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11 Romantic Ring Engraving Ideas and Tips


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If you are interested in engraving names onto your engagement ring but are unsure whether or not it will look good, what fonts you should choose, and how long the name should be – this article has all the answers to these questions.

For many of us, engravings on a ring are something that we have to put a considerable amount of time and thought into. The message that is engraved is a representation of the feeling you had when you first met your partner or the first moment you and your partner share – it is a reminder that will stay with your ring forever.

If you are one of those who are unsure what they should engrave, the essence of engravings consists of only two things; the message to be engraved and the font used that best represents you and your special someone.

Today I have collected ring engraving ideas for you, it is quite an extensive collection as well. Once you have finished reading it you can share it to keep as a reminder for when you want to come back to read it again, to make sure that when you make a decision – you can make it confidently, for the completeness of the ring you and your lover will share.

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Ideas for the Message of the Engravings

1. Full Name / Nicknames / Initials

Is a way of communicating that you have each other, that you are faithful and honest to each other. It could be the full name of you and your partner which gives a feeling of your commitment, it could be your nicknames to give a more easy going feeling or it could also be your initials.

ring engraving ideas

2. New Last Name

To give the meaning that you and your partner are now a family. Engraving the last name onto the ring is classic in all time periods because the last name is a heritage that will be passed on to many more generations.

last name engraving on ring

3. Date

It could be the first day you met, the first date you had, or the date of the wedding. It serves as a reminder for you and your partner of the sweet days that have come to pass. It brings nostalgia every time you stop and look at it.

engraving date on ring

4. Your Special Saying

Another idea some may look over is engraving a saying you and your partner like to say. Some words do not even have to have real meaning, it is just ‘something only you two know’. It is an idea I recommend, as it can be said that this idea is uniquely romantic.

cool ring engraving ideas

5. Classic Messages from Around the World

If you are someone who is in love with the classics, it does not matter how long the time has passed – the message is still eternally deep and meaningful.

ring engraving ideas foreign language

English font ring engraving ideas

Characters: I recommend no more than 15 characters.
Messages that are too long will look irritating and could cause irritation to its wearer.
And could make the wearer want to take the ring off.

6. Symbol/Logo

It could be a symbol you designed with your partner, a family crest, or your wedding logo. It is considered something very unique and will make your ring extremely special.

logo engraving on ring

Credit from Pinterest and the knot

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Choose Font to Match the Wearer

If you already have a message you want to engrave but are still unsure what kind of fonts you should use, I have brought to you 5 styles of fonts.

1. The Handwritten

Is suitable for people who are charmed by the vintage styles, they are highly romantic and artistic. The recommended fonts are as follows:

handwritten style ring engraving

Selecting words that begin with uppercase characters that end with lowercase characters or using purely lowercase characters will look better than using only uppercase characters as it could look too thick and uneasy to the eye.

2. The Roman

Suitable for people who are serious and stable, is in love with the classic-contemporary arts. The recommended fonts are as follows:

classic font ring engraving

Using only uppercase characters will make the classic look much more prominent.

3. The Modern

Suitable for people who love the modern aesthetics and simplicity. The recommended fonts are:

modern font on ring

4. The Thai Characters

Suitable for people who are really into the Thai look. The focus is put on straightforward and easy to read texts. The recommended fonts are:

Thai font ring engraving

5. The Special Characters

Suitable for joyful people who are especially bubbly. The recommended fonts are:

cute font for ring engraving

Using initials is highly recommended for this style because it will give off a symbolic look in itself.

couple rings for wedding

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Frequently Asked Questions on Engravings

1. Do Engravings Affect the Durability of the Ring?

I must say that ring engravings can be done in many ways. For example, hand engravings and machine engravings or laser engravings that can be used on 18K gold or platinum rings.

  • Hand Engravings: This is an ancient method, suitable for thicker rings. In the past, engravings were done on the outside surface of the ring but this method is not recommended as there is a chance that the ring may get bent.
  • Machine Engravings: The lines and details will be clearer than the first method, however, the engravings will be quite shallow.
  • Laser Engravings: This is the recommended method because you can use whatever characters and fonts you desire. The engravings are deep, clear, and easy to read. Most importantly, laser engravings 100% will not affect the ring in any way.

แหวนคู่ แต่งงาน

2. What if the Engravings Are Hard To Read?

This problem is easy to avoid, you only need to select a font that is appropriate to the width and height of your ring.

  • Thicker rings will work with any fonts.
  • Thinner rings mean that you will have to be more careful with the type of fonts you choose. Fonts that are too cramped are not recommended because they will be hard to read, and of course, you will probably not enjoy going back to redo the engravings.

couple rings in vanilla gold

3. Are Longer Engravings Better?

Many are having the idea of ‘Since I’m getting the ring engraved, I might as well make the engravings long’, I will not disagree with this idea but would it not be better if your important ring only had ‘important words’? Selecting nicknames, initials, a date, or a short quote that is filled with meaning for you. It is a classy and also a more recommended approach.

4. Do Engravings Last Long?

This is another frequently asked question. Laser engravings will usually result in deep and clear lines, if you are someone who always wears their favorite ring – it is guaranteed that the engravings will stay with the ring for a long time if we know how to take care of our rings the right way.

Having your ring repolished and replated (a process we usually recommend after 3-5 years of use for the ring to look pristine) is usually the cause of the engravings fading and ultimately disappearing.

5. The Costs of Engravings

Engravings are additional services that Above Diamond gladly offer to you for free. The engravings can be up to 15 characters with no additional costs when you order a ring from us, with that comes consultations from our experts until the ring is crafted as well.

Conclusion: Bring Out the Most of You

Every character and every word that is engraved onto that special ring is like a trace of you and your partner’s memories. It will remind you of what you have gone through together and that you will overcome much more in the future.

And so you should put the effort into considering both the message and the font used in engraving such a special ring to ensure that once the message is engraved – it is easily read and as close to the message you need it to convey.

If you are still unsure in other areas on engraving your ring or ordering a custom ring, kindly contact us to discuss the details. See you in the next article.

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