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Nine Gem Rings: Secrets to Boost Your Luck with Gemstones


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If you are looking for a ‘Nine Gemstone nine gems ring, how can you be sure that you will receive high quality gemstones that bring you good fortune?

If you want to buy a diamond ring, you would have to check the ‘quality of the diamond’ – Is it real? Are there certifications? Are the clarity and color of high grades? This shows us that just buying one kind of gemstone will already require a lot of thought and effort. What about nine kinds of gemstones of the ‘Nine Gemstones Ring’? How would you choose the gemstones to ensure that they are of high quality and are actually correct according to the astrological principles?

What Is a Nine Gems Ring?

meaning of nine gems ring

The ‘Nine Gems Ring’ is one of the good fortune rings that is adorned with 9 sacred gems. It can bring good fortune to its wearer and is made up of these 9 gems:

  1. Diamond – power, wealth and defeat against enemies.
  2. Ruby – fortune, status, career, growth and longevity.
  3. Emerald – bravery, protection from danger, and faith.
  4. Topaz – charm and being loved by others.
  5. Garnet – longevity and being free of illness.
  6. Sapphire – love, mercifulness, wealth and abundance.
  7. Moonstone – purity, peace and victory against enemies.
  8. Zircon – victory in lawsuits and conflicts as well as wealth.
  9. Chrysoberyl (Cat’s Eye) – divine protection and protection from accidents.

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You may have noticed that during the past few years, the ‘Nine Gems Ring’ has surged in popularity because of the belief that the ring will bring good fortune, ease of life, wealth, career growth and good health.

That is why countless businesses have countlessly produced nine gems rings to be sold and many consumers have decided to buy those rings in a haste solely because of their deep faith in the belief. The rings they receive are at a low price, however, the gems could be fake, low quality or even against the astrological principles of the rings.

Nine Gems Stone Rings Are Not Easy To Find

navaratana ring

Even though, nowadays, it seems like you can readily find nine gems stone rings at any general gem stores – but for you to actually acquire a nine gems ring that is of a high quality that is worth its price is considered extremely difficult.

The issues you may face when trying to buy a nine gems stone ring without enough knowledge on the subject of gemstones are:

  1. Receiving Fake Gems: Especially when that nine gems ring is within the early thousands price range, there is a high chance that the seller has swapped out the gems – using synthesized gems from glass or plastic instead. Even though synthesized gems will have nearly all the characteristics of a real gem, the auspiciousness of your good fortune ring will decrease. The ring could have no effect on your life at all because it is against the astrological principles. In the end you will have bought that nine gems ring for nothing.
  2. Wrong Gems: If the seller does use real gems, it is possible that they could use the wrong gems – they could use gems that have similar colors to reduce the costs. This results in you not receiving the desired effects of the ring you seek.
  3. Lower Quality Gems: In the case where the seller’s gem selection process is not thorough, you may receive gems that are flawed, pale and low quality. Because of the lower cost your nine gems ring may not be durable, prone to damage and lacking in brilliance.

That is why we want you to examine the gems on your prospective nine gems ring so that the product you receive will be worth your money with real gems that fit the astrological principles of the nine gems ring. In this article, we want to tell you how to check if the gems are real as well as the quality of the gems.

Nine Gems Ring: How To Get the Real Deal

Before all else, we want you to be acquainted with the nature of real gems and know how to check which gems are real and which gems are fake or synthesized. This can be used as an initial screening process so you may feel relatively safe when purchasing the nine gems ring – at least you know that you will be receiving real gems that have value. What is that process? Let us take a look.

Noppagao ring

  1. Check the Sparkles: Usually real gems will reflect 2 types of sparkles: the white and grey sparkle that is called ‘brilliance, and the rainbow colored reflection that is called ‘fire’. If the gem reflects more fire than brilliance, you should suspect that the gem may be fake because synthesized gems made from ‘Cubic Zirconia’ (CZ) will have high prism reflective properties. When light is shined upon them, they will reflect a clear rainbow sparkle except for gems of the Zircon family.
  2. Check the Flaws: Checking the flaws in searching for a nine gems ring does not mean selecting the ring with the least flaws. Natural gems will often have flaws with them, if the gems are truly without flaws – its price will be very high. That is why when you see nine gems ring without any flaws that are sold at a low price, you should suspect that the gems may be fake or synthesized.
  3. Check the Colors: Checking the colors of the gems will require analyzing them in accordance to their gem types. In checking the colors of the gems in the nine gems ring, you will need to know and remember what types of colors and tones a gem has. For sapphires, if at a lower price point, it is rare that the colors will be equal. Most of them will also have lined-colors flaws within the gem. If you find any sapphire that is equal in color and extremely clear at a low price, it is possible that the sapphire is synthesized or fake.

