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5 Gemstone Rings Wearing Tips to Look Fabulous

ruby gold ring on woman hand

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Because beautiful jewelry need not always be decorated with diamonds. We want to take you on a trip, a trip to appreciate the beauty of “gemstone rings” that will let you in on a whole new world of jewelry.

For many customers, when they think about ordering a custom ring, most will think of ordering custom diamond rings, which are gems that are considered the fairest and the most valuable of all – like the saying goes “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”

But I believe that limiting your ring options to just diamond rings may make you miss out on the wide array of beauty that is gemstone rings. They can add more flavor and color to your jewelry collection, to be even more magnificent.

But ordering and selecting the right “gemstone ring” may be a new experience for many. You may feel unsure about the type of gem you should select and the type of ring style that goes great with it, or what ring material works well with your selected gem, or what shade of color your gem should be.

In this article, we will introduce to you the idea of gemstone rings in many forms that will fit various occasions. Minimal gemstone rings to the most extravagant of gemstone rings. Men’s gemstone rings and gemstone rings are used to propose. This introduction will make you enjoy finding your gemstone ring in nuances that you never knew of.

Therefore, before all else, let us get acquainted with the origins of these gems, their colors, their shapes for you to choose from, and what you should know before purchasing a gemstone.

The Origins of Gemstones

natural agate

Gemstones or natural gems are born from the same type of mineral or various types of minerals that are merged together through a natural process. They are separated into 2 groups – diamonds and colored stones.
And if we consider the form in which they are born, they can be separated into 2 subcategories, which are:

  • Inorganic Gems are gemstones that occur naturally from rocks and minerals.
  • Organic Gems are gems that occur naturally from organic beings such as pearls and ambers, for example.

And once the gems are cut and polished, they will become beautiful and brilliant in their respective shades of color according to their minerals. They are popularly used to decorate accessories in many forms.

Most gems will have a hard texture, only some gems will have a softer touch to them but they can be made into jewelry as well because 3 qualities are needed in order to be qualified as a “gem” – beauty, permanence, and rarity. Therefore, if it passes these qualifications, it will be a high-priced object of value.

*Interesting Gems Terminologies*
“Precious Stones” does not mean “valuable rocks” as many understand.

  • Precious gemstones are a group of highly valued gems such as diamond, ruby, sapphire, and emerald.
  • Semi-precious gemstones are a group of not-so-highly-valued gems when compared to the first group and they are made up of aquamarine and topaz.

The Advantages of Purchasing a “Gemstone Ring”

  • Uniquely Standout: When compared to purchasing a diamond ring, purchasing yourself a gemstone ring will result in you having a ring that is uniquely outstanding. The colors of each gem that shine brilliantly unlike any other even if your gemstone ring has a simple design to it.
  • Budget-Friendly: You can adorn your ring with a bigger gemstone that stands out more when compared to purchasing a diamond ring of the same budget. When compared to diamond prices, most gems will have a lower price.
  • More Options: Other than the aforementioned qualities, purchasing a gemstone ring will enable you to select from endless jewelry designs – because there are so many gems and colors to choose from, not only that, but you will also be able to bring many colors of gems to mix and match them into many different combinations.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing a “Gemstone Ring”

  • Not as Hard as Diamonds: What that means, is that your gemstone ring will have an easier time chipping or scratching away. With that said, if we are talking about hard gems that are popularly used to make rings, ruby, blue sapphire, or yellow sapphire – they are considered durable and hard to scratch as they are only second to diamond.
  • Each Gemstone is Completely Unique – Just Like Diamonds: This means that if your gemstone falls off of your ring setting or is damaged, it may take you some time to be able to find another gemstone in the same color and shape to replace it. Gems are popularly cut into various fancy shapes, more than they are cut into a standard shape like diamonds.

natural amethyst
The characteristics of each gem are completely unique.

Getting to Know Different Gems

Gems are unlike diamonds that are one of a kind and are so brilliantly radiant that they are unforgettable but you can select your “gemstone ring” from countless types of gems. There will be types of gems that are more popularly used than others, we recommend you to select gems that has a hardness of at least 7.5/10 from Mohs Hardness Scale:

Photo Credit: GIA


above diamond ruby ring
Ruby is considered one of the hardest gems that are not diamond. Ruby is in the family of corundum, which has a hardness level of 9 on Mohs scale of hardness. There are different shades of red to choose from, from vibrant to dark, or in the names that we know – pigeon blood, bright red, pinkish-red, and orangish-red. The shade of red that is neither too dark nor too bright, is the most beautiful shade a ruby can have, and the ruby of that shade is the most valued.

