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6 Steps: How to Find the Right Engagement Ring


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If you and your partner have been together long enough to know that, ‘This is the one’, many gentlemen will worry and feel anxious about how they should propose – what should they do to completely make their girlfriend’s ‘Say Yes’ moment completely a surprise and absolutely memorable. More than preparing a surprise proposal, selecting a ‘women’s diamond ring’ as an invaluable proposal ring that your partner will truly love, is also such a difficult task.

I understand that choosing diamond jewelry or finer beautiful objects may not be many gentlemen’s forte, but it is unavoidable and crucial if you want to choose a ring to give to your beloved partner in your proposal – especially when you have to choose a women’s diamond ring that your partner will like. It is difficult just guessing where you should start from.

And because the diamond engagement ring that will be given to your partner is a valuable and highly-priced object, many may feel afraid that they may regret their choice of a women’s diamond ring later on if their partner does not like the ring.

That is why in this article I want to tell you the 6 steps to selecting a ‘women’s diamond ring’ that will surely make your partner so delighted that they say ‘Yes!’ to your proposal. In this article, you will be able to choose a women’s diamond ring in the following details:

  • The shape of the diamond that she likes.
  • The gold material of the ring that is suitable for her dressing style.
  • The type of setting that fits her preferences and usage.
  • The carat weight that she dreams to hold.
  • The components that are in play when you are considering a women’s diamond ring that will bind her heart, will have to be deeply analyzed into 6 steps. It is deeper than just taking a glance at her personality and dressing style, so that you may be able to collect all the details of the wedding ring that she truly wants. Now, let us take a look at what we have to do.

    Step 1: Observe Her Lifestyle and Dressing Style

    Observing her personality, lifestyle, and dressing style are considered the first stage in finding a women’s diamond ring to propose to her. You can collect data on the easily observable outer appearances of her, then you can set them as a large scope for your wedding ring. That is why I want you to recommend the personality of women that will give you an idea of what type of ‘women’s wedding ring’ she will like. I have broken the personalities down to 5 types, as follows:

    1. Chill – Easy Going

    chill and minimal woman

    You can see if your girlfriend is chill and easy going or not by just taking a look at her clothes. Does she often wear plain and comfortable clothing that still looks good and elegant? Does she wear jeans that match with a slick-cut shirt? Or does she wear the minimal clothing style, adding small details onto them that make the look great without effort?

    This style of women will often have a simpler lifestyle and are low-maintenance. Because of their easy going look, they will appear interesting and sincere. They will not have many friends, because they are selecting in their choice of companions – they will select only those that are sincere with her, and those selected few will often become her most beloved and trusted friends.

    The Right Women’s Diamond Ring: For easy going women, they will like wedding rings that are clean, minimalistic, and filled with simple elegance. This could be a solitaire women’s diamond ring. The width of the ring is thin, it displays the center diamond splendidly and it works for round diamonds and oval diamonds. It can be worn every day and on any occasion.

    Or it could also be a minimal cluster women’s diamond ring as it also looks simple but stylish in the way that she likes.

    Pictures: 12 Ideas for Minimal Rings

    2. Chic – Trendsetters

    chic woman

    Chic women are often the center of attention everywhere they go and on every occasion they attend, the crowd’s eyes are set on her uniqueness because they like being the center of attention. With their confident and agile personality, anyone can remember them.

    Women of this style will also approach their appearances in an extremely methodical way. They must always be a trendsetter. With their confident dressing style, always uniquely sassy, they always have fun with dressing their best and standing out most.

    Other than that, chic women will often enjoy partying. They are always surrounded by friends but they will feel most warmth when they have their beloved next to them even if they are stubborn because of their self-confidence, they will also have a more delicate side that is only revealed to those closest to them.

    marquise diamond ring

    The Right Women’s Diamond Ring: You should select a diamond ring that shines the most outstandingly for your chic partner or trendy diamond rings that celebrities wear. The diamond ring style that fits chic women best will be ‘Halo Rings’ with its halo diamonds to enhance the brilliance of the center diamond.

    Or if you want even more sparkling brilliance, you can also order a ‘Double Halo’ women’s diamond ring – do not forget to set diamonds into the ring itself to add more sparkles to her fingers.

    Or if you want a women’s diamond ring that is simple, elegant, and absolutely eye-catching, you can also select a solitaire diamond ring that has a more carat size and increase the clarity of the diamond to make your diamond ring even more stunning. This wedding ring will mesmerize everyone just the way she likes.

    3. Vintage – Artsy

    artist woman

    If your partner loves shopping for handcrafted objects or nifty vintage objects at an art market, or if she enjoys spending time at an art district as well as having a softer and more empathic personality with a more private approach to life – your partner will probably fall into the artsy women type.