Now that you know the basics of distinguishing between real and fake gems, we can move on to how you can select high-quality diamonds and gems.

High Quality Diamonds

looking at diamond on nine gems ring

On the nine gems ring, the ‘diamond’ is the most valuable gem with its unmatched durable property and like our experts have mentioned before on the topic of selecting real diamonds in our various previous articles – the heart of finding high-quality diamonds is in the 4Cs of diamonds that is made up of Carat, Cut, Color and Clarity.

A diamond’s carat is its size in weight and has the most impact on the pricing. The bigger it is, the more expensive it is.

However, on a nine gems ring, the diamond you choose to adorn the ring will have the same size as the other gems – making the carat of the diamond a secondary factor in choosing your diamond. We want you to focus on the clarity characteristics of the diamond as it is a factor that will determine how brilliant your diamond will be once the diamond is on your nine gems ring. Regardless of the diamond size, if you select a diamond that is within the clarity grade of VVS1 VVS2, VS1, and VS2, your diamond will be clear and will have bare-visible flaws.

As for the diamond color grade, we recommend you to choose diamonds that are colorless (Grade D, E, F) and nearly colorless (Grade G, H, I, J) as they are clear and will have very little discoloration. If possible, you should select a 3EX diamond that has excellent 3 cutting properties that are Cut, Polish and Symmetry.

Do not forget to ask for a diamond certificate to ensure that the diamond on your nine gems ring will be real and of a high quality like you have agreed to buy with the store.

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High Quality Gems

looking at beautiful gems

To check the quality of the gems, you can actually take them to a trusted institution for a detailed analysis but actually, you can still use the previous 4Cs in considering the quality of the gems as well. Only that, the order of importance of the 4 factors will differ from diamonds.

Generally, the factor which will set the price of a diamond is its carat, clarity, color and cut, respectively. As for gems, the order of the 4Cs are as follow:

  1. Color: Checking the color of the grade will involve examining if the colors are deep and clear but not to the point where the colors are too vibrant in the case of fake gems. Or if the colors are too pale, it may be a lower quality gem.
  2. Clarity: Natural gems will usually have flaws, especially emeralds that may have more flaws than other gems. Gems with less flaws are usually rare and very expensive, therefore, selecting a gem with flaws is fine but the flaw itself should not be a factor that contributes to lessening the overall durability of the gem. For example, if a gem has numerous flaws on its edges or if it has fractures – you should avoid using that gem for your nine gems ring.
  3. Cut: This principle remains the same for gems as it did for diamonds – there are many factors to be considered. The shape, the depth and width of the gem as well as its symmetrical table. If the cut is too deep, the light coming will reflect out through the sides of the gem, making the gem appear dim. If the cut is too shallow, the light will disappear at the bottom of the gem, making it lack any brilliance.
  4. Carats: For selecting high quality gems, the carat weight becomes the least important factors. It is true that bigger gems are generally more expensive, however, the weight that is used in pricing will lean towards other factors which are color, clarity and cut as well.

And because the nine gems ring is made up of 9 types of gems that all have different characteristics and properties. To make sure you receive a high quality gem, you will have to examine many types of gems. The gems can be grouped into 5 groups and they are as follows.

1. Sapphire & Garnet Gem Family (Topaz, Sapphire, Ruby ​​and Garnet)

sapphire on ring

The Sapphire gem family is the second hardest gems, they are second only to diamonds. On the hardness scale, they are at level 9. They are in the aluminum oxide mineral type that is made up of different ores such as iron, titanium, copper chromium, and magnesium that give the gems their different colors. As for the Garnet gem family, their hardness levels are between 6.5 – 7.5. Garnets actually come in many colors such as pink, purple and green but the color that is used in the nine gems ring is a ruddy red color that is called the ‘Pyrope’. The gems on the nine gems ring that are from these gem families are topaz, sapphire, ruby, ​​and garnet which all come in different colors and rarity.

ruby and garnet

Usually, gems that cause confusion are ruby and garnet with ruby being the more expensive one. Both appear on the nine gems ring and give different auspicious properties. To be safe, you should be able to distinguish between them so that the seller will not be able to swap in lower quality gems.