According to the principles of good fortune rings beliefs, ruby stands for success, status, and longevity. Ruby is also the birthstone of those born on a Sunday.

Blue Sapphire


Blue sapphires are of the same family as ruby, they are corundum and their hardness is also at the same level at 9/10. Blue sapphires have a range of shades from bright blue to pale blue. The shade of blue that is neither too bright nor too dark, is considered the most beautiful of all blue sapphire shades.

In the beliefs of the good fortune rings, a blue sapphire will enhance the love life of its wearer and it will also invoke mercy and wealth. It can also be born as a birthstone for those born on a Friday.

Yellow Sapphire

above diamond yellow sapphire ring
Yellow sapphires are still in the corundum family, known as the hardest of all gems, and it will come with a wide range of yellow to choose from.

The beliefs of the good fortune rings tell us that a yellow sapphire ring enhances one’s charm, alluring love from those nearby. Yellow sapphire is also the birthstone of those born on a Monday.

Tip: You can purchase sapphires from all shades of color, green, pink, purple, or even pink and orange (Called “Padparadscha”, which is extremely rare”. )


above diamond emerald ring
Emerald has a hardness level of 7.5/10 which is considered adequately durable. People see emerald as a gem that is alluring and enigmatic in its green. You can purchase your emerald gemstone ring in various shades of colors, from mid-tone green (If the tone is light green, it is called “green beryl”) to dark green and yellowish-green to bluish-green.

An emerald is a type of gem with flaws that are usually noticeable with the naked eye. Therefore, you should not be alarmed if your emerald gemstone has a few minor flaws. You will only need to keep in mind not to select emeralds with flaws that are too close to the surface or the edge of the gem.

According to the tome of good fortune rings, emerald stands for growth, power, brave faith, and protection from all harm. It is also the birthstone of those born on a Wednesday.

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aquamarine ring
Aquamarine is a clear blue gemstone that is known to be easy on the eyes and also for its playfulness with light. It is a symbol of peace and recovery. Aquamarines will usually have no flaws on display, or if there are any, it will be barely noticeable. It has a hardness level of 7.5/10, the same as emerald because it is the same type of gemstone.

Aquamarine range of colors start from light blue to dark greyish blue, the highest valued aquamarine come is clear and has a tint of green, like the green sea waters.


shades of blue topaz
Topaz has a hardness level of 8/10, which is considered almost as good as rubies and sapphires. Generally and naturally, they come in many shades but the most commonly found shade will have a brownish tint, yellowish tint, pinkish tent, or they will be green or colorless. The most popularly used color shade of topaz will be rare and has a shade of blue – Paraiba, Ice Blue, Swiss Blue, London Blue, and Sky Blue. The blue we see in the market is often topaz that has been enhanced, which is accepted as the norm in the market because real natural blue topazes are extremely rare, popularly, and highly valued.

Even though topazes are strong, they are brittle. Therefore, when you are cleaning your gemstone, you must be extra careful.
Topaz is the gem of Scorpio and it symbolizes love and fortune.


alexandrite ring
Alexandrite, when adorned onto a ring, will become a “gemstone ring” that is unique like no others because it is a gemstone that can change color according to the angle we view it from (color change phenomenon). Alexandrite has a hardness level of 8.5/10 and its uniqueness comes from its ability to change its color depending on the point where light is reflected. If the light making contact with alexandrite is white or fluorescent, bluish-white, or just pure sunlight, we will see alexandrite as green, brownish-green, or bluish-green, similar to emerald. But if the light making contact is orange, it will be red and so the saying goes “Emerald by Day, Ruby by Night”.

The method to select the most beautiful alexandrite is to examine the gemstone when light is normal. You should not select one that is too cloudy or dark – notice the way it changes colors as that is how you will be mainly considering the gem.