    Artsy women are considered completely unique in their styles and are always themselves wherever they go. They will often follow their hearts without stopping to think or care about what others may think. They are also highly private. They like to spend quiet time with themselves to consume wonderful pieces of art or to read brilliant literature, to let their thoughts fly far into their neverending imagination.

    Artsy women have similar personalities to minimalistic chic women. They are easy going, but when they want to do something – they do it. That is why they may not have many friends, but those that are her friends, she will be extremely close with and will have similar personality traits and lifestyles similar to her’s.

    If you have an artsy woman as your partner, you are considered lucky. There will always be something for you to discover in her because of her creativity and world view. With that being said, artsy women will need a lot of alone-time, making you have to obey their wishes. But when they decide that they want to spend time with you, they will spend every second with you to the fullest.

    vintage ring

    The Right Women’s Diamond Ring: Because artsy women love jewelry that has unique styles, suitable choices are vintage style wedding rings or cluster vintage diamond rings that use many smaller diamonds in different styles, similar to the 1920’s ‘Art Deco’ category of art. If your artsy girlfriend is given one of those rings, she will be very happy.

    4. Adventurous – Fitness Enthusiasts

    fitness woman

    Adventurous women are cliché breakers. They break the stereotype that women must be soft and polite, they break those stereotypes with their love of sports and outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, hiking, and jogging.

    Other than these adventurous women are often straight-forward, self-confident, health-conscious, and always looking for activities to spice up their life. This goes for their career, their hobby, their determination, and their love. Adventurous women love doing activities that they enjoy with their partner because it is fun and it creates a tighter bond between them and their partner, these activities could be going to the gym together or running in a marathon together.

    The Right Women’s Diamond Ring: Because adventurous women are always looking for an exciting activity which will usually involve a lot of hand-using, the women’s diamond ring that will fit them most will be the ‘Bezel Setting’ diamond ring or diamond rings that do not hold up the diamond far away from its ring such as the eternity ring, both semi and full circle, that can be worn during all her favorite past time activities.

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    5. Sweet – Romantic Women

    feminine woman

    If your girlfriend fits into this type of women, it will greatly fulfill your relationship because they are often sweet, tender, and romantic. They make the world a more beautiful place for those who meet them.

    Romantic women are caring, they know how to take care of you after a long day. Their compromising personality nurtures a long relationship, but they also have a stronger side. They are ready to stand for what is right if that is something that is truly important to her in her life, especially in a relationship.

    You can also observe if your girlfriend fits into this ‘sweet women’ type by her clothing that will usually consist of sweeter-colored dresses and floral dresses that are highly feminine. They may also like to collect cute, adorable things, and love to take care of flowers, plants, or pets.

    three stones diamond ring

    The Right Women’s Diamond Ring: For your sweet girl, you can choose wedding rings that are filled with romantic meanings that she like, such as eternity rings, three stones ring that symbolizes your promises to her in the past, the present and the future, heart shape diamond rings that are uniquely sweet in their own right, or teardrop rings to enhance the luxuriousness of her overflowing sweetness.

    Once you know what personality, lifestyle, and dressing style your girlfriend has, you will probably see a rough picture of what kind of a women’s diamond ring she would like. However, guessing a women’s diamond ring that your girlfriend will like just from her personality is not enough – you can also make a deeper analysis by taking a look at the things she has said online from the following 2 steps.

    Step 2: Check the Women’s Diamond Ring Style That She Saved Online

    searching internet

    I believe that many women, when they have reached a certain point in their relationship that they start thinking about engagement and marriage, they will start searching for a women’s diamond ring that they like and save it. They save it in their dreams, awaiting the day that you will finally find that wedding ring for them. Many have sneakily tagged their partner on social media as a hint to the type of ring that she wants. If your partner has done this, finding a ring for her is no longer a difficult task.

    But if she has never done that, you could try taking a look at her social media profile on different platforms. See if she has ever posted about a women’s diamond ring, especially on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. If she really likes that ring, she may have saved a picture of the ring, or she may have even shared it on her social media feed.

    If you do find the diamond ring that she shared and kept, you are considered lucky because you can use that women’s diamond ring style as an order without worry that she will not like it.

    But if you have searched for a women’s diamond ring on her online profiles and come up with nothing because she has never shared or even talked about diamond rings, you are in a tough spot. But do not give up, you can skip this step to the next step. Or if you have found the ring that she likes online, to make sure, you can also continue the analysis in the next step as well.

    Step 3: Analyse Her Accessories

    In this step, you will be able to find out a closer-to-reality women’s diamond ring that she will like by taking a look at the appearances of her accessories. You are not always limited to looking just at her rings.

    The things you must look for in her accessories to analyze and find the right women’s diamond ring for her are:

  • Style and Uniqueness: See if she likes to wear accessories that are outstanding such as big statement earrings or if she prefers to wear simpler accessories such as a pendant worn on a thin necklace.
  • Type of Metal: The type of metal that she likes will not often change. When you are choosing a ring that your girlfriend will like, keep in mind what she wears daily. Does she like wearing gold, white gold, or rose gold? The metal she has chosen to wear will usually be the metal that complements her skin tone best.
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  • The type of diamonds and gems on the accessories: See what shape of gems she likes to wear. Are they a single gem accessory or are they multiple and in a row as well as the type of prong setting – to get you started.
  • And in this step, other than observing the style of jewelry that she wears herself, you can also look for other hints by starting a conversation with her, asking for her opinions on different types of jewelry. When another woman is proposed to or has received diamond jewelry and they post it online, you could show it to your partner and pay attention to what her critiques are on that jewelry piece.

    Or you could pretend to be buying her jewelry, a necklace or an earring for example, and then let her tell you what she likes. These two methods can tell us many things about the women’s diamond ring that she like,

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    But if you have asked her opinion on jewelry and are still feeling unsure, to fill your confidence, you may have to take her to a diamond store – sneakily.

    Step 4: Sneakily Take Her To a Diamond Store

    finding the right engagement ring to surprise her

    With this step, you will be able to see her reaction to different women’s diamond ring styles – this should give you confidence in what type of diamond ring you should buy. This works especially well when you are already together in a shopping mall or are passing by a diamond store, you can playfully ask your partner to window shop diamond rings. You must be relaxed and unalarming, as if you never planned this to happen, so that she will feel comfortable and not anxious to let out her preferences.

    Other than shopping malls, I also want to recommend the Phra Nakhon area for you and your partner to enjoy a day off in. There are many chic coffee shops and many beautiful spots for you to enjoy in a ‘local tourism’ kind of way. You can enjoy your day by shopping for fresh flowers at the Pak Khlong Talat flower market or take a stroll down Phra Arthit.

    And once the moment is right, you could try inviting her to take a look at diamonds at the Ban Mo district which is made up of many diamond stores to choose from, including us – Above Diamond (We will gladly welcome any couples to try and select their diamond rings)

    Step 5: Measure Her Ring Size

    Once you have a women’s diamond ring style in mind to use in your proposal, another equally important aspect is measuring her ring size without her knowing it.

    I want to recommend to you another article we have written, an in-depth guide to measuring ring size, so that you may be able to measure her ring size correctly. If you do it too obviously, you would be spoiling the surprise, depraving the proposal of excitement. I recommend you measure her ring size without her knowing by using these methods:

  • ‘Borrow’ her favorite ring and measure it without her knowing.
  • Compare your hands to hers, you will be able to estimate her finger size from the difference, but this is not an entirely precise method.
  • Measure her finger size when she is sleeping, then, compare her finger size with the size table above.
  • Do not forget to have the store measure your partner’s ring size when you take a totally-unplanned-tripped to the store. This is considered another option for you to get the most accurate ring size for your partner.
  • Step 6: Select a Beautiful Diamond Gem With the 4Cs

    GIA diamond ring

    Once you have the women’s diamond ring design that you want and the precise measurements of your girlfriend’s ring size, there is another crucial aspect in buying a wedding ring – selecting a diamond with the 4Cs of diamonds which is a basic knowledge needed in purchasing real diamonds. It can tell us the quality and value of diamonds which unbelievably vary.

    The 4Cs Consists Of:

  • Clarity: The clarity of a diamond tells us how flawed the diamond is. It directly affects how clear a diamond is and how much brilliance a diamond holds.
  • Color: Color tells us how ‘colorless’ a diamond is, the highest diamond color grade is ‘D Color’ and it is colorless.
  • Cut: A diamond’s cut affects the diamond’s fire and brilliance, we recommend you buy diamonds that have appropriate symmetry which are the ‘Triple Excellent Diamonds’ (3EX).
  • Carat: Or the weight of diamonds, tells us the size of the diamond. The larger it is, the rarer it is, and so, the more expensive it is.
  • Diamond vendors will be able to explain to you the 4Cs in detail so that you may clearly understand every aspect of it so that you will be able to purchase high quality diamonds that you want that are also under your budget. Other than this, do not forget to buy diamond rings that come with a diamond certificate from world-leading institutions such as GIA or HRD, as a guarantee that the diamond ring you receive will have the same qualities and specifications that you agreed to.

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    The Search for the Right Women’s Diamond Ring Starts From You and Your Care

    From the 6 steps, you may feel more relieved that there really is a way for you to find the right women’s diamond ring to propose to your beloved girlfriend. And to know what your girlfriend likes, what you must have, is your care for you.

    I believe that you already possess this quality, you will only need to use it. I ask of you only one thing, I ask you to look deeply into your girlfriend and then you will surely be able to find a women’s diamond ring that will be so much to her liking that she will say ‘Yes!’ without any doubt.

    And if you want to order the right women’s diamond ring with a diamond with quality worth its value, you can contact us to set up an appointment for a diamond ring viewing and receive our consultation.

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