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7 Tips to Choose Men’s Diamond Rings and Jewelry


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Wearing diamond jewelry or ‘men’s diamond rings’ is a sign to others that we put an effort into taking care of ourselves by wearing valuable objects such as diamonds to make sure we look our best. Today we want you to open your mind and get acquainted with these accessories.

Who says diamond jewelry is only made for women? We see many men who are afraid of wearing jewelry or men’s diamond rings because they are afraid that they will not look too ‘manly’ or too metrosexual.

There is no reason why men have to limit themselves to not wearing jewelry because wearing a piece of jewelry or a men’s diamond ring is something that communicates to others that you take care of yourself well and wearing diamonds is a great way of doing that.

However, for men, it is hard to know where to draw the line for how much jewelry is too much jewelry. It is also difficult to choose your men’s diamond rings, especially if you are not familiar with the process.

But you should not worry because today we want to show you the world of jewelry and men’s diamond rings, so that these finer things in life may enhance your status and class – so you may stand out in your workplace, at a social event, or even when meeting up with your friends. Let us take a look at what types of men’s jewelry there are and how to choose said jewelry and men’s diamond ring to use in your daily life.

Types of Jewelry and Men’s Diamond Rings

Even though there is many men’s jewelry that you may know well because they have similar appearances to general women’s jewelry such as necklaces, wristwatches, and men’s diamond rings – however, there are still many more types of men’s jewelry. Some are reserved for special social events or when wearing a suit, and some are used for signify the status or personality of the wearer.

1. Cufflinks


Cufflinks are considered quite a special type of men’s jewelry because only men will be wearing this type of diamond jewelry. It is suitable for men to appear more classy. Cufflinks are used to hold the cuffs of a shirt, they are usually made from high quality materials such as gold and silver – some cufflinks will also have diamonds or gems that are set into them.

Wearing cufflinks will make your shirt cuff standout because the cufflinks will appear prominent. You can choose to collect many styles of cufflinks to be used for many different occasions.

2. Men’s Diamond Earrings

mens diamond earrings

Nowadays, it is normal for men to pierce their ears. Wearing earrings will make them appear more stylish with most men preferring to wear stud earrings. If they want to step up their look, they can choose to use materials that are of high quality and value. Other than this, wearing men’s diamond earrings will make you appear stylish and unafraid to try out new things. On days that you feel particularly adventurous, brightly colored gem earrings are also equally a good choice.

3. Men’s Diamond Rings

mens ring

Most men’s diamond rings are wedding rings that they wear every day, in reality, you can actually have many men’s diamond rings to swap around – your ring design could have a gold band with geometric designs and a set diamond which will give you a very modern look.

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4. Tie Clips

neck tie clip

Tie clips are men’s accessory that will hold the necktie still by clipping the tie to the shirt. Once the tie is clipped, it will make your work attire appear much more formal and serious, even the simplest of the tie clips can enhance your business look.

5. Wrist Watches

men wrist watches

Wristwatches are perhaps one of the most popular men’s jewelry and they come in many forms and styles, diamond set watches, gold watches, and even digital watches. To select a watch, you must examine its style to see how well it fits your personality. If you are unsure, selecting an elegant silver-colored watch is a good way to go because its colors will match almost any outfit.

6. Belt Buckles

Men belt buckle

Belt buckles are a type of men’s jewelry that can enhance our look to appear more classy. There are many styles and brands of belt buckles in the market. They are considered a large piece of jewelry and are perhaps one of the easiest to be seen.

7. Necklaces

mens necklace

Necklaces are not widely received in men but that does not mean you cannot wear them. Most men will prefer to wear gold or silver chains that are plain in their patterns. Some men also like to wear necklaces with small diamond pendants which will often have family meanings or religious meanings such as the cross of Christ.

Now that you know the different types of jewelry and men’s diamond rings, let us take a look at how you can wear them to look dashingly classy on all occasions.

How To Wear Men’s Jewelry

1. Confidence Comes First

man holding filled champagne

For a man to improve his look, he will not always have to wear plain clothes, adding diamond jewelry here and there will help you greatly. Some men may feel uncomfortable wearing jewelry and men’s diamond rings because they are afraid that they will not appear ‘macho’. That is how it goes in the beginning, after a while, you will get used to it.

The trick is for you to try them out at diamond stores or jewelry stores. You can also talk to the sales or the experts who will help find your jewelry and men’s diamond rings that will suit your style most.

2. What’s the Occasion?

man wearing suit in close up photography

An important aspect of wearing men’s jewelry successfully is knowing what occasion you are wearing it for. You will have to consider the dress code, how formal is it? For example, if you are attending a funeral, you should not wear jewelry or men’s diamond rings that are too flashy – to show respect to the host. If you plan to wear your jewelry and men’s diamond rings to the office, you will have to take a look at your office’s dress code to see how formal the environment is – what is the protocol for when you have a client meeting? The heart of the principle is not to wear jewelry that is too flashy which gives off an unprofessional look.

