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How to Wear Diamond to Work Subtly


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Nowadays, how many diamond jewelry does a working woman such as yourself wear to work? Sometimes you may not realize that you may be overdressed or underdressed for your work.

And most of us will usually not know what is going through our coworker’s head when we wear our diamond jewelry, some of them may be thinking ‘The diamonds you are wearing…they hurt my eyes’.

Usually, when I dress for work, I will wear my solitaire diamond engagement ring in minimal style. Once the pieces of jewelry exceed 3, I may be overdoing it. That would be more suitable for nighttime. This is especially prevalent when you are already wearing a diamond wedding ring or an engagement ring, when the diamond jewelry you wear to work is added, it may be unnecessary.

If today, you are worried about ‘how to wear diamond to work’ and want to wear diamond jewelry to look elegant and not arrogant, we have brought to you some daily tips you can use.

1. If They Make Noises When You Move, That’s Too Much

tennis diamond bracelet

Many may think that wearing multiple bracelets or diamond bracelets to work will make them appear more fabulous, but if you were to walk through many coworker’s desks at your office with a clanging noise sound effect – you may look unprofessional.

A better way to wear smaller diamond jewelry that is appropriate, not only is there no need to wear so much jewelry that they make noises, you will look much classier.

2. Wear an Appropriate Amount of Sparkling Jewelry

diamond necklace

Surely, if you wear diamond jewelry to work, there will be sparkling light from your diamond. It can make your day brighter, but if your diamond is too large, it may reflect so much light that your coworkers may get distracted all day long. That is overdoing it.

That is why you should select smaller diamond jewelry to wear to work, it will make your day bright and shiny like the diamond you wear. You can keep the larger diamonds, both earrings, and necklaces, for nighttime events – that would be a better fit for the occasion.

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3. Do Not Wear Earrings That Are Long and Dangling or Overly Large

circle diamond earrings

You can wear diamond to work by wearing smaller dangle earrings or diamond earrings with small hoops, they are considered great looking. But if your diamond earrings are too long and dangle with large movements every time you move, that is too much. It can distract others around you.

Suppose you were to wear those long dangling diamond earrings to a job interview, it is certain that the interviewer will not be paying attention to what you are saying but rather, their eyes will be on the sparkling line of diamonds that move with your head. It could negatively impact your chances of getting your dream job.

4. Cycle Through Your Diamond Jewelry

diamond pendant

This is a good tip for those who want to wear diamond jewelry to work whilst appearing classy and not too dull. It would be great if you started creating a collection of diamond jewelry for you to wear to work. You do not have to buy many pieces, you only need to select appropriately brilliant diamonds that are valuable and suit your everyday work attire.

Try imagining the tediousness of coming home from a long day and taking off your heavy diamond earrings and diamond necklace, would it not be better if you wore lighter diamond jewelry that is easier to take off and easier to put on in the mornings?

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5. Do Not Wear Too Much Jewelry on Your Left Hand

ring on index finger

We will wear jewelry on our left hand more often than our right hand, because most people who are right-handed will use their prominent hand to work, and so wearing diamond jewelry on their right hand when dressing for work would not be convenient.

For this reason, if we wear all our diamond jewelry on our left hand – wristwatches, engagement rings or wedding rings as well as diamond bracelets, it will make our left hand have too much jewelry. A better way to accessorize your left hand is to only wear one important piece.

I want to recommend that if the wristwatch your wear does not make you appear more professional, your engagement ring or wedding ring will.

6. Select Attention Drawing Points Instead of Using the ‘No More Than 3 Pieces’ Rule

couple diamond bracelet

Even though many of us will try to wear diamonds to work by using the ‘no more than 3 pieces’ rule because it will result in us wearing just the ‘right’ amount of diamond jewelry but actually, selecting an area on our body that we want to bring attention to and then wearing jewelry on that part is a more stylish alternative. More than that, you can also wear many stacking jewelry pieces.

I want you to think about the area of your body that you want to bring attention to. For example, if you have to go to a networking party but want to dress in a smart-casual way, similar to how you dress during the day, selecting a more prominent diamond ring will make your gestures you make during a greeting handshake or when holding a glass much more elegant.

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Or when you have to make a presentation at work, wearing a diamond brooch on your coat will also bring attention to you from the audience.