Gemstones You Should Be Extra Careful Towards When Worn on a Ring

Actually, all gems can be set into a ring, creating a unique gemstone ring. However, if you want your gemstone to last or if you want to find a gemstone ring to use as an engagement ring or a wedding ring that is durable, you should select a gemstone that is hard and not brittle, like the gemstones we have mentioned above.
But there are also gems that can be used in a ring, the only requirement is that you must be extra careful when wearing them because some gems are easily shattered, some gems are easily scratched because most of these will be softer and budget-friendlier than the ones above, that is why people popularly use them as commonly found jewelry, and they are:


broken opal ring
Photo Credit: Reddit
Its hardness level is only at 5.5-6.5/10 but because opal has an especially unique phenomenon from other gems, which is its play of color when opal is spun around; revealing many shades of colors. This phenomenon will require “water” as its main component, that is when opal is in a dry environment for an extended period of time, its play of color will fade. Therefore, to store an opal gem, there must be a glass of water nearby at all times, to keep this unique quality of theirs safe.


amethyst ring on hand
Its hardness level is 7, which means that we can wear it daily with ease (Amethyst is from the family of “quartz” which is quite a durable mineral) but, as always – safety comes first. Because when it is kept with other gems that are harder, scratches can easily appear on the amethyst. You should also avoid highly concentrated acids.


tanzanite ring
It has a hardness level of only between 6-6.5/10, with its uniquely captivating bluish-purple, it can show off three different colors – you only need to change your perspective. Other than this, the gemstone is extremely clear and flaws are barely noticeable under its surface. But because of its low hardness, it is not recommended to be worn every day because the chances of your tanzanite getting scratched are increased with the number of times you wear it.


natural pink pearl ring
Pearl is an organic gem, it is a shame that its hardness level is only between 2.5-4.5/10 which is why it is not suitable to be worn every day.
Things you should be cautious of when wearing pearls, regardless of the form of jewelry they are in, pearls are delicate and quick to chemical reactions. Locations or even perfumes can reduce its shimmering qualities.
The correct way to take care of them is to use soft fabrics or water-dampened fabrics to wash them. There is no need to wash them in water. They should be kept away from other gemstones because of their low hardness level as they are easily scratched.

It is important to note that they should not be cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner, they should not be kept in humid or hot places and they should be kept in a fabric bag, rather than a plastic one.

Even though pearls are not suitable to be adorned onto a ring because of its softer quality, you can still use them in other forms of jewelry where the level of use is not as strenuous and frequent and impact is easily avoided such as necklace pendants, earrings or special rings made for special occasions.

The Shapes of Gems

After a gemstone is cut and polished, the next step is facetting the gem. You can choose the design of the shape to match your personal style in quite an extensive way as there are many more options for you to choose from when compared to diamonds.
Before all else, let us revise the basics again on the terminologies that are often confused with each other – “shape” and “cut”.

  • Shape means the outer physical appearance we see on the diamond/gemstone, for example, round shape, heart shape, or pear shape.
  • Cut means the characteristic of how the facets of the gemstone are arranged, this directly affects the fire of the diamond/gem.

Classic types of gem cuts
Classic types of gem cuts

  • Brilliant Cut: The most popular of diamond cuts. The table of the gemstone will usually be cut into a triangle, a square, or a kite shape. A total of 58 facets are distributed throughout the gem.
  • Step Cut: The gem is cut into a square shape that descends in order, the edge of the facets is parallel to the edge of the gem – like the steps of a stair. If the gemstone is small in size, it will often be cut into a perfect square or a baguette shape. If the edges of the gem are cut out, it is called an “Emerald Cut”.
  • Mixed Cut: This is a mix between the round brilliant cut and the step cut. It is often seen in the gemstone of the corundum family (Rubies and Sapphires) because fewer of the gem is lost in the process, and also, the cut makes the gem most pleasantly saturated in its colors.
  • Cabochon: This is a type of cut where the top of the gemstone is a smoothly polished dome and the bottom part could either be curved or cut straight. It is often seen when cutting gems that are quite flawed or dim gems or gems that do not allow light to travel through it well such as jade, opal, cat’s eye, black star sapphire, and turquoise.
  • Bead: A hole is made at the center of the gem, usually seen in round shapes and the edges on the outer surface of the gem are cut (Faceted Bead).
  • Fancy Cut: This is a new way of cutting which allows the gemstone to have more facets than the round brilliant cut, the step cut, and the mixed cut.

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The Colors of Gems

The color of a gem is an important aspect that will dictate the look and style of your gemstone ring. If there are 2 rings of the same style, if one has a lighter gemstone adorned onto – it will look light and easy on the eyes. If the other has a darker gemstone adorn onto it – it will give off a luxurious look of a wise and powerful elder. You can choose the colors of your gemstone to best fit your style.
There are 3 main factors to take into consideration when selecting a gemstone, and they are Hue, Saturation, and Tone.
Gems in different shades of colors
Gems in different shades of colors
1. Hue: It tells us the dominant color of the gem, for example, if you are purchasing an emerald ring, that emerald’s dominant color is green which could have a yellowish or bluish tone.

