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22 Couple Wedding Ring Styles for Lovers


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Whether you and your lover have just met each other or if you have loved each other for a long time – wearing a couple wedding rings or a pair of matching diamond rings is a small symbolic gesture that will always be romantic.

If you are planning to get married soon (Congratulations!) and are looking for a pair of beautiful diamond engagement rings, today, I have brought 22 couple wedding rings of different styles for you right here. What’s also included is the symbolic meaning for each style so that you may choose the style that fits your love best in this article.

1. Eternally Immortal

halo diamond for couple
Made especially to please women who like the ‘Halo’ design that consists of a 1 carat center diamond that is surrounded by smaller diamonds to help the centerpiece appear larger. As for the men’s counterpart, the design is minimalistic and manly. It is considered one of the most popular couple wedding rings designs. If you are curious about how much a 1 carat diamond costs, I recommend you to read this article.

2. Unique Like No Other

flower halo diamond ring
This pair of diamond rings are suitable for women who do not want to wear round diamonds like others, or for women who especially like other shapes of diamonds. The bride’s ring is decorated by a large ‘Heart Shape’ diamond which is not commonly seen, the impressiveness is added upon by the smaller round diamonds that surround it. It is a style that will completely set you apart.

3. Set yourself apart with Rose Gold

rose gold couple rings
This is a strange set of couple wedding rings because the design consists of small round diamonds with the main attraction being the material used for the ring itself that has a playful rose gold and white gold design. I guarantee you that this engagement ring style will have you and your partner looking as stylish as can be.

4. Forever a Couple

couple ring big diamond
This couple wedding ring design shows a high level of intricate craftsmanship – from its extravagant string of round diamonds on the bride’s ring that appears balanced when next to the simpler diamond design of the groom’s ring. This style shows an eternal duality that you and your lover will be together forever like you have both promised.

5. Simple Elegance

couple diamond rings eternity ring
Gold and diamond are congruent to each other, especially when used as components of a couple’s wedding ring. The simple textures and patterns of the groom’s ring that match the sparkling radiance from the bride’s ring will create an effect that is suitable for lovers who like simplicity and are charmed by the allure of pure gold.

6. Harmony in Contrast

1 carat diamond couple rings
Some lovers may not always have to like the same things. That would be quite boring, right? That is why this couple wedding ring is a perfect option. One ring is made out of white gold and is decorated with diamonds, for women who love the finer things in life, whilst the other is a gold band decorated with one diamond gem. This couple wedding ring is suitable for lovers who love the differences they share with their partner.

7. Budget Forgiving Rings

couple ring yellow gold
If you are looking for a couple wedding ring design that is the most timeless, this would be it. With the basic diamond centerpiece design of the bride’s ring and the simple gold band with a small diamond row design of the groom’s ring – this design is suitable for lovers who want to save their budget to get a headstart in their family life. Once ready, the couple could also upgrade the carat of their diamond later on if they desire to.

8. Pure Love

diamond halo ring style
Have you ever felt that white gold has a certain alluring charm to it? It is a feeling you nor I can describe into words. That may be because white is a symbol of purity, once it is paired with a diamond; it creates a pair of couple wedding rings that appear clean and pleasing to the eye, symbolizing the purity of love you and your partner share.

9. Similarity in Difference

emerald cut diamond ring eternity ring
An ideal love does not always mean you and your partner have to share every liking, what is important is that you both compliment each other well – like this couple wedding ring. The diamond and the ring are both different, yet, they give an impression of understanding. The bride and the groom can wear whichever one they like best, another good idea is that they could even take turns wearing each ring.

10. The Perfect Couple

couple diamond ring yellow gold
This style is one of the legendary classic ring designs. It can be said that this style of couple’s wedding ring uses the same blueprint with one ring having a single diamond gem for the lady whilst the other having the same design for the gentlemen. Choosing this style of couple diamond rings means that you and your partner are the same, the perfect couple!

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11. Lovers Forever

couple diamond ring yellow gold
Even though this pair of rings does not share as much similarity with each other as the previous design, the distinctive point of this design is the use of yellow gold for each ring. Both the bride’s and the groom’s ring will be made out of yellow gold, with the meaning of the diamond being ‘forever’, once put together this pair of couple wedding rings will stand for you and your partner forever having each other.

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12. Flavors of Life

engagement ring oval diamond ring emerlad diamond ring
The uniqueness of this couple wedding ring is not only in the different materials being used, but also its stylish design that creates a perfect modern look. One ring is decorated with a diamond gem whilst the other is a simple ring with a line pattern. It is suitable for couples who have gone through the many flavors of life together because both of you will have many stories to share with each other.

13. Different Beginnings

beautiful engagement ring for lovers
Because this couple’s wedding ring design is quite unusual and is not commonly seen, it is a symbol of how the beginning of you and your partner’s love may not be the same as other couples – in the end, against all odds, you end up together as a perfect couple.

14. Practical

plain band ring
This wedding ring design still retains the look of a “wedding ring”, however, its strong points are in its practicality. The design is made to be used in everyday life, suitable for adventurous couples because they can be worn on whatever ventures you plan to take in the future. With that being said, it is suitable for city slickers because of its classic design that is fitting for everyday use.

15. Rugged Love

couple ring emerald cut diamond
This style of wedding ring is suitable for lovers who like traditions. The bride’s diamond ring has its round diamonds make up a square shape, fitting for adventurous ladies whilst the groom’s ring is patterned and made from white gold – giving it a “bad boy” look.

16. The Minimalists

minimal couple rings
This pair of diamond rings are made up of small diamond gems that are paired with sleek and thin rings, this combination gives the wedding rings a minimalistic look that is still interesting because of the stylish silver palette. It is suitable for lovers who like the Japanese style of minimalism.

17. The Minimalists (Add-on)

wedding ring minimal
Is a minimal couple wedding ring design. The lady’s ring will have a single ‘not-too-large’ diamond gem set into it but the gentleman’s ring will be plain, giving it a truly minimalistic look. It is suitable for lovers who like to keep private, not letting the world in on what is going on too much – time is better spent alone together, the world need not know.

18. Born Soulmates

plain lovers rings
During our parents’ generation, there might not be as many wedding ring designs to choose from – however, this couple’s wedding ring design stills hold strong as the first place. It is a classic real diamond ring design that is very simple. It is suitable for lovers who have many memories to share, for example – lovers who have known each other since elementary school or high school sweethearts.

19. The Cheerful Couple

diamond eternity rings for couple
This couple wedding ring design gives off a cheerful mood. The yellow gold is polished into a cool glittering yellow tone, once that is paired with a clear white diamond, it creates a light and sparkle that shines as if it is the morning sun. It is suitable for couples who love partying, with that being said – let us celebrate once more!

20. Faithful Love

white gold couple ring
This couple wedding ring is special because of its engravings that are so fitting once next to each other. The diamond that is set within the heart means that the love you share will always be kept inside you and your partner’s heart.

21. High-Class Luxury

luxury couple diamond rings
Not a lot has to be said for this couple wedding ring design because of its size and quantity of the diamonds – this pair of diamond rings are suitable for high-class lovers who are charmed by luxury. People will know that you and your partner are a stylish and tasteful couple from just a first glance at your rings!

22. Like 2 Peas in a Pod

couple ring
With its large round diamonds or perhaps fancy shaped diamond, contemporary ring design, and the delicacy in the engravings – this couple’s wedding ring gives off a clean modern look and so this pair of diamond rings are suitable for lovers who feel that whatever they do, they are just like 2 peas in a pod!

Conclusion: Love Cannot Be Designed but a Couple’s Wedding Ring Can

Which couple’s wedding ring design do you think fits your love story best? If you have chosen a design, I must congratulate you.

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