7. If You Do Not Usually Wear Makeup, Add More Diamond Jewelry

diamond pendant

It does not matter what characteristics you have, you could be a sweet woman who wears light makeup or a confident empowered woman who wears no makeup at all, adding diamond jewelry to your work outfit will make you appear more professional, enhancing the statuses of those who prefer to wear light makeup.

Other than this, if you have just pulled an all-nighter and your face appears tired in the morning, adding diamond jewelry can make you look much more lively.

You also switch from solitaire diamond earrings to hoops earrings or bigger diamond rings as well.

8. Let Who You Are Shine Through

women wearing diamond jewelry

From all the tips we have shared in this article, on the days where you want to look like yourself the most, you can ignore the tips and wear your favorite fabulous diamond jewelry that will catch all the attention in your office. With that being said, do not forget to simplify your work outfit as well.

And if you work in a creative line of professions or at a start-up company with looser dress codes, you are considered lucky. Wearing larger diamond earrings will not upset anyone, surely.

Other than this, we also have tricks on starting a diamond jewelry selection for work. For women who love collecting diamond jewelry, you can use this to plan what types of diamond jewelry you should buy, when should they be worn, and during what occasion, and at price point would they be appropriate.

Purchasing Diamond Jewelry To Wear To Work

For diamond jewelry to wear to work, you will not need to have many items in your collection. You will only need 2-3 pieces of diamond jewelry from these categories, then you can mix and match them in a cycle to fit with your work outfit.

1. Statement Ring

Statement Ring for work

A statement ring or a main ring that you use to tell others who you are. It should be simple and high-quality. You should collect 2 – 3 styles of this type of ring and they should not be too sparkly, they should be just enough for your workers to constantly say ‘What a beautiful ring’.

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2. Stackable Ring

stacking ring for work

Stackable rings or a ring set should not be too large. You could use eternity diamond rings that use smaller diamonds or diamond row rings that are paired with different colored gems that have great meanings.

With these sets of rings, you can adapt the way you wear your rings every day. You only purchase them once, but you can use them to their value in so many ways.

3. Short Necklaces With a Diamond Pendant

diamond necklace for work

Select small diamond pendants that are both stylish and meaningful for you, so that you can start a good day by wearing a meaningful piece of jewelry. Other than this, wearing necklaces that are too long may not be suitable for women with wider hips because it can make their hips appear more prominent.

Therefore the appropriate length for your diamond necklace would be between 16 inches to 18 inches, it will hang down to your neck section and they will fit almost every one of your working outfits.

4. Single Diamond Earrings

diamond earrings for work

A pair of single diamond earrings are a classic piece of diamond jewelry, they can be used for your workdays to great effects whilst also making you appear radiant and classy. You can purchase more than 3 pairs of single diamond earrings so that you can use them to mix and match with other diamond jewelry better.

5. Dangle Diamond Earrings

drop earrings for work

If you choose to purchase dangle diamond earrings to wear during your workdays, you should choose to use dangle earrings that have a similar shape to a teardrop. An even better choice is to select earrings that do not move around at all, to give you a more professional look.

6. Diamond Bracelets

small round diamond bracelets

Choose diamond bracelets that are not too thick or large, the diamonds should be adequate. If you are already wearing a wristwatch, you should wear diamond bracelets as that would be ‘overdoing it’.

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7. Diamond Brooches

diamond brooches for work

You should select diamond brooches that appear modern and not too old-fashioned, but sometimes, selecting a vintage brooch can work if it goes along with the trend of the year.

The brooch can be attached to your jacket, or if you are wearing a stylish turtleneck, attaching a brooch to it will make the look more complete. Other than this, the brooch should not be attached directly to the chest area, they should be just above that area because we want the brooch to enhance our facial features, not our chest.

Or you could also use a trendy brooch to decorate your hair, for example, when you are wearing a ponytail, you can attach the brooch with your hairband – this is an equally appealing choice.

Shine Bright by Wearing Diamond Jewelry To Work

Because we should make every day a great day, even if it is a workday. Wearing diamond jewelry to work can show the world who you are, making the day a much better day.

But you should only wear smaller diamond jewelry, just appropriately brilliant, not too much to the point where they clang together. Bring the right attention at the right time by wearing diamond jewelry in the right places.

Just like that, you can now select diamond jewelry that is suitable to wear to work every day. Simple, elegant, and not irritating to your coworkers. Not only that, but your overall look will also be greatly improved.

And if you are looking for diamond jewelry that looks great, is reasonably priced, and can be worn daily – you can contact us to receive a consultation and recommendations on different styles.

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