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5 Exciting New Year’s Gift Ideas for Him and Her


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Now that we are nearing the end of this year, a good opportunity has arisen for you to find your new year’s gift to create a special and memorable moment for your loved ones. But when it comes to buying new year’s gifts for your boyfriend or girlfriend, it may take a lot more time and thought than the other gifts.

In choosing a new year’s gift for your significant other, the values are often not monetary, but rather, it is a sentimental value that comes from the thoughtfulness and effort put into choosing that gift for the person you love.

Because if you buy a gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend without putting the care it deserves, the gift may become ‘just an ordinary object’ – lacking in meaning and completely ineffective in creating a memorable moment that you desired.

Therefore, the steps to selecting a gift are just as important as the gift itself, because not only is it an act which will show to your partner how much you care for them – but it also tells them just how much they mean to you.

But what could it be? What could that perfect gift be for your lover? In this article, I, Cheri, have brought you 5 steps which will make buying gifts for your special someone an easy task. Not only that, but these steps can also be used every year – what are the steps? Let us take a look.

1. Observe Your Partner’s Personality

couple dining at a dinner table

Of course, in selecting a gift that will make your partner happy, you will need to see what his or her personal preferences are like. This can be seen from their daily life, what does your partner like to do when they are free? Which corner of the house do they spend the most time in?

Or if you are almost always next to each other, take a look at what they invite you to do – dinner, shopping, or traveling. Just like that, you may start to be able to guess the preferences of your partner. You can take all of their preferences into consideration when selecting the type of gift he or she will like, as a rough big idea.

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2. Set the Type of Gift

Once you know what your partner is especially into, you are now more easily able to find the perfect gift. You can start by setting the type of gift you want to purchase for your partner, and the types of gifts are separated into 3 types:

  • Appliances: For those who like to work, to dress up, to exercise, or to stay at home.
  • Food: For those who like to try out new restaurants or trendy foods.
  • travel: For those who like to spend their holidays in new places – new provinces, new countries and for people who like outdoor activities.

And these 3 types of gifts will be suitable for partners with different personalities and preferences. A rough example will be given for each type of gift so that you may get a better idea of what they are like.

Gifts for Workaholics

couples working on a wooden bench

If your partner likes to work and does not really have another hobby, selecting a work-related gift for him or her could be great. For example, a tablet that will help them carry out their presentations easily, a nice pen or a fashionable yet functional laptop bag that has the storage space for different utilities – these are all good options.

  • Gifts for Men: Work-related gadgets.
  • Gifts for Women: Laptop bag, tablet, planner book.

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Gifts for Fashionable Partners

If your partner likes dressing up, the biggest advice I can give is – do not buy clothes for your partner!

The reason I say this is because the dressing styles of different people will differ. Compare it to your own experience, maybe you have seen a piece of clothing that looks great on the store hanger but when you try it on – it is anything but great.

Same as for when you select a shirt for him or a dress for her, you might not see your partner wear it often – that is because your partner may not think it looks great on them like you thought it would and they are too kind to tell you that.

An easy solution is to look for a good accessory for him or her.

birthday gift box

You could choose to find a fashionable diamond pendant for her or a slick wristwatch for him. Take a look at the accessories that your partner wears often, what are the design and style like? Then, you can try to find an accessory that is closest to that design.

It would be even better if you found a private jeweler to craft jewelry that fits all the preferences of your partner, with small details added onto them such as ring engravings of your partner’s name or a special symbol that only the two of you know the meaning of. This will make your jewelry much more meaningful, and this will make them want to wear your gift more and more. And in case your partner likes hip hop jewelry, you might be able to find one from VVS Jewelry

  • Gifts for Men: Wristwatch, couple rings.
  • Gifts for Women: Necklace, pendant, diamond earrings.

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Gifts for Athletic Partners

exercising couple

If your partner likes exercising, you are very lucky. Not only will you have a partner whose body is fit, firm, and healthy – he or she will usually be very caring towards the health of those around her, especially you, right? The perfect gift would not be anything other than sporting equipment relating to the sport your partner likes.

You could choose biking gloves that your partner has been yearning for or a travel size bathing and skincare equipment for your girlfriend to use after her yoga classes. Not only will it be an impressive and thoughtful gift, but she will also be able to use it daily.

But an important thing I want you to note is to not buy the main equipment for the sport your partner likes because, in every type of sport, there will be different levels of equipment which should be recommended by the sport’s experts.

For example, if your partner likes to run, running shoes may not be the best of gifts because we have to take into account the bodyweight of your partner, the rhythm your partner runs at as well as the speed and distance that your partner runs. It would be very difficult for you to find a pair of shoes that fit your partner, if the shoes do not fit, your partner could even injure themselves without even knowing – unless you are already a trainer for your partner.