Imperial topaz in different saturation levels
Imperial topaz in different saturation levels
2. Saturation: The saturation of the gemstone’s color will set whether or not that gem is outstanding or not. Because the more vivid a gem’s saturation is, the more valuable it is regardless of its color as it is certain that the gem will be eye-catchingly beautiful.

Additional Information: Gems with warm tone colors will often have a brownish tint and gems with cool tone colors will often have a greyish tint, therefore, if a gem has a brownish/greyish tint, it will decrease the saturation of said gem, decreasing its value as an effect.

Blue Topaz in different tones
Blue Topaz in different tones
3. Tone: Is the darkness or the brightness of the gem, most gems will have a mid-tone that is neither too bright nor too dark, and they are also often highly valuable.

Selecting Ring Material

rainbow earrings

In designing a gemstone ring, if the ring material is white (platinum or white gold), it is suitable to be matched when gems with cool color tones, both dark and light. For example, light blue gems, blue gems, black gems, or gems with special phenomenons such as moonstone and opal to start with.

But if you want to use gems with warm tones, such as ruby, they would be better suited when matched with gold ring materials, yellow gold, vanilla gold, and rose gold.

ruby on yellow gold ring
Other than this, you can choose to adorn your gemstone ring with sapphire, ruby, or emerald. The look you receive will change depending on the color of the ring material, if the ring material is silver or white, the gems will appear bluer, giving a modern and enigmatic look. But if they are used on god ring materials or warm tone ring materials, the gems will appear vibrant and warm, holding a yellow tint, giving a more luxurious and outstanding look.

Setting a Budget for Your Gemstone Ring

It is considered an advantage for those who want to order a gemstone ring that they can choose gemstones that are larger than diamonds at the same price point. Making your dream gemstone ring that is larger than 2 carats,
Therefore, when setting your budget, you may have a number in mind. That number can be anywhere between the thousands or the hundreds of thousands (Or sometimes, even millions, for gemstones that are high in quality and rarity) then can choose the size and quality of the gemstone and the ring to fit your budget. You could also bring along with you a picture of a gemstone ring that you like and a size of gemstone you want to have an expert help audit the price for you.

The Right Ring To Bind Your Gemstone
Now that we have acquainted ourselves with the selection of gemstones, their shapes, and their colors, the next thing that will enhance your gemstone ring to perfection is the ring itself and how well it fits the gemstone – enchanting your gemstone to look the best it can.
Now, let us take a look at which level of fabulousness will suit your heart’s desire.

1. Standard “Gemstone Ring”

The standard ring style, in this case, means the ring style that is usually ordered, and there are 4 types – solitaire, halo, three stones, and pavé
Solitaire Ametrine Ring
Solitaire Ametrine Ring
And if you have just begun your journey in buying gemstone rings, you could select a simple “solitaire gemstone ring” to get the feel of it. It is considered the most popular design because of its low price, simplicity, and all-occasions fitting. It can also be worn at all times. However, for solitaire gemstone rings, selecting the right gemstone size is of the essence. The gem should be proportionate to your ring – it should not be too small that its radiance is completely swallowed or plain.
A Pink Sapphire Halo Pavé Ring
A Pink Sapphire Halo Pavé Ring
But if you want to add brilliance to your gemstone ring, “Gemstone Ring with Diamond Halo” is the 2nd most popular option that adds brilliance and value to your ring by adding real diamonds, making your ring appear larger. A pavé gemstone ring could also achieve similar results.
Three Stones Emerald Ring
Three Stones Emerald Ring
But if you want your gemstone ring to be at the highest level of brilliance, you could order a “Three Stone Gemstone Ring” that is beautiful with its centerpiece gem, accompanied with gems or diamonds that are smaller or similar in size.
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2. Minimal Gemstone Ring / Everyday Wear Gemstone Ring

Selecting a minimal gemstone ring does not always mean selecting the smallest gem. It means selecting a ring design that is simple in its elegance, still able to grasp the gem’s outstanding quality without “overdoing it”.
minimal ruby ring for women
The process of starting a minimal gemstone ring can start from selecting a simple solitaire ring design or if you want to add diamonds to increase the sparkle of the ring, that is a viable option as well but keep the diamonds down in size as small diamonds will already do a wonderful job for you.
agate in bazel setting ring
Using a bezel setting that makes the edge of your gemstone smooth and proportional is also a design that will make your gemstone ring both minimal and modern. It is also suitable for gemstone rings that will be worn daily because using the bezel setting will give greater protection to the ring.
blue sapphire eternity ring
Or if you want to have a small minimalistic gemstone ring, you can choose a design that is decorated with smaller gems in the form of a gem-row ring or an “Eternity Ring” that will make your fingers appear lavish whilst still retaining the minimalist style.