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3. Wear the Right Amount of Jewelry and Men’s Diamond Rings

blue suit jacket

That means that you should not wear too much jewelry, like the quote ‘Even though jewelry is the last thing you put on, they are the first things to be noticed’.

Therefore, you should wear the right amount of jewelry without having them to be more prominent than our clothes. They should instead be used to enhance our appearances, and so, less is more.

4. Wear Jewelry To Balance With Your Attire

man wearing black notched lapel suit jacket

If your jewelry is too heavy to one part, it will take away the attention from your overall look to the point where it lessens the impressiveness of your attire.

For example, if you are already wearing a watch on one side, you will not add bracelets or other jewelry to another side – that would appear too cumbersome. A better way would be for you to examine your outfit and see if everything fits.

The trick is to take a look at the metal you are wearing, suppose that you are wearing a gold watch, the ring or the earrings should be made of gold as well – for them all to fit together.

5. How To Wear Jewelry and Men’s Diamond Rings To Fit Your Body Type

person sitting on stairs beside sunglasses

Selecting jewelry or men’s diamond rings is like selecting clothes, you will have to match them to your physical characteristics.

And so, if you are a giant of a man wanting to wear a thin bracelet would not be a great idea or if you are a tall and slender man who plans to wear a bulky watch, it would not give you a very balanced look. So we have brought to you simple rules for wearing jewelry.

  • If you have a shorter neck or a thicker neck, you should wear a necklace that helps elongate your next to make your appearances more proportionate.
  • If you have larger wrists or hands, you will have to wear larger wrist jewelry or wristwatches as well.
  • If you have larger hands or fingers, wearing men’s rings will look great whereas wearing smaller men’s diamond rings will make the accessories appear unimpressive.
  • If you are a man of a smaller frame, wearing smaller jewelry or men’s diamond rings will suit you better.

Men’s Diamond Rings – They Tell Others Who You Are

Men’s diamond rings, other than being accessories to enhance the wearer’s looks, are a glance into the wearer’s personality as well. This must be considered when selecting the rings to wear on each finger as the rings worn on different fingers will have different meanings. The meanings are as follows:

Men’s Diamond Rings on Your Little Finger: Wearing a men’s diamond ring on your little finger will tell others most about yourself because the rings are chosen to be men’s diamond rings that best fit your personality. Usually, the little finger is chosen for this because it does not have any religious or cultural implications and they are seldom used for work. Wearing a men’s diamond ring on your little finger will make your hand much more eye-catching because men do not often wear rings there. This is a great approach for men who have a more prominent and different standpoint than others.

Men’s Diamond Rings on Your Ring Finger: Men’s diamond rings that are worn on the ring finger will show the status and relationship we have with someone. This usually means wearing engagement rings or wedding rings. However, nowadays, it depends on a case by case basis – if you were to wear a men’s diamond ring with fashion patterns or geometrical shapes, others will probably instantly know that the ring you are wearing is not a wedding ring. If you wear a plain men’s diamond ring, others may perceive that as you are married.

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Men’s Diamond Rings on Your Middle Finger: Wearing a men’s diamond ring on the middle finger is not often seen because the middle finger is quite a large finger. When a ring is worn on that finger, it looks cumbersome. The finger is also used often in holding and grabbing objects. If you do choose to wear a men’s diamond ring on this finger, thinner rings would look better.

Men’s Diamond Rings on Your Index Finger: Wearing men’s diamond rings on the index finger has been a norm since times long past. The rings worn will usually signify social status and family position, the rings could be family rings or class rings – this is why wearing rings on your index finger should be able to signify your status.

Men’s Diamond Rings on Your Thumb: Wearing a men’s diamond ring on your thumb can be inconvenient but for those who have grown a taste for it, men’s diamond rings on the thumb can signify your wealth and power. They are usually larger and thicker men’s diamond rings because the rings on the thumb are far away from the other fingers, when worn with other rings, it will still give a balanced look.

Jewelry and Men’s Diamond Rings: An Essential Look Enhancer

It does not matter how great the clothes you are wearing look, if you miss out on wearing jewelry or men’s diamond rings, your overall look will still appear incomplete – falling short of perfection. Therefore, if you want to appear more classy, you can enhance your appearances with jewelry. Wear just the right amount of jewelry and men’s diamond rings, suitable for the occasion and your body shape, then, you will become a well-dressed man.

And if you want to take a look at jewelry and men’s diamond rings that will suit you, you can contact us to let our expert help you find the best diamond ring style for you.

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