  • Gifts for Men: Exercising outfits, sports bags.
  • Gifts for Women: Travel size bathing kit with bag, a mini size version of skincare products from the brand your partner likes.

Gifts for Stay at Home Partners

couple sitting at home in the evening

It is certain if a person likes to stay home, there will be an activity which he or she enjoys doing at home. This could be watching movies, reading, or even gardening and cooking. Easy gift ideas can come from observing this.

You could choose to buy a high-quality stereo speaker for when your partner enjoys their Netflix time at home or new kitchenware which will make your partner’s next dinner much easier to prepare. It is guaranteed that your partner will be surprised by the care and thoughtfulness you put into selecting their gifts.

  • Gifts for Men: IT Gadget Bluetooth stereos, games, IT gadgets.
  • Gifts for Women: Kitchenwares, electrical appliances.

Gifts for Food Lovers

man in black long sleeve shirt sitting on chair

If your partner like to invite you out to great-tasting dinners at many restaurants, your new year’s gift could be taking him or her out to a big dinner in a restaurant that your partner always wanted to go to but never had the chance to – or, if you are skilled enough, you could also put on your apron and make your partner a special menu for them to try out. It is considered as memorable and as touching as other expensive gifts.

  • Gifts for Men: A premium buffet dinner.
  • Gifts for Women: Elegant dinner at a trendy restaurant.

Gifts for Travel Enthusiasts

adventure back view bavaria clouds

This is perhaps the easiest gift idea, if your partner likes to travel, you will only need to find a nice honeymoon trip. You could opt to go for more luxurious options than you usually do when traveling, to make it more fitting for a ‘new year’s gift for him or her’ because opportunities like these only come once a year.

Especially for married couples, taking this trip together could mean that you may have another special gift to present to your family – a baby!

  • Gifts for Men: Adventure trips to outer provinces or other countries.
  • Gifts for Women: A relaxing foreign vacation.

3. Set a Budget in Mind

Another aspect that is just as important as choosing the gift, is the setting of your new year’s gift budget. This budget will help determine the range of the gift within your specifications as well as keeping you from overspending.

For example, if you had a budget of THB 5,000 – you could find a diamond pendant necklace, a trip to Hua Hin, or a wine-drinking countdown at a luxurious rooftop restaurant, these are all within your budget range.

But if you had a budget of THB 50,000, you could find a white gold diamond ring, a honeymoon trip to Guam, or private dining at a Michelin Star level restaurant.


You will probably see a clearer picture at this point. It does not matter what your budget is, the heart of the gift is in the thoughtfulness you put into it. I only want you to set a rough budget because it will limit the scope of the research you will have to do so that you may decide on a ‘new year’s gift for him or her’ easier.

Because even if the gifts are inexpensive or a lower budget DIY, if you put real effort into it – the person who receives your gift will be able to feel your dedication and care.

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4. Test the Waters

Before you pull the trigger on purchasing your new year’s gift for your partner, you could try to seek out more ideas from him or her. Ask your partner what they think about the restaurant you plan to take them to or about the lover’s necklace you plan to give to her. Your excuse could be that your friends recently dined there or your friends recently invited you there, if your partner gets especially excited – you can be relieved that the choice you have chosen was the right one.

Or if you are afraid of letting the cats out of the bag, you could take a peek at his or her Instagram feed or Facebook timeline to see if there are any things they are especially interested in right now – any interesting trips or jewelry that your partner liked or shared? If you see that your partner has often shared something, you will probably need to ask her what she wishes for this new year’s.

man in white shirt sitting on chair

5. Do Not Expect Too Much

I saw this not because the 4 methods above will not work, but I want you to lower your expectations on wishing to see a surprised look on your partner. Doing so will make the receiver feel pressured!

The more you show your excitement, the more your partner will feel pressured to show their emotions. In the end, even if your partner will be overjoyed with your gift, a special moment may be lost because of your expectations – turning memorability into distress.

You may have heard the saying ‘If you do not expect anything, you won’t be disappointed’, and right now that is what we want to tell you as well. If you have chosen your gift with care and thoughtfulness without wishing anything in return, I think that is the best way to receive your share of happiness.

Gifts That Come From Real Thoughtfulness and Care Are the Best

couple holding hands romantic

Buying a gift for your partner that costs hundreds of thousands without any care and thought from you will most likely render that gift into ‘just another object’.

That is why I want to recommend you to select every gift with care and only a wish to please the receiver. That is good and that is enough.

The same goes for Above Diamond where our meticulous design and handcrafting process ensure that every diamond jewelry we craft is a special one. You can custom order that special jewelry for your special someone in any form. If you are interested in ordering a diamond pendant, a lover’s necklace or a pair of a couple’s diamond rings for your lovely partner this new year, feel free to contact us.

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