The difference between ruby and garnet is in its color. If you notice a more orange or brown tone in your gem than the red, bluish-red, or purple – you keep in mind that it may be a garnet gem, not ruby. If viewed under a magnifier, if you see green and yellow light reflections, that gem is garnet as well because ruby has the property to absorb the green and yellow colors which is why those colors cannot be seen under a magnifier.

2. Emerald

emerald gem cut

Emerald is a green gemstone that comes from the ore beryl, which is a mix of chromium and vanadium. High grade emeralds will often come from Columbia which is a source of high quality emeralds with deep green colors. Nowadays, emeralds from Zambia are rising in popularity because of its deep green color as well and also because there are fewer flaws in their emeralds.

The color of the emerald is the main factor in the selection process. The color of the emerald does not always have to be deep, instead, it is up to these 3 factors which are Hue, Tone, and Saturation that is the most important factor in making the emerald look eye-catching. For example if you buy an emerald that is mid-range in terms of its color deepness with low saturation, its overall look will appear pale and uninteresting. But sometimes if you select a lighter colored emerald with high saturation, its brilliance and sparkle will appear more eye-catching.

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3. Zircon

zirconCredit: Pinterest

Zircon is a silicate ore type with its chemical equation being Zirconium Silicate (ZrSiO4), it is considered a gem with a hardness level between 7 – 7.5. Zircon can be found in almost every color, with the rarest variation being the colorless zircon which has the least mixture of other ores. The highest value of zircon is blue which can happen naturally or through a process of burning zircon to change its color. The zircon used in the nine gems ring, since ancient traditions, will be red or brownish-red which are natural colors.

Another advantage of the zircon is that it is a gem that has a high clarity. It appears clear and relatively without flaws, however, because zircons are natural gems – there is a chance that the gem may have flaws. These flaws can commonly be found through a loupe.

And because zircons are high-density ores, its weight will be heavier than other gems of the same size which is why zircons are found in smaller forms rather than bigger forms. 1 carat zircons are up to 30% smaller than diamonds.

4. Moonstone

moonstone crystalCredit: Pinterest

Moonstone or its chemical name, Sodium Potassium Aluminium Silicate ((Na,K)AlSi3O8) are in the Feldspar category of ores. It is considered a special gem because of its unique colors and sequin texture which creates an enigmatic beautiful look. When light is shone upon a moonstone, its reflection is clear with the colors varying depending on the texture of the moonstone.

There are two factors which come in to play when selecting moonstones – firstly, the color should be clear. There should be no yellow, brown or green discoloration. Secondly, the light dispersion should be clear, not dim.

Other than this, moonstones are often cut into a shape called ‘Cabochon’. This shape will help the moonstone to show its color and sparkle in many dimensions, causing it to appear interesting and mystical. The cabochon should have an adequate thickness and it should not be too flat – otherwise, it will not be able to reflect light well and will have lower value.

5. Chrysoberyl (Cat’s eye)

Cats eye)Credit: Pinterest

Chrysoberyl or cat’s eye is unique in its type of light reflection called ‘Chatoyancy’ that is created from inner flaws of the fiber lines that are parallel throughout the gem.

You can select high quality chrysoberyl by examining its cat’s eye reflection. The more shiny it is, the better. However, if the chrysoberyl you are examining appears pale or too shiny, it could be fake.

Enhance Your Luck With the Power of Real Gems

Therefore, if you intend on buying a ring that will bring good fortune in your life in many different aspects, you should use gems that are correct according to the astrological principles because it will help your chance in receiving the desired effects you seek. We hope that this detailed article will be able to help you find real gems of high quality to adorn your nine gems ring stone.

noppakao ring in rose gold

You can discover our nine gems rings that have gone through a gem-by-gem selection process by our experts, and are carefully crafted with high quality gems from renowned sources – feel free to visit us and take a look at them at Above Diamond.

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