3. Color Wheel Gemstone Ring

Because the vibrant colors of various gemstones are the main draw to decorating gemstones onto rings. That is why you can have fun whilst selecting harmonious colors of gems to merge them into a gemstone ring that is truly unlike any other.
The secret trick that will help you match the colors of your gemstones outstandingly, is knowing the “Color Wheel”.
gemstone color wheel
A Color Wheel Replaced with Different Types of Gems
Credit: llyn strong

ruby with blue sapphire ring
In matching the color pairs for your gemstone ring, you can use these 3 principles:
Using Complementary Colors: For example, you could choose sapphire or ruby as the centerpiece gem, and then surround it with deep blue sapphires, creating a contrast of colors that will stand out.

yellow beryl with emerald ring
Using Related Colors: For example, you could order a gemstone ring with similarly colored gems, a yellow beryl gem could be matched with a green emerald whose color is next to each other on the color wheel.

amethyst ring
Using Analogous Colors: You may especially like a color of a gem, but in ordering a gemstone ring, you may not want it to appear too plain, and adding more gems of the same color of a different shade is also a viable option.

4. Good Fortune Gemstone Rings

above diamond noppakao vanilla gold
You yourself could also choose gemstone rings that are made for good fortune. Your only need to be correct and follow the astrological principles of astrology.

For example, wearing a good fortune ring according to your birthday would involve selecting the right gem, the right design, and the right ring material to match your day of the week’s birthday. For example, if you were born on a Sunday, you should wear a plain ring without any patterns or rings that are adorned with red-colored gems such as ruby. It is believed that the ring will bring you fortune and power.

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Other than this, there is also a popular ring design that is often used as a good fortune ring, that is the “Nine Gems Ring”. Like its name, the ring is a collection of 9 auspicious gems. It is believed that the ring will enhance your luck in every aspect – love, finance, business, and career.
For the nine gems ring, the main principle is using all the 9 auspicious gems, which means that you can select the ring design that fits you best or you could also design a good fortune ring that is minimalist in its appearances, giving off a more modern look – all is possible.

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5. Men’s Gemstone Ring

Most men’s gemstone rings will have a wide design, placing the large gemstone in the middle, to be worn on fingers that are larger than women’s fingers. This gives the ring a suave, luxurious, and wise look.
In selecting a men’s gemstone ring, there are 3 ideas for you to choose from:
men’s gemstone ring

Large Cut Gemstone Ring: The gemstone adorned onto the ring is brilliantly cut into a sparkling delight that shines radiantly at the center of the ring. Popular gems are yellow sapphire with an amber-like color, dark emerald as well as deep blue sapphires.

blue sapphire eternity ring for men
Small Cut Gemstone Ring / Gem Row Ring: You can choose to set the round cut gems with the same colors or in the pair of colors you want. You can also choose your birthday’s color gem to bring you good fortune. The selected gems will be set into the ring in a “Channel Setting”, creating a modern gemstone ring, suitable for those who want a wedding ring that is unique to themselves.

tiger's eye ring
Cabochon Gemstone Ring: This type of men’s gemstone ring is highly popular because its sparkle is not too on the nose and it also effortlessly enhances your style. Suave. Inevitably cool.
This type of men’s gemstone ring is often decorated with cabochon cut gemstones that have a smooth curve similar to a teardrop.
Popular gems used in the cabochon cut gemstone ring are jade, amber, turquoise, opal, cat’s eye, as well the black gem which many look over – onyx. Despite the scarce attention it receives, it matches well with any look a man wants to wear.

Selecting a Gemstone Ring Is Just as Fun and Exciting as Selecting a Diamond Ring

Because having a gemstone ring in your possession will bring you praise of the uniqueness and beauty that is your ring which is made from the result of a long natural underground process. It has traveled far from the depths of the Earth to be where it is meant to be – right on your fingers.
Because of its variety of colors and characteristics, you can have fun mixing and matching gemstone rings without end, helping you to achieve the look that you truly want to hold. Sometimes, it may also bring you good fortune and confidence in living your life.
And if you want to begin ordering a beautiful gemstone ring, but you do not know how, you can consult our gemstone ring expert at Above Diamond, right here.

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