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6 Amazing Gifts for Seniors They’ll Love


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During the holiday season or other special occasions, many of us may be stuck on the thought of ‘What should I give to my senior whom I respect so much’ – it could be a new year’s gift for your workplace senior, gifts for your mother or your father’s birthdays or even retirement gifts.

The senior that you love and respect will usually have a different lifestyle and preferences from newer generations which is why selecting a gift for seniors is quite a difficult task.

When important holidays like the new year’s holiday or Thai new year’s holiday, you will probably have plans to buy special gifts for many important seniors in your life – your boss, your client, or your parents as well as other seniors whom you love and respect.

Because most people do not have a lot of time on their hands, they choose to give gift baskets to their seniors – but would it not be better if you were able to select and find the best gifts for your seniors to show that you truly care.

My name is Brooke, and I want to bring these senior gifts ideas that will make the gift receivers think that you have put a lot of thought and care into selecting that present or helping you find thoughtful gifts – let us take a look.

1. What’s the Occasion?

Buying ‘senior gifts’ will differ from buying new year’s gifts for your lover in that there are many opportunities and occasions to buy the gifts for such as a retirement present, a get-well-soon present, or even a thank you present.

That is why before you head to the stores and buy a new year’s gift for your senior, I want you to check first if they are appropriate for the occasion or not?

Retirement gifts/h4>

red gift box tied with ribbon

Retirement gifts are usually given to senior bosses that are almost at retirement age and are loved by all.

The gifts to be gifted should take in mind their life after retirement. Would the present be useful for them? How would it improve their retirement life?

Other than this, it should not be a present related to work – for example, a luxurious signing pen or a brand name neck-tie because they will not get a chance to use it often.

Senior Birthdays

elderly man listening to music

This could be for your father’s birthday, your boss’s birthday, or other senior’s birthday. The birthday gift should be up to the person’s birthday, whatever they like, you should try to find it.

But if you are not personally close with that senior and are unsure what interests they may have, you could also find ‘senior gifts’ that are related to health or in starting the next year in their ‘young life.

For example, if the senior you know loves to keep up their appearances, you could give them an anti-aging spa package or auspicious objects that will bring good fortune to their health and life, such as good fortune rings or nine gems rings. These will certainly be gifts that the seniors will be impressed by.

New Year’s Senior Gifts

bottle with cork lid

As for new year’s gifts for seniors, there are many options for you to choose from and they vary in accordance with their importance or senior status. The gift should be auspicious for bringing good fortune in health and life in their next year as well as ‘thank you’ gifts.

New Year’s Senior Gifts

For example, if you wish to purchase gifts for your parents on new year’s, it could be valuable gifts that symbolize your love for them such as diamond jewelry or custom diamond rings, or even the nine gems ring to help bring good luck into the following year.

But if the new year’s gift is intended for seniors that are either your boss or your client, it could be an object which represents their team’s thankfulness. This could be a small box of premium perfume set or a premium tea jar. If your budget is considerable, you could also purchase a nice bottle of wine or a high-quality signing pen for them.

Many may lookover gifting thoughtful gifts to their bosses or clients, and instead choose a gift basket. My perspective is that the person who receives these gifts will not feel anything. They will not be happier at all – which defeats the purpose of giving new year’s gifts to your boss or client that we want to continue and build a long lasting relationship with.

cheerful senior mother and adult daughter using smartphone

Congratulations Gift/ Feel-Better-Soon Gift

In this case, there are 2 occasions 1) to congratulate and 2) to encourage them. Actually, the presents will only differ slightly.

For senior gifts that intend to congratulate, it is usually given on the occasion that something great happened in the senior’s life such as a work promotion or even a business anniversary.

Whilst the feel-better-soon gift is suitable for when the senior is going through a rough time in their life such as bad health mishaps or unfortunate accidents.

As for the ‘senior gifts’ on both occasions, you can give beautiful flower baskets to show your encouragement or congratulations. Or if you want to make the gift extra thoughtful, you could also give a present that represents a milestone in their life or an auspicious object that will bring good fortune to their health – that is why I think that gifting the nine gems ring is most suitable for these occasions.

nine gem ring rose gold

2. Who Are You Gifting?

After you know who you are gifting and what occasion you are gifting your seniors on, you may have a rough idea of what is suitable for the occasion and the senior.

The next step to finding a thoughtful senior gift is taking a look at the personality of that specific senior. Who are they? Do they like to look good? Do they love working? Do they like traveling? Or do they like being classy?

You can put these interests of theirs into the gifts you select, making so that when they receive the gift they will undoubtedly be impressed because your gift is appropriate for the occasion as well as their needs. Now, let us take a look at what gifts will suit different senior personalities.

