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6 Face Shapes and How to Match Diamond Earrings

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It can be said that buying a pair of diamond earrings is like selecting a soulmate who will be with us for a long time.

If you are thinking about buying diamond earrings right now, we believe that will take some consideration, especially for women…right? Not only will the earrings have to be beautiful, when we wear them, we must also be just as beautiful as the diamonds.

We start from preparing our budget, personal preferences and style will both affect the complicatedness of making our decision – ‘I really like that style, oh this style is great as well’ but in the end, we will probably desire a pair of real diamond earrings to enchant our look and create a charm that truly suits our face shape.

women face earrings

Therefore, buying diamond earrings for our face shape is an easy technique – the most basic, yet, the most essential because your earring should make you beautiful without effort.

You will only have to start by determining what face shape we have, then, you can try out the tips and tricks from this article to find your ears’ best friends. I guarantee you will look more beautiful when you find the right earrings.

Face Shape – Round

round face shape earrings

Having a round face shape means that the widest part of your face is your cheeks without having a slender chin. If any of you ladies are worrying about your round and puffy-cheeked face, I must tell you, this is the face shape for most Asians – therefore, please let go of that worry, you will only need to choose longer earrings or dangle earrings to fit your face shape.

The most popular earrings for women with round face shape are:

  1. Long teardrop earrings.
  2. Dangle chain earrings are decorated with beautiful designs at the end.
  3. Earrings that have a gradual descent, when decorated with diamonds or other gems will appear very stylish.

With that being said, if you have a round face shape, you should avoid round earrings, wide earrings, or oversized earrings because it will emphasize the roundness of your face, making your face shape wider and rounder.

Face Shape – Long

long face shape earrings

Having a long face shape means that you have a wide forehead, with your cheeks and jaws being considerably close to each other. The important thing to consider is to increase the plumpness of your face, therefore, earrings that suit your face shape are round.

Therefore, earrings that are suitable for women with long face shape are:

  1. Button-shaped earrings or single diamond earrings as they are highly suitable in showing off a brilliant diamond and this earring shape is a classic one that can be used on many occasions – it will also help women with narrow cheekbones to look even more beautiful.
  2. Bouquet-shaped earrings that are decorated with pearls or diamonds will make women with the long face shape more adorable.
  3. Round dangle earrings will add more tenderness and radiance to your face shape as well.

If you want to start with one pair of diamond earrings, we recommend the single diamond earrings as a suitable option for women with longer face shapes. Because of its simple and not-overly-extravagant look, it can be worn on many occasions. Formal events, work attire, or even on your day-offs, when worn with a denim jacket – it will look great as well.

Face Shape – Square

square face shape diamond earrings

The square face shape will have the same width to length ratio. The cheekbones and the jawline are at 90 degrees. When combined with other aspects such as hairline, forehead, and other facial features, the overall shape will be that of a square. This face shape is fabulous and the harsh angles can be reduced by using earrings.

Women with a square face shape should avoid wider earrings, especially wider square earrings because it will make your face appear wider than reality and so the earrings you should wear are the following:

  1. Round earrings, for example, button-shaped earrings, round pearl earrings, etc.
  2. Round dangle earrings.
  3. Hoop earrings, especially hoop earrings that show off a sparkling line of diamonds, will greatly enhance your style and can be worn on many occasions. When you wear earrings of this style, it will give you a much more modern look.

If you have a square face shape and you are unable to make up your mind on which earrings style to choose, hoop earrings are a great choice for your face shape because they can be worn during your work days or during your night outs. It can add to your style, and more importantly, the earring shape will make your face much more radiant as long as you shape the right size that is not too overly large to the point where it takes attention away from your face.

Face Shape – Rectangle

rectangle face shape earrings

If your face has considerably strong angles and is long, it means you have a rectangular face shape. You choose to wear longer earrings over wider earrings.

Overall, teardrop dangle earrings or bouquet earrings that are decorated purely with diamonds or mixed gems, or prominently shaped earrings with eye-catching designs, or button-shaped diamond earrings are all great choices for women with the rectangle face shape.

Face Shape – Oval

oval face shape earrings

Women with the oval face shape will have a proportionate length to width ratio. They are considered the luckiest because they can look beautiful with all types of earrings, but as always, we have the best choices for women with the oval face shape:

  1. Long teardrop earrings.
  2. Dangle earrings or long oval-shaped earrings.
  3. Long dangle earrings that have a wider mid or bottom section to make your face shape even slimmer.

