pre-wedding shoot location may not be a major concern for you. In that case, you will have to choose a high-quality indoor studio that can help you with the lighting.

funny theme for pre wedding

Perhaps you may want photos that show you and your couple having fun. For this, you can choose pre-wedding shoot locations that are exciting such as an amusement park, a paintball field or you could even just go cycling. The fun you receive from these activities will help feel more comfortable with taking photos, making you look more natural in your photographs.

3. Are You Okay With Walking Long Distances?

pre wedding ideas

Selecting pre-wedding locations that are scattered and far from each other could cause you to rethink your decision because whilst on the day of the shoot, you will be dressed in full wedding uniform. You may be able to stand for an extended amount of time in high-heels, but walking in them may not be as feasible. If you really want to include that specific location in your photoshoot, you could bring along a pair of flip flops and other sun-blocking equipment.
If you and your partner think that walking long distances in your wedding outfits is not doable, selecting small pre-wedding locations with many options for photographing angles would be better.

4. Is Hiking Through Nature Doable?

pre wedding shooting in nature

Many couples are nature lovers and so they may feel compelled to capture the view of nature within their photoshoot of good memories. A popular pre-wedding shoot location that we see many couples journey to is Khao Yai, but selecting a pre-wedding shoot location that involves hiking through a forest may be a little cumbersome as you will have to shuffle through the woods in your wedding attires for over half an hour just to reach the location – possibly making you look tired in the photographs.

I want to recommend to our adventurous couples who are getting married if they truly want a nature style pre-wedding photoshoot location – they could set up camp near the location the night before the shoot so that they may prepare themselves fully on the day of the shoot.

5. Is It Alright if the Wedding Outfits Get Dirty?

pre wedding shooting in jungle

Whilst selecting a pre-wedding location, we should keep in mind the outfits we will be wearing. If the shooting location is outdoors, meaning that you may have to sit on the grass of a park or the dirt of the forest – if your outfit gets dirty, do you have a solution for it? It also depends on the studio you rented your outfits from, do they allow the clothing to get dirty? If the clothing does get dirty, you should send them to a laundry service to have them help you clean up the rented outfits.

If there are no problems regarding the outfits getting dirty, you can then choose any adventurous pre-wedding shoot locations your heart desires so that you may achieve that nature-oriented romantic atmosphere you want in your photographs.

6. How Do You Feel About Getting Wet?

pre wedding photo shoot on beach

For those who have chosen a beach or a lake as their pre-wedding location, it is almost a guarantee that your wedding outfits will get wet. However, it is worth it as the photographs will be stunning. Other than the factors that come with the locations, you should also prepare for uncertain weathers such as storms or rain. If your outfit does get wet, you may have to create a backup plan which includes a second outfit as well as sending the wet outfit to a dry cleaning service.

7. When Will the Shoot Start?

perfect time for taking pre-wedding shots

Time is also an important aspect of choosing a pre-wedding shoot location because the time of day correlates with the light and shadows which will be fluctuating at different levels depending on the time of day. If you want the best lighting conditions for your shoot such as the 1 hour period before dusk, you may have to check and see if the location is crowded during that time as it can be considered as an obstacle during the shoot.

If you want to have your pre-wedding shoot location to be set in nature with a beautiful night sky in full display, you should select shoot after the sun has fallen for an hour to get that twilight night sky effect. If you have chosen to have the city as your pre-wedding shoot backdrop, shooting in the night and having the lights of the city will greatly drive your photographs to pop.

Find a Pre-Wedding Location That Is Most Like You

bride and groom holding hans on their wedding

The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a pre-wedding shoot location is that the location must be able to show who you and your partner are. The more sentimental the location is, the better because a pre-wedding shoot will only happen once and you will remember this experience for the rest of your life. The same goes for planning a wedding, especially in choosing a diamond wedding ring – where the main principle is to select diamond rings which best represent you and your partner’s love, as a reminder of your eternal love.

We are experts in finding diamond rings that will best tell the world who you are as well as representing you and your partner’s love. We will gladly take part in giving consultation to you on the topic of ordering a diamond ring, if you are interested, you can always contact Above Diamond.


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