3. Type of Gifts

Gifts for Seniors Who Enjoy Working

woman sitting beside man on wooden bench

For career driven seniors, it would not be difficult to find appropriate gifts for them. Nice cufflinks, small diamond earrings, document bags, elegant pens, laptop bags, a nice belt, leather goods, or anything you think they will be able to use daily.

Another idea I think is interesting for those who want to gift their senior boss whose work involves presentations to clients or whose work involves sales, is the portable projector. They will be able to bring it along to their presentations or use it after work hours to project pictures.

Gifts for Classy Seniors

Gifts for Classy Seniors

If the senior you respect is from a prestigious family or has a luxurious lifestyle, they will enjoy gifts that are premium and made of high quality materials that will enhance their life even more.

If you are buying the gift for your mother or female seniors, you could try high-quality diamond jewelry. If you are not close to that senior, you could also try small diamond earrings or diamond pendants but if you are particularly close to that senior, you could also purchase diamond rings or gold bands for them as well.

But if you are buying the gift for your father’s birthday or for seniors that are male, you could buy high-quality wine glasses or leather goods such as wallets and belts or other male accessories such as a men’s diamond ring or the nine gems ring.

Gifts for Seniors Who Love To Travel

man wearing grey suit jacket

Nowadays many seniors will enjoy traveling as a group to different locations with the reason being that they want to see the world while they are still fit and able. That is why when you buy gifts for seniors who like to travel, you should find gifts that will help them when they are traveling. These gifts also are photography-related gadgets that are not too complicated or heavy.

Gifts for seniors who love to travel could also be neck-pillows, beautiful and light-weighted travel suitcases, waterproof watches, camera bags, high-quality sunglasses, nice coats, or even comfortable traveling shoes.

But if that senior is your boss or your client, you may not be able to buy personal gifts for them. I recommend gifts that will be useful when traveling that still retain a level of formality or work related, such as leather passport bags, small suitcases fit for business trips, and so on.

Gifts for Seniors Who Love Food

woman texture pasta food

For me, if there is a respected senior who loves to eat, the search for that gift will be especially fun because there will be so many foods and candies to choose from as a gift to them.

You could choose to gift a foreign candy that is rare where you are from or you could also take them out to a nice dinner where you pay the bill. Or even better, you could also take them on a trip to try out dishes from the country that they like whilst you take care of them and the logistics of the trip. It is guaranteed that the trip will be memorable for them and that they will mention the trip fondly for a long time.

Gifts for Seniors Who Love To Be Healthy

woman sitting at t able

Of course there are many seniors who are careful about their health and will try to keep their body as healthy as possible. This makes them selective in the food they eat, rigorous in their exercise and their healthy way of life.

But if you want to give healthy seniors, you could find gadgets that help the elderly exercise, such as a pair of sports shoes that are designed to be comfortable, suitable for older users or a smartwatch that will help detect their heart rates and keep their health statistics.

Or if you want to encourage healthy living as a gift to your beloved senior, you could also purchase a yoga for the elderly course for them or an annual health check up course.

Other than this, you could also give a clean eating course where the food is delivered straight to their house for 1 to 3 months. It is guaranteed that they will love your gift and will be very happy about their healthy way for life for a long time.

Gifts for Beauty Conscious Seniors

Some of the things many seniors worry about may be wrinkles and youthful skin. They may want to slow down their aging and to appear like they were in their twenties. Other than this, beauty conscious seniors love to dress up as well as putting on makeup that makes them look fresh.

If you are buying gifts for them or for your mother, you could select skin creams that help with the wrinkles or brand name anti-aging creams or even make up such as classy formal colored lipsticks or elegant perfumes. You could also purchase anti-aging spa courses for them or facial massage and body massage courses – they will undoubtedly be very happy with your gifts.

Conclusion: Thoughtfulness is the Best Gift

happy kid playing with grandfather

The ideas that are mentioned above are only a part of senior gifts that they will like, but of course there are still many other types of gifts you can find and give to them.

The only thing that is required of you is that you put real effort and thought into finding that gift, then, no matter what the present is, they will be able to feel that the respect and thoughtfulness you have put into finding those gifts for them.

white gold necklace

And if you are looking for a senior gift or a new year’s gift for a beloved senior in your life, Above Diamond has the nine gems ring with high quality gems that are selected only from renowned sources as well as high quality diamonds that have gone through a thorough screening process. Or if you wish to order a valuable custom diamond ring to gift your seniors, you can contact us on ordering your diamond jewelry.

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