Or you could enjoy fashion earrings or strangely shaped earrings because women with this face shape will be able to wear many styles of earrings.

But a technique I want to recommend is that, because this face shape has many variations – some may have long slender oval face shape whereas some may have puffy cheeks like a chicken egg, therefore I want you to stick with the oval-shaped earrings and the teardrop earrings because they will put more emphasis on the softer curves of your face shape.

Chandelier earrings are also a great choice for when you want to stand out, this earring style has an elegantly luxurious look that is appropriate for when you have to attend a night-time social event.

Face Shape – Heart

heart face shape earrings

The heart face shape refers to a face with wide foreheads that gradually becomes more narrow from the cheeks to the chin, with the chin being prominent and pointed. The earrings that suit this face shape would be earrings that fill up the cheeks and chin section, and they are:

  1. Long earrings with curved ends to help put emphasis on your cheekbones.
  2. Chandelier earrings will give you a radiant and elegant look.
  3. Teardrop earrings that are decorated with gems, metals, or sparkling diamonds are also suitably beautiful.

An easy technique for women with this face type is to select earrings that lessen the sharpness of your cheeks and chin. Therefore, the shape of the earrings will be ones with wider ends. If you want to try out strange designs such as the triangle earrings, they are a fabulous path you can take.

Special: Face Shape – Diamond

Women with this face shape will have eye-catching cheekbones, which is a unique quality of women with the diamond face shape. Their face is widest at the cheeks, then, the face becomes narrower towards the forehead and the chin – like a diamond.

Some may think that it is difficult to find accessories for the diamond face shape, but actually, what you should focus on is similar jewelry to women with the heart face shape. We want to recommend the following earrings types:

  1. Long earrings with a soft curve at the end to reduce the prominent angles of your face.
  2. Avoid diamond shaped earrings because they will make your cheeks section appear wider.
  3. Dangle earrings that are wider at the end will greatly add balance to your face shape.
  4. Earrings that are worn directly on your ears such as the classic single diamond earrings are a great option in reducing the angular nature of your face shape.

Therefore, women with the diamond face shape will have a simple technique in choosing earrings, which is to avoid wearing earrings that are top-wide or middle-wide because it will make the midsection of your face too wide. Priority must be given to creating a balance between the soft curves of your face and the strong angular features of your face, that is it.

Conclusion: Choose the Right Pair of Diamond Earrings To Easily Enchant Your Beauty

diamond stud earrings on ear

It does not matter what your face shape is, oval, long, square, rectangle, diamond, or heart – we just want you to keep in mind a simple technique in dressing, putting on makeup, or even selecting the right pair of earrings, that is ‘Emphasize the strengths, cover up the weaknesses). You only need to know what face shape you have, for example, if you have a square face shape, you should avoid wearing square earrings and choose to wear round earrings instead.

But if we were to recommend an earring style that is basic and can be worn on many occasions, the single diamond earrings and the hoop earrings are interesting choices. They have simple shapes that are easily mixed and matched with many outfits. Working outfits, shirt-with-jeans outfits, or even nightgowns where you want simple elegance.

These two earrings are also suitable for many face shapes, square face shape, long face shape, or even diamond face shape, the single diamond earrings suit them all. Or you can just select shapes that reduce your weak points, for example, if you want to wear hoops earrings when you have a round shape face, you can to go for oval shape hoops earrings or diamond shape hoops earrings to fabulously make your face more slender, instead of going for the larger and rounder hoops earrings.

Therefore, when you have a type of earrings that truly suit your face, you can then select the design which you like whether that is classic or modern, then you can choose the decorative diamonds as you wish. As for the shape of the diamonds and how they tell you what your personality is, you can read that in this article: 4 Tips in choosing ‘women’s diamond rings’ that will help you look elegant and beautiful!

Other than diamond earrings, us women should also know the selection methods for other diamond jewelry to easily enhance our already beautiful look to be complete at: 5 Must have diamond jewelry

As for the last piece of jewelry that is extremely important for women, that is, the confidence you have in being yourself.

If you are interested in ordering beautiful real diamond earrings that fit your face shape perfectly with high quality and hand-selected diamonds, please contact us to receive free consultation.

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