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How to Wear Jewelry and Look Splendid Everyday


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‘Jewelries’ are considered essentials for most women because a good accessory will help make your look even more splendid, and this splendidness is not limited to only special occasions – you can also choose jewelry that will fit all occasions.

‘Jewelry’ has been women’s best friend since ancient times – rings, necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelry that help indicate your status and complete your beautiful look, and this tradition has been in use to this day.

Wearing a piece of jewelry will make you more beautiful, but if you choose the wrong piece of jewelry for the wrong occasion, it can appear unfitting or even impolite. If you choose a piece of jewelry that does not fit your attire, it may make your look incomplete.

Today, I want to recommend the methods for choosing jewelry for 4 main occasions from easy going days to formal social events. I also want to include secret tricks and tips in choosing jewelry to match your outfit – what are these tricks and tips? Let us take a look.

Jewelry to Match Each Occasion

1. Easy Going

jewelry for everyday wear

Usually, on your holidays such as the weekends, many will go out to see their friends or stroll around public places. Sunday brunches or outdoor trips are a relaxing activity to be done with friends and families. An easy going day will require an easy going look, right?

But even if your outfit is relaxed, choosing suitable jewelry will also make you stand out, adequately. Try choosing 2-3 of your favorite jewelry as that would be enough and the colors of the jewelry do not need to be too outstanding.

The jewelry styles I want to recommend for your day off are as follows:

The Sweet Girl: I want you to direct your sweet adorableness towards dresses or shirts. They could have floral patterns or pastel colors which will match well with metal necklaces with small diamond pendants, 2-3 plain rings which can be worn on the same finger as well as simple earrings that when adorned with diamonds will make your sweet look sparkling.

The Confident Woman: If you like to stand out on an easy going day, you can lessen your outfit’s tone to be simple and then wear 1 statement jewelry piece. You could wear a white t-shirt, jeans, and heels and then have large diamond earrings to contrast the look.

jewelry for easy going day

The Female Artist: For our artistic women, you could wear jewelry to standout on an easy relaxing day as well. You could try to choose rings or bracelets with strange exotic patterns, perhaps with some diamonds, and then pair them with small geometric earrings and an oversized t-shirt and sneakers. Just like that, you will now have a street fashion look.

2. Work Days

jewelry for office work day

As for workdays jewelry, of course, a level of professionalism must be retained. These styles are not limited just to work days but they can also extend to other work-related occasions such as work interviews or work lunch with your boss and manager.

Therefore every component of your appearance, both outfit and jewelry, must match each other and be elegantly professional. When talking about professionalism, outfits that do not absorb too much attention or do not contain an accessory overload will also help you to look more confident and hard working.

Wearing a small piece of jewelry is considered a good option. You should wear jewelry that makes no jingling sounds and wear adequately sparkling diamonds. If your jewelry is too brilliant, it can affect the focus of your co-workers.

Other than this, controlling and leveling the tone and balance of your jewelry is also important. If you are already wearing a wristwatch on your left hand, adding a bracelet or a ring to that hand will make it appear too heavy. A better way is to balance the jewelry by allocating them to different parts of your body.

If you have a neat look and do not like to wear a lot of makeup, you could also add diamond jewelry to enhance your look. Or if you have been working all night and it shows on your face, wearing large earrings will brighten your face up as well.

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3. Evening Party

jewelry for party

You may have to spend more effort dressing for an evening party because, without your diamond jewelry, the darkness of night may swallow you into the crowd.

For an evening party, you can go all out in your outfit and jewelry without worry. You should select your best jewelry that is followed by your second best jewelry – just like that, your look is complete and ready to party.

As for the characteristics of party jewelry, they should look modern and have geometric patterns that help enhance the diamond’s brilliance or the gem’s sparkle.

Other than this, the larger your jewelry piece is, the more eye-catching it will be – your jewelry could be bracelets, rings, or earrings. But you should keep in mind that, for larger jewelry, 1-2 pieces will hit the sweet spot without appearing to be ‘too much’.

4. Luxurious Dinner Party or Banquet

jewelry for luxurious dinner party

Going to a banquet is a good opportunity for you to shine in your own way. It is time to bring out your most brilliant diamond jewelry pieces.

Even though wearing diamonds and gems or sparkling jewelry is an accepted norm at dinner parties – our secret trick to make you look your best is to choose only 1 piece of jewelry that will help bring out the strengths of your body to look more alluring.

For example, if you wear your hair up to show your facial features, you should choose to wear diamond earrings that will make your face radiant or a diamond necklace that will help make your overall face and neck area beautiful.

Other than that, you should always keep in mind that wearing jewelry will enhance your overall look, and so if you wear too much jewelry – it may divert the attention from your overall look to your jewelry.

Therefore, at an elegant dinner party, you should wear diamond jewelry, pearl jewelry, or jewelry made of other gems without overdoing it on the diamond jewelry. If you already have a statement piece, there will be no need to wear other large jewelry. In the case that you are wearing a diamond jewelry set, be careful of making it too ‘matching’.

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Choose Jewelry to Fit Your Attire

Other than using jewelry that is suitable for the occasion, you could also look splendid by paying attention to the details of your attire – color, fabric, and skin tone. I have the tricks in dressing up as follows:

1. Match Plain Jewelry With Patterned Shirts

plain jewelry on dress

If you like wearing shirts with patterns both floral or geometric, if you were to wear large necklaces or hanging earrings, it could look cumbersome. Wearing less jewelry that is smaller will help bring out the patterns of your outfit to look outstanding. You could try choosing diamond bracelets or diamond pin earrings to match with your shirt, that is enough.

2. Statement Earrings To Bring Out Your Facial Features

statement stud heart shape diamond earrings

Even though your attire is important, on the occasions you may want to put emphasis on your facial features, you could bring out your statement earrings or large earrings to help bring out the beauty of your facial features to light. However, you should select earrings that fit your first type, and also there will be no need to add in any other pieces of jewelry with this style.

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3. Jewelry That Suits Your Skin Tone

jewelry that matches skin tone

Other than taking the outfit into consideration when choosing jewelry, taking your skin tone into account is also just important. The right jewelry will help make your skin look more outstanding. For example, silver jewelry that will usually fit every skin tone, gold jewelry will be highly suitable for people whose hair is dark and not oily, and as for those with pale skin tones, choosing red, purple, and blue jewelry will work well for your skin as well as white gold but if you have darker skin tones, you could use gems that are yellow, orange or green in tone and stick to using yellow or gold metal.

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4. Pearl Jewelry and Sea-Toned Clothing

pearl jewelry matching with beach outfit

From the light blue of a clear beach and the deep blue of the depths to the grey of a stormy sea – all work well with pearl jewelry, giving a natural and beautiful look that is easy on the eye.

5. Perfect Match – Gold, Black, and White

couple gold ring

You can use gold jewelry to match with a black or white dress for an elegant and classic look.

Misconceptions About Wearing Jewelry

If you were to read an old guidebook on jewelry that dates back to around 20 years ago, you will see many pieces of advice that cannot be applied to today’s time, however, there are still many who needlessly use them as essential rules.

1. Do Not Mix & Match Metal or Gems

two toned sapphire ring

In the past, many were not willing to wear jewelry that is not of the same set or jewelry that have different metals. In today’s time, this rule is unnecessary as you can mix and match various types of metal that look great together such as silver, rose-gold, and copper.

2. Do Not Wear Rings on Your Left Ring Finger

wearing ring on ring finger

Many seniors may have prohibited single women from wearing rings on their left ring finger as it is considered ‘bad luck’ as the finger should only be kept to wear engagement rings or wedding rings. In today’s time, you can wear your rings on any finger that you think will look best for you.

3. You Must Wear Diamond Jewelry as a Set

butterfly pendant necklace

Even though in the past, everything must be worn in a set, in today’s time you can mix and match your jewelry yourself to make your look even more fabulous and outstanding.

Conclusion: It’s About Balance and Care

The answer to whether or not you look good with your attire and jewelry will depend on the care you put into the ‘balance’ of your appearances on each occasion. If you look is heavy on clothing, you may have to reduce the jewelry but if you want to bring out your facial features, you will have to put more weight onto larger jewelry pieces and reduce your clothes to plainer options.

Other than balance, another thing that will make you appear elegant and effortlessly beautiful to others is the attention to small details as well as the occasion you are dressing up for – keeping in mind what you should wear to look appropriate for the occasion. Then, you can match your jewelry to be appropriate for both the occasion and the smaller details such as colors and patterns to match your overall look – and just like that, you will have a complete and beautiful look.

Regardless of the occasion you are dressing up for, a diamond jewelry piece will enhance any look instantly. If you want to order custom diamond jewelry of high quality, please